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NAC Topics + Women and Wellness + Fighting Stereotypes + Burning Sky on Earthsongs + more ...

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  • Ishgooda, Senior Staff
    1) NAC Topics for 3/15 - 3/18 2) Voices From The Circle: Fighting Stereotypes 3) Highlights from the 11th Annual Wellness and Women Conference 4) Women and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2004
      1) NAC Topics for 3/15 - 3/18
      2) Voices From The Circle: Fighting Stereotypes
      3) Highlights from the 11th Annual Wellness and Women Conference
      4) Women and Wellness: Honoring Our Mothers
      5) AlterNative Voices
      6) Earthsongs: Burning Sky

      1) NAC Topics for 3/15 - 3/18

      Listen live every weekday from 1-2pm ET by going to www.airos.org or tuning into your local radio station. For a list of affiliates go to http://www.nativeamericacalling.com/nac_affiliates.shtm To call in and participate in this electronic talking circle call 1-800-99-NATIV (1-800-996-2848)

      MON - 3/15: Women & the White House:
      It appears as if John Kerry might be 'the man' for the Democrat's challenge to George W. Bush for the White House. The U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan, the sluggish economy, national security, and the mounting deficit are just the tip of a gigantic political iceberg. There are however a number of issues that are of particular interest to women, across all socioeconomic and ethnic lines. Equal pay, domestic violence, reproductive rights and family issues lead the list of some of them. What issues have a higher priority for Native women, compared to the rest of American society? Guests include Sharon Asetoyer, Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center.

      TUE - 3/16: Skyrocketing Tribal Attorney Fees:
      In today's fast-paced world of political maneuvering and legislative spin doctoring, it's imperative for tribes to have a savvy team of legal experts at their disposal. Nearly every tribe in the country is spending huge amounts of money to retain attorneys and Indian law is a multi-million, perhaps billion dollar industry. So where do Indian lawyers fit into this lucrative picture? As tribes and their legal issues become more sophisticated, are tribes hiring more Native firms, or at least making an effort? What about inexperienced briefcase warriors? How do they find a seat at the law table? Guests include Pablo Padilla, a University of New Mexico law student from Zuni Pueblo.

      WED - 3/17: Effective Strategies for Community Change:
      Over the generations, colonialism and devastating federal policies have negatively impacted Native communities. For the most part, Native culture has endured, but we've paid a high price. Today, the influences of drugs, crime, abuse and physical and spiritual illness are real threats. An organization is seeking to re-awaken wellness for Native men and women, by incorporating innovative technology and present-day communication as tools for effective community change. What is lacking in the wellness of Native men and women? And how can a Native community acquire tools to heal community? Guests include Pamela Iron of Health Promotion for Women and Billy Rogers of the Native Wellness Institute.

      THU - 3/18: Please Do Not Touch the Indians:
      What do Sister Coyote, Brother Raven and Mister Wolf have in common, besides sounding like characters of a children's fairytale? They are characters in a play called 'Please Do No Touch the Indians.' It's a tender and heart-wrenching tale that portrays the struggles and dreams of Native Americans through history, using animal characters and social biases that depict the life struggles and life experiences of Native American love, laughter and survival. Is this play a realistic image of who Native people really are? Do Indians advance certain stereotypes of themselves? Guests include singer/songwriter Arigon Starr of the Kickapoo Nation and director Randy Reinholz of the Choctaw Nation.

      2) Voices From The Circle: Fighting Stereotypes

      In light of recent stereotypical representations of Native American cultures, VOICES FROM THE CIRCLE: NATIVE AMERICAN RADIO focuses its attention, commentary and music on the recent OutKast/Grammy Awards and University of Illinois Chief Illiniwek incidents.

      Next week, we will have commentary from the Navajo Nation, Native performers and Indian leaders about these mock portrayals of "Honor" to Indian people.

      "VOICES" begins with 'nishnabeque Annie Humphrey and "Justice Hunters."

      The Thunderbird Sisters inspire us with the "Spirit of Crazy Horse."

