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Secwepemc Take Back the Streets of Sun Peaks

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      Secwepemc Take Back the Streets of Sun Peaks

      "This is Indian Land, We never surrendered or ceded our land, this is Our Land!"

      "Sun Peaks off Our Land, Ohkubu go Home"

      (Skwelkwek'welt (Sun Peaks), Unceded Secwepemc Territory) On Sunday, October 2, 2005 at 1:00 pm the Secwepemc Elders, Native Youth Movement, women and children will take over the streets in Sun Peaks with a March and Protest, starting at the Sun Peaks Day Lodge.

      The Secwepemc NYM and Peoples are adamantly opposed to the ongoing development and expansion of the Sun Peaks Resort into our hunting and medicine and food gathering areas. Our Peoples have told Masayoshi Ohkubu, the Japanese owner of Sun Peaks, on countless occasions to respect the Secwepemc Elders demands to "stop the expansion and the destruction of our Secwepemc land and Territory." With total disregard to our Elders, our Secwepemc hereditary system and leadership Sun Peaks continues to destroy and desecrate our Sacred sites, hunting, food and medicine harvesting areas. In addition, our Peoples are opposed to the plans to use "recycled sewage effluant" to make man-made snow, this will effect our drinking water, food and medicines.

      It has been 5 years in continuous battle with Sun Peaks to protect our Land. We began to occupy our land at Skwelkwek'welt in October 2000. Since that time we have had over 70 arrests of Secwepemc Women, Elders and Youth from the Native Youth Movement, had 8 Skwelkwek'welt Protection Centre Camps destroyed, one cabin burned, one cordwood home bulldozed down, 2 Sweat Lodges destroyed, constant police surveillance and harassment, young Secwepemc mothers, women and men held captive in jail for up to 90 days, outrages charges and conditions, including "not to go within 10 km of the Sun Peaks Day Lodge, not to wear or possess camouflage clothing, military fatigues or battle dress and not to wear a mask or disguise yourself in public."

      The majority of the Secwepemc Native Youth Movement had been forced to comply with these restrictions for up to three years and now is heading back to the mountains to defend their homeland. Secwepemc NYM warrior states that "the KKKanadian government and police could destroy our homes, our sweat lodges, arrest us, lock us up, order us back to the concentration camp Indian Reservation system, but we are still going to stand up and protect our Territory at Skwelkwek'welt because that is our responsibility."

      The governments of BC and Canada have masterminded on behalf of Sun Peaks Resort Corp. and have waged the repressive Counter-intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) against the Secwepemc Peoples, in particular the Native Youth Movement. The same techniques used by the FBI to destroy and neutralize resistance movements such as the American Indian Movement and Black Panthers in the United States. It is important that the Secwepemc do not become isolated and vulnerable to the COINTELPRO tactics used by the government. Secwepemc continue to travel worldwide and inform the World of these repressive attacks and that "we are a Free People fighting for the protection of our Land, Water and Peoples. This is not crown land it is Secwepemc Land." Free Leonard Peltier.


      Kanahus Pellkey, Native Youth Movement (250) 679-3052


      Irene Billy, Secwepemc Elder Cell (250) 319-4290

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