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NAC Topics + New Speeches from Kerry & Edwards + Honoring Native American Women Veterans + The Taking of Iwo Jima

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    1) NAC Topics for 3/1 - 3/5 2) Voices From The Circle: Music and Speeches from Kerry and Edwards 3) Enduring Freedom: Honoring Native American Women Veterans
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2004
      1) NAC Topics for 3/1 - 3/5
      2) Voices From The Circle: Music and Speeches from Kerry and Edwards
      3) Enduring Freedom: Honoring Native American Women Veterans
      4) AlterNative Voices: Honoring The Taking of Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima
      5) Earthsongs: Chester Knight

      1) NAC Topics for 3/1 - 3/5

      Listen live every weekday from 1-2pm ET by going to www.airos.org or tuning into your local radio station. For a list of affiliates go to http://www.nativeamericacalling.com/nac_affiliates.shtm To call in and participate in this electronic talking circle call 1-800-99-NATIV (1-800-996-2848)

      MON: 03/01: Current Events:
      Tribal leaders are attacking the Bush Administration's proposed budget for Indian Country in '05, which they say actually decreases tribal funding in critical areas. Nez Perce tribal members are fighting to protect the grave of Old Chief Joseph against a proposed housing development. There are no Happy Meals, in the form of higher education scholarships, for Indian students at the home of the Golden Arches and now there's a call for a boycott against Ronald McDonald. Will an Oscar go to a Maori Native teen for her performance in the movie Whale Rider? And there's something for everyone when a tribal tourism conference includes the Grand Entry at the Denver March Powwow.

      TUE: 03/02: Read Across America:
      Today is Read Across America Day. It's an effort to promote reading and literacy on the 100th birthday of the late great Dr. Seuss. Teachers, parents and students are encouraged to highlight the importance of reading. Unfortunately, in Indian Country many students read below their grade level and the number of dropouts is troubling. These fundamental problems can be linked to the inability to read well. The Bush Administration's Indian Education budget and the Leave No Child Behind Act are presented as solutions to the problems. But are they? And what will it take to increase literacy in Indian Country? Guests include Cindy La Marr of the National Indian Education Association (NIEA).

      WED: 03/03: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD):
      FASD is a term that is used to describe a group of birth defects that can occur when a woman drinks alcohol or abuses other substances while pregnant and causes brain damage to a child that lasts a lifetime. Still, people with FASD can be successful in life. The FASD Center for Excellence facilitates the development of comprehensive systems of care that includes prevention, identification and treatment. What is FASD and why does it often go unrecognized, undiagnosed or misdiagnosed as mental illness? We know what causes FASD, but how does a person live with its effects? Guests include FASD specialists Candace Shelton and Dan Dubovsky.

      THU: 03/04: The Indigenous Oscars:
      The winners of this year's Academy Awards have been announced. The surprise nomination of Maori Native Keisha Castle-Hughes in the Best Actress category has brought acclaim to the movie Whale Rider. But there were other Native filmmakers who produced outstanding movies, and actors who performed great roles but weren't up for an Oscar, until now. The inaugural presentation of the Native American Awards for Film and TV Movies will be announced this Friday in L.A., and all the nominees are Indigenous. And you can cast your vote. What are your favorite Native films and who are your favorite Native actors for 2003? Guests include journalist/producer Roscoe Pond.

      FRI: 03/05: Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race:
      It has been called the "Last Great Race on Earth," a race that covers 1,150 miles of the roughest, most beautiful terrain on Mother Earth -- pitting man and animal against nature. From Anchorage to Nome, mushers and dog teams race across mountain ranges, frozen rivers, dense forest, desolate tundra and miles of windswept coasts for more than $700,000 in cash prizes. But the race is more than that. It's a tribute to Alaska's past, to an ancient tradition mastered by Alaska Natives, and to a life saving highway that brought serum to the epidemic-stricken village of Nome in 1925. Are Native mushers competing and what are their chances of winning? Guests include Mike Williams, a Yupik musher from Akiak.

      2) Voices From The Circle: Music and Speeches from Kerry and Edwards

      VOICES FROM THE CIRCLE: NATIVE AMERICAN RADIO producers Jim DeNomie & Barbara Jersey present great Indian music and POLITICS OF THE SEASON!

      "VOICES" begins with Joanne Shenandoah who gives US a reality check on "Earth Pulse."

      Robert Mirabal takes us below the surface to a "Painted Cave."

      Honoring those back home during the military conflict in Iraq, Black Lodge brings us a song of encouragement, especially mothers of our combat veterans: "War Mothers, Don't Cry, Be Strong."

      Robin Shaw returns us to Turtle Island with "Sacred Land."