      From Canada's Thunderchild Reserve comes High Noon's world-famous pow wow style and an "Intertribal" designed to unite The People.

      Peter Kater and R. Carlos Nakai collaborate, once again, and the results are predictably spectacular; "Deep Waters" and " The West."

      Bill Miller's had enough cultural appropriation, if you can judge by the tone of his "Raven In The Snow."

      Premieaux and Mike ask the question of what you have done for your people on "Blood, Sweat and Tears."

      Darren Geffere addresses the topic of being "Uncivilized."

      Litefoot concludes this week's VOICES with "How We Must Be" and "For My People."

      'til next week, giigawabamin!

      Any questions, comments or requests? urbaneagles@...

      Listen online by going to www.airos.org (All Times ET)

      Monday 3/15: 4pm,10pm
      Tuesday 3/16: 4am
      Saturday 3/20: 3pm
      Sunday 3/21: 4am, 3pm
      Monday 3/22: 4am

      In honor of Women's HERstory Month, we are highlighting programs on Female Native Americans and Women's Issues

      3) Highlights from the 11th Annual Wellness and Women Conference

      This one-hour program takes the listener to the Wellness and Women Conference through the experiences of the attendees and interviews with some of the workshop leaders. Health topics discussed on this show include the role of health conferences and their positive effects in helping people learn about cancer, suicide, HIV/AIDS and teen pregnancy.

      The program features interviews with Craig Hofford, Director of Health Promotions Programs, and with workshop leaders JoAnn Nai-iche (nye-e-shay), Caren Trujillo (tru-hee-oh), Barbara Graumann, Lois Risling, Anne Penn Charles, Vicki Downey, Katherine Sanchez, along with Jane Dumas, Regina Whitewolf and the voices of some of the attendees.

      Listen online by going to www.airos.org (All Times ET)

      Tuesday 3/16: 10am, 4pm, 10pm
      Wednesday 3/17: 4am
      Saturday 3/20: 5pm
      Sunday 3/21: 6am, 5pm
      Monday 3/22: 6am

      4) Women and Wellness: Honoring Our Mothers

      This one hour program features interviews and conversations about mothers and daughters and the healing that is going on in Indian communities. All interviews were recorded at the Welllness and Women Conference in March 2003. The program includes two mother - daughter interviews. Speakers include: Craig Hofford, Director of Health Promotions Programs, as well as mother - daughter teams: Caren and Evelyn Trujillo and Dr. Chani Phillips and Bonnie Labbee. Other contributors include: Esther Abrahano, Iris Heavyrunner, Wanda Cook and the voices of some of the attendees.

      Listen online by going to www.airos.org (All Times ET)

      Tuesday 3/23: 10am, 4pm, 10pm
      Wednesday 3/24: 4am
      Saturday 3/27: 5pm
      Sunday 3/28: 6am, 5pm
      Monday 3/29: 6am

      5) AlterNative Voices

      This week on alterNative Voices we'll give you an overview of The Native American Technical Corrections Act of 2003.

      Music includes: Firecrow, Coyote Zen, Keith Secola, Medicine Dream, Bill Old Chief, Thunderhorse and more.

      Spring is near and so the events calendar is jam packed with events in our Native communities and professions. We'll highlight a few and you can see more on our calendars at www.alterNativeVoices.org.

      Listen online by going to www.airos.org (All Times ET)

      Wednesday 3/17: 10am, 4pm, 10pm
      Thursday 3/18: 4am
      Saturday 3/20: 6pm
      Sunday 3/21: 7am, 6pm
      Monday 3/22: 7am

      6) Earthsongs: Burning Sky

      This week, Earthsongs will feature Grammy Nominated Musicians Burning Sky.

      Details at www.earthsongs.net

      Listen online by going to www.airos.org (All Times ET)

      Thursday 3/18: 10am, 4pm, 10pm
      Friday 3/19: 4am
      Saturday 3/20: 4pm
      Sunday 3/21: 5am, 4pm
      Monday 3/22: 5am

      Listen to Indian Radio on the Internet 24 hours a day at airos.org

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