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NAC Topics + Schemitzun 2003 Powwow - Live on AIROS (Aug 21 - 24) + Powwow 102 from Different Drums + more ...

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    1) Schemitzun 2003 Powwow - Live on AIROS 2) If you are going to Schemitzun, read this 3) NAC Topics for 8/19 - 8/22 4) Voices From The Circle: A Second Look
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      1) Schemitzun 2003 Powwow - Live on AIROS
      2) If you are going to Schemitzun, read this
      3) NAC Topics for 8/19 - 8/22
      4) Voices From The Circle: A Second Look at Lewis & Clark from a Native American Perspective
      5) Different Drums: Powwow 102
      6) alterNative Voices
      7) Earthsongs: Mary Youngblood (Part2)

      1) Schemitzun 2003 Powwow - Live on AIROS

      AIROS is pleased to bring you once again the sounds of this celebration of Native American culture. Hosted by the Mashantucket Pequots of Connecticut, the Schemitzun Powwow is the Annual Feast of Green Corn & Dance and is one of the largest powwows in the country with over 3,000 participants and 40 categories of dance competitions. The drum groups participating in this powwow are always first class and this year is no different with the list of invited drums including such heavy hitters as Black Lodge, Cozad, Mandaree, The Boyz, Silvercloud, Haystack as well as many many more. The Mashantucket Pequot's very own Mystic River will be the host drum.

      Your on-air hosts will be Peggy Berryhill (Muscogee), John Gregg, Sr. (Hopi/Inupiat) and Mary Sando-Emhoolah (Wasco/Warm Springs/Aleut). Not only will Peggy, John and Mary bring you the sounds and describe the sites of this powwow, but they will also give you background information on and interviews with the various drum groups and dancers from across Indian Country. The three will also sit down and talk with the other powwow goers including politicians, elders, community leaders, powwow princesses, bull-riders from the Buck-A-Rama and more from the Pequot Tribe as well as other tribes that have come to join in this national powwow.

      Listen online at airos.org at the following times (All Times are ET):

      THU - Aug 21st: 2-4pm ET (right after Native America Calling)
      THU - Aug 21st: 6-9pm ET (Grand Entry at 6pm)
      FRI - Aug 22nd: 1-2am ET (Repeat of Aug 21st Grand Entry)
      FRI - Aug 22nd: 8-9am ET (Repeat of Aug 21st Grand Entry)
      FRI - Aug 22nd: 2-4pm ET (right after Native America Calling)
      FRI - Aug 22nd: 6-9pm ET (Grand Entry at 6pm)
      SAT- Aug 23rd: 1-2am ET (Repeat of Aug 22nd Grand Entry)
      SAT- Aug 23rd: 8-9am ET (Repeat of Aug 22nd Grand Entry)
      SAT- Aug 23rd: noon-3pm ET (Grand Entry at noon)
      SAT - Aug 23rd: 6-9pm ET (Grand Entry at 6pm)
      SUN - Aug 24th: noon - whenever the powwow ends (Grand Entry at noon)

      To see more image of last years powwow go to http://homepage.mac.com/pbnmrc/

      Find out more about the powwow by visiting www.schemitzun.com

      2) If you are going to Schemitzun, read this

      If you are going to be competing at Schemitzun either as a dancer, part of a drum group or in the Buck-A-Rama Rodeo; we want to interview you and make you part of our coverage of the 2003 Schemitzun Powwow. To set up an interview, please contact Peggy Berryhill at peggy@...

      If you are attending the Schemitzun, but are not competing, we encourage you to stop by our broadcast booth (just look for the AIROS.ORG banner) and pick-up a free AIROS bumpersticker and/or CD opener and keychain (but only as long as our supplies last).

