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tsunami aid (more resources)

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      Subject: Re: India villagers desperate for tsunami aid (more resources)

      Asia quake: Trace the missing


      Thousands of people are still missing and millions are homeless
      following the Asia earthquake that has seen the death toll reach tens
      of thousands.

      Huge waves triggered by the worst earthquake in 40 years have
      devastated large parts of South and South East Asia.

      The BBC News website has received many messages from people eager to
      find out about the whereabouts of families and friends who live in or
      are visiting the region.

      Can you help? Or, have you lost contact with someone in the region?

      Use the form on the right to send your stories and please let us know
      if you do find anyone.

      You can read our message board for missing persons by clicking on the
      links below.

      Click here for those missing in Thailand


      Click here for those missing in Sri Lanka


      Click here for those missing in India


      Click here for those missing in Indonesia


      Click here for those missing in the Maldives

      Asian disaster: How to help

      Aid is already arriving in areas affected by Sunday's earthquake

      Global aid organisations have launched urgent appeals for donations to
      help survivors of Sunday's Indian Ocean earthquake disaster.

      More than 100,000 people are confirmed killed by the waves and
      millions more are homeless.

      Many governments and organisations - including the US, Canada,
      Australia, the EU and the UN - are sending aid.

      The UN has warned that supplies are urgently needed to support the
      survivors and to try and prevent disease which, it says, could double
      the death toll.

      The Disasters Emergency Committee - http://www.dec.org.uk - is an
      umbrella group of UK aid organisations - including Action Aid, British
      Red Cross and Oxfam - working to provide clean water, food and shelter
      to thousands. To call from the UK, dial 0870 60 60 900.

      The United Nations World Food Programme - http://www.wfp.org - is
      seeking donations to feed victims of the earthquake.

      Medecins Sans Frontieres - http://www.msf.org - is sending aid workers
      to the region, focusing on medical care for survivors and displaced
      people after the rescue operations.

      The United Nations Children's Fund, Unicef - http://www.unicef.org.uk
      - is working to meet the "urgent needs of hundreds of thousands of
      people" affected by the tsunami disaster.

      The UN refugee agency, UNHCR - http://www.unhcr.ch - which has been
      helping victims of conflicts in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, is delivering
      relief supplies to tsunami survivors in both countries.

      Save the Children - http://www.savethechildren.org.uk - has already
      flown a plane out to Sri Lanka carrying plastic sheeting for temporary
      shelter, tents to run children's services from and essentials such as
      clothing and cooking utensils.

      Anti-poverty organisation Care International - http://www.care.org -
      has already provided food for thousands of affected people in Sri Lanka.

      Cafod, the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development -
      http://www.cafod.org.uk - is working with partners across Asia to
      provide shelter, food aid and medical assistance, and assessing what
      further relief is needed.

      The Red Cross, with its sister charity the Red Crescent, is supplying
      blankets, cooking utensils and other crucial goods. It has had to set
      up a new site - http://www.ifrc.org - because of the unprecedented
      demand from people wanting to make donations.

      The Hindu Forum Disaster Relief Task Force - http://www.hinduforum.org
      - comprises 50 organisations and is raising money, clothes and
      medicines. Donations can be made online or by calling the ISKCON
      Disaster Appeal on 01923 856848 or Sewa International on 0116 261 0303.

      Christian Aid - http://www.christianaid.org.uk - has already allocated
      £250,000 from its emergency fund to help the victims of this disaster
      but says more money is needed.

      Christian charity Tearfund - http://www.tearfund.org - and its
      partners in Sri Lanka and India are helping devastated fishing
      communities and coastal villages get back on their feet.

      Islamic Relief - http://www.islamic-relief.com - has also launched an
      appeal to provide medical supplies, tents and sanitation facilities
      for those affected.

      The Islamic Aid Emergency Relief Fund - http://www.islamicaid.org.uk -
      aims to provide immediate relief and long-term support to people in
      the affected areas.

      Another Islamic charity, Muslim Hands - http://www.muslimhands.org -
      is collecting money and sending volunteers to help in Indonesia and

      Medair - http://www.medair.org - is providing emergency support to
      agencies with a long-term presence in Sri Lanka and its medical
      experts are assessing the likelihood of malaria and diarrhoea.

      Handicap International - http://www.handicap-international.org.uk- is
      focusing its efforts on helping displaced people, disabled people and
      vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, elderly people and children.
      It is trying to raise £425,000.

      World Vision - http://www.worldvision.org.uk - has also launched an
      appeal and has already delivered relief goods to thousands.

      Concern - http://www.concern.net - is working with local partners to
      meet the needs of families in the devastated coastal villages of Tamil
      Nadu, the worst-affected state in India.

      The International Rescue Committee - http://www.theirc.org - is
      providing emergency supplies and materials to "people most affected by
      the crisis".

      The Salvation Army - http://www.salvationarmy.org.uk has local teams
      working in a number of affected areas and is sending a team from its
      international headquarters on Wednesday evening.

      Muslim Aid - http://www.muslimaid.org - has already donated £100,000
      towards the purchase of food, clothing and medicine in the region but
      wants to raise more.

      Action Aid - http://www.actionaid.org - is the biggest charity working
      in south India. It is focusing its relief work on the coast of Tamil
      Nadu, where 7,000 people died. It is working on providing medical
      assistance and sanitation for the survivors.

      Oxfam - http://www.oxfam.org - is active in Indonesia, the Andaman and
      Nicobar Islands, Sri Lanka and India. Their relief operations include
      distributing food packs and hygiene kits and setting up water and
      sanitation facilities.

      Asia Quake Relief Appeal UK, a UK-based Sri Lankan organisation, is
      also raising money and can be e-mailed at asia-quakerelief@....

      World Jewish Aid - http://www.worldjewishaid.org.uk - is working with
      local partners in India, Indonesia and other affected areas to help
      survivors threatened by water contamination and disease.

      Hindu NGO Baps Care International - http://www.bapscare.org - is
      working in villages around Chennai in Southern India distributing
      food, drinking water, tarpaulins, utensils, stoves, clothes and blankets.

      Goal teams - http://www.goal.ie - are at present working in Tamil Nadu
      in Southern India where they are distributing aid to 5,000 families.

      A large team of doctors, engineers and logisticians are also in Sri

      You can donate to all the campaigns via their websites.
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