      VOICES FROM THE CIRCLE traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the Saturday night prior to the Badger State's Democratic Primary election. As guests of the Wisconsin Indian Democratic Caucus, we were seated close and personal enough to tape the speeches of Democratic frontrunners Senator John Kerry and Senator John Edwards.

      The Native American vote had great impact in past elections. It can happen again, if you exercise your right to vote for the candidate of your choice. Listen to what Kerry and Edwards have to say to mainstream America.

      If you'd like more information on either candidate, you can find it on the web at johnkerry.com or johnedwards2004.com as well as airos.org/pres_candidates.html for their stances on Native issues.

      Rounding out this week's VOICES is Marry Youngblood with the title song of her album "The Offering."

      Thunderbeat takes us for a "Jungle Walk."

      Lawrence Laughing brings us a positive note in troubled times, "I Wish You Peace."

      We return to Black Lodge for our conclusion as they honor those who have served with the song "Back From Overseas."

      Any questions, comments or requests? urbaneagles@...

      Listen online by going to www.airos.org (All Times ET)

      Monday 3/1: 4pm,10pm
      Tuesday 3/2: 4am
      Saturday 3/6: 3pm
      Sunday 3/7: 4am, 3pm
      Monday 3/8: 4am

      3) Enduring Freedom: Honoring Native American Women Veterans

      On this program, producers Peggy Berryhill (Muscogee) and Cathy Chapman (Yaqui/Apache) share the stories of six Native women whose careers range from WWII to Desert Storm.

      Arlene Wall is an 85-year-old Pima, a First Lieutenant who served on the USS Comfort and served all over the Pacific theater, she was at Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, and worked with the survivors from the Bataan Death March. She also tells the story of surviving an attack by a kamikaze.

      Next we take a look at a mother - daughter team. We first talk with the mother Carol Buckles. Buckles (Pima/Maricopa) served for 14 years in the Air National Guard in radar and early warning systems. She traveled all over the world. She tells us a story about the dangers of leaving Colombia after doing drug interdiction work with the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). Next we talk with her daughter -- Michelle Bowman. Bowman talks about serving in Somalia and in the Middle East. Bowman told us that being raised as a strong woman made it very hard to endure the extreme cultural clash in the Middle East.

      Brigadier General Rita Aragon is on active duty in Oklahoma. A Cherokee and Choctaw, she joined the Air National Guard in 1979. She feels very strongly that the military offers many career opportunities for women that the civilian world doesn't. She talks about the image of warrior women and all the strengths that she has gained in her service.

      Geri Wisner-Foley is Muscogee Creek. A former Marine, Wisner-Foley served in Desert Storm, she also talks about the opportunities for women, facing death in war, and the problems she encountered being a woman in the Middle East. Wisner-Foley also talks about her son who was born with a variety of birth defects. These children are known as Gulf War babies. In addition she offers a closing comment about the history of Native patriotism.

      One thing most of these women veterans have in common is that they were single mothers needing a job in order to take care of their children. They also wanted to go beyond the limited options available for them in their communities and found that the military would enable them to go farther in life. They share a proud history of military service that they feel fits right in with being an Indian.

      Sandra Tiger and Brigadier General Rita Aragon are enrolled at the Women in Military Service to America Memorial Foundation or WIMSA. WIMSA encourages all women to contact them to be added to the roles. At this point they have very few Native women listed. See them on the web at wimsa.org.

      Listen online by going to www.airos.org (All Times ET)

      Tuesday 3/2: 10am, 4pm, 10pm
      Wednesday 3/3: 4am
      Saturday 3/6: 5pm
      Sunday 3/7: 6am, 5pm
      Monday 3/8: 6am

      4) AlterNative Voices: Honoring The Taking of Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima

      Another 'Bad News' award goes to Roger Williams University College Republicans for protesting affirmative action by offering a "white only scholarship" to students.

      We honor the 59th anniversary of the taking of Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima with an interview repeat with Mr. Sam Tso, Navajo Code Talker, who was there. Black Lodge sings a WWII honor song.

      Music includes: Big City Indians, Joanne Shenandoah, Walela and Calvin
      Standing Bear.

      www.alterNativeVoices.org is always available with events, news, resources and more.

      Listen online by going to www.airos.org (All Times ET)

      Wednesday 3/3: 10am, 4pm, 10pm
      Thursday 3/4: 4am
      Saturday 3/6: 6pm
      Sunday 3/7: 7am, 6pm
      Monday 3/8: 7am

      5) Earthsongs: Chester Knight

      This week, Earthsongs will feature Cree rocker Chester Knight

      Details at www.earthsongs.net

      Listen online by going to www.airos.org (All Times ET)

      Thursday 3/4: 10am, 4pm, 10pm
      Friday 3/5: 4am
      Saturday 3/6: 4pm
      Sunday 3/7: 5am, 4pm
      Monday 3/8: 5am

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