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Federal Parties Aboriginal Platforms (Source CTV)

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      Subject: FYI: Federal Parties Aboriginal Platforms (Source CTV)


      Issue - Aboriginals
      a.. The First Ministers' Summit on aboriginal issues wrapped up with Martin's Liberal government committing to a 10-year plan that pledges $5.1 billion over the next five years. The money will go to alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life for aboriginal Canadians.
      b.. Before the government fell, the Liberals offered more than $2 billion in compensation for former students who suffered abuse at native residential schools
      c.. The Liberal government vows to focus its efforts on two areas: health and education
      d.. Develop innovative and alternative ways to increase enrolment and success in post-secondary education
      e.. Improve access to capital through financing vehicles
      f.. The Liberals will establish an Aboriginal Health Transition Fund to create a more cohesive way of integrating provincial and territorial health care systems
      g.. Work with provincial, territorial and municipal governments to provide off-reserve funding
      h.. Work to improve the quality of water and wastewater treatment in First Nations communities, with $600 million already committed over five years
      i.. Establish quality-of-life targets that will gauge the ongoing success of new initiatives, including a target for aboriginal communities to have clean water and adequate housing by 2008
      j.. Establish an independent Centre for First Nations Governance
      k.. Invest $125 million over five years for the Aboriginal Human Resources Development Strategy
      l.. Double to $50 million support for the Urban Aboriginal Strategy
      m.. When it was sworn in, Martin's new government created a new Cabinet Committee on Aboriginal Affairs, which the PM chairs
      n.. Discuss with other governments and Metis governments a place for the Metis peoples in Aboriginal policies and programs
      o.. Conduct study, through Elections Canada, to identify the legislative requirements for the installation of Aboriginal people as members of Parliament and as senators on an inclusive and proportional basis
      p.. Encourage appointment of five Aboriginal people to the Senate before the next federal election
      q.. Engage Aboriginal people and their organizations, including the Aboriginal Peoples' Commission, in the creation and formulation of a comprehensive federal Aboriginal Consultation Policy
      r.. Begin drafting policy and legislation to provide core funding to maintain the existing conditions of repatriation of Aboriginal artifacts, regalia, and human remains, and to direct Canadian Heritage to set up an Aboriginal Museum's Assistance Program that would aid in the reparation
      s.. In the 2005 budget, Martin's Liberals promised $295 million for housing construction and renovation on reserves and $100 million to enhance early learning and child care opportunities for First Nations children and families living on reserves
      t.. The document also promises an additional $120 million for special education for First Nations children living on reserves; $125 million to support the work of First Nations child and family service agencies; and $40 million so that the Aboriginal Healing Foundation
      u.. In 2005, the Liberal government announced more than $2 billion in compensation for former students who suffered abuse at native residential schools

      a.. Work to improve economic and social conditions for Aboriginal Canadians
      b.. Transfer responsibilities of Northern Development portfolio to Department of Indian and Northern Affairs to territorial and Aboriginal governments, and where necessary to appropriate federal departments
      c.. Develop legislation to govern delivery of federal governmental programs to Aboriginals
      d.. Replace The Indian Act (and related legislation) with legislative framework with provides for devolution of full legal and democratic responsibility to First Nations, including the Inuit
      e.. Resolve backlog of "specific" claims to provide justice for Aboriginal claimants
      f.. Create a First Nations Land Ownership Act, which would transfer Reserve land title from Crown to willing First Nations
      g.. Create matrimonial property code, in conjunction with First Nations, to protect spouses and children in cases of marriage breakdown
      h.. Offer choice in schooling for First Nations

      a.. In the deal Layton and his team brokered with Martin's Liberals in 2005, $1.6 billion was promised for affordable housing construction, with a dedicated fund for Aboriginal housing construction
      b.. Recognize aboriginal self-governance as a fundamental component of a modern federal state
      c.. Convene a First Ministers' conference to discuss the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
      d.. Settle land claims and encourage partnerships between the business community and aboriginals
      e.. Establish an Independent Land Claims commission to decide on specific claims
      f.. Train 10,000 aboriginals in health, education and social services
      g.. Make housing and infrastructure programs in aboriginal communities a top priority
      h.. Expand the use of traditional aboriginal justice in the criminal justice system
      i.. Abandon any appeal of court decisions on Indian residential schools and negotiate fairs settlements with abuse victims
      j.. Create aboriginal seats in Parliament
      k.. Invest in new funding, staff and facilities for First Nations with regard to health care
      l.. Improve health-care services for First Nations; focus on closer-to-home solutions, rather than medical evacuations
      m.. Develop a national strategy to deal with issues faced by urban aboriginals
      n.. Include First Nations leaders in all talks with provincial, territorial leaders and federal health care leaders
      o.. Make clean water for aboriginal communities a top priority
      p.. End low-level flight testing over Innu land
      q.. Dedicate some of the recent increases in Sport Canada funding to increase access to programs to aboriginals

      a.. Recognize Aboriginal and First Nations' rights and culture
      b.. Put in place a viable economic and social contract between Quebec and Aboriginal nations develop resources in an environmentally-friendly way
      c.. Settle aboriginal land claims within the boundaries of Quebec

      a.. Legislate "first use" fishing, hunting, trapping and logging rights to aboriginal and Metis people on traditional lands, especially those under federal jurisdiction
      b.. Launch and maintain new processes driven by Aboriginal priorities and legal entitlements, to address governance issues, a just and fair share of lands and resources, legislative inconsistencies, policy inequities, reconciliation and -- in accordance with the wishes of First Nations -- the phased-out elimination of the Indian Act
      c.. Honour Canada's fiduciary responsibility to Aboriginal peoples, including their right of self-government
      d.. Implement the recommendations of the 1996 Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
      e.. Establish a federal-provincial task force to address and investigate the disappearance of Aboriginal women
      f.. Make aboriginal culture and history a mandatory component of Canadian history
      g.. Deliver health care, education and other services in a way that incorporates traditional practices
      h.. Target programs to reduce and eliminate systematic health inequities facing
      i.. First Nation communities, new Canadians and other marginalized populations

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