      3) NAC Topics for 8/19 - 8/22

      Listen live every weekday from 1-2pm ET by going to www.airos.org or tuning into your local radio station. For a list of affiliates go to http://www.nativeamericacalling.com/nac_affiliates.shtm To call in and participate in this electronic talking circle call 1-800-99-NATIV (1-800-996-2848)

      TUE - 08/19: West Nile Virus in Indian Country:
      The fear and predictions have come to realization, concerning the West Nile Virus. The virus has been confirmed in 41 states including the District of Columbia. Now it has been confirmed in the Navajo Nation. Suspected of appearing in the U.S. in the summer of 1999, there have been over 4,000 reported cases, including the over 280 fatal infections. Birds and horses have succumbed to the infection, as well. What is West Nile Virus? What can one be done to reduce the risks? And what is the role of tribal government in addressing this viral threat?

      WED - 08/20: First Nations Dancers Break a Leg on Stage:
      The songs, drums and flute of the First Peoples echoed across this land generations before Europeans arrived. Native dance was also an expression of ritual and tradition. Native beliefs were intertwined in exercising these gifts from the Creator. With today's influence and technology, the modes of Native artistic impression are boundless. A First Peoples dancer will showcase modern song and dance, that is a celebration of Iroquoian culture. But, should traditional stories, songs and dances, be expressed in a contemporary manner? Does the transformation to a modern-day art form take away the spiritual significance? Guests include choreographer, dancer and singer Santee Smith (Mohawk).

      THU - 8/21: TBA

      FRI - 8/22: Native Women, Art and Film:
      Native women in the arts, and especially in the cinema arts, have labored in obscurity over the years. But their efforts are finally paying off as more and more female artists are emerging from the shadows and are starting to be recognized and appreciated. Are Native women artists and filmmakers creating something fundamentally different from male and non-Native artists? How does their work reflect a different aesthetic, history and reality? Join us as we broadcast live from the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) Museum at the Santa Fe Indian Market. Invited guests include Nora Naranjo Morse, noted Santa Clara Pueblo potter and installation artist; Loretta Todd, Cree/Metis filmmaker and director of numerous films including "People Go On;" Charlene Teters, a Spokane artist whose exhibit, "We Were Like Custer," is up at the Center for Contemporary Arts; and Lena Carr, a Navajo filmmaker and winner of an Emmy Award for her codetalkers film.

      For more information and a list of guests for these topics go to http://www.nativeamericacalling.com

      4) Voices From The Circle: A Second Look at Lewis & Clark from a Native American Perspective

      This week VOICES FROM THE CIRCLE producers Jim DeNomie & Barbara Jersey bring you more of the Indian perspective on the Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery Bicentennial.

      Before the Corps arrived, Turtle Island was much different than it is today. Jack Gladstone reminds us about Pre-Lewis & Clark days, "When the Earth Belonged to God."

      Keith Bear also brings us music from before the Corps with a Mandan "Warriors Calling Song."

      Fast forwarding to today's pow wow trail, World Champion High Noon sing two "Intertribal" Songs on today's program.

      Keith Bear teams up with Gary Stroutsos and Nellie Youpee to honor the People of the Willows on "Corn is my Pleasure" and the Mandan "Origin Song."

      Yolanda Martinez chants and drums on "Walking with Spirit."

      Peter Buffett brings us the music and prophesy of the Anishinabe with the song of the "Seventh Fire."

      Jack Gladstone returns with a more satirical perspective of the Corps of Discovery on "Lewis & Clark's Traveling Medicine Show."

      Spirit Wind gets back to the basics of a good relationship as an Indian couple look to one another and say..."Good Morning My Friend."

      Joanne Shenandoah concludes this week's show with a great selection from her "Loving Ways" CD "For Those Who Dream."

      Listen online by going to www.airos.org (All Times ET)

      Saturday 8/23: 3pm
      Sunday 8/24: 4am
      Monday 8/25: 4am

      5) Different Drums: Powwow 102

      In this second part of a two-part series on the powwow, we'll go further into explaining traditional dances and other common powwow traditions, in a show that will include some contemporary music relating to the powwow experience.

      A great program to listen to wet your appetite for our live coverage of the 2003 Schemitzun Powwow.

      Listen online by going to www.airos.org (All Times ET)

      Tuesday 8/19: 10am, 4pm, 10pm
