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Polar Press Clips 2003 Available

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  • Lessard, George
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      Subject: Polar Press Clips 2003 Available

      Polar Press Clips 2003 Available

      For a free copy of the publication see:

      The Office of Legislative and Public Affairs of the National Science
      Foundation, in conjunction with the Office of Polar Programs, has produced a
      310-page book entitled "Polar Press Clips 2003." This book highlights press
      coverage of both Arctic and Antarctic topics of scientific interest in such
      areas as astronomy, oceanography, glaciology, and atmospheric sciences.
      There are also interesting sections on Media Visitors, the Teachers
      Experiencing the Arctic and Antarctic (TEA) program, and International News,
      as well as Press Releases and Broadcast News.

      This book is available free of charge to inquirers (limit two copies per
      inquiry please) by going to the following web site to order a copy. Go to:

      You may order by the NSF number which is: NSF 03-47.

      We encourage the arctic community to send any news clippings of interest and
      relevance for next year's edition of the book--in particular those that
      mention National Science Foundation support--to:

      Polar Press Clippings
      OLPA, Room 1245
      National Science Foundation
      4201 Wilson Boulevard
      Arlington, Virginia 22230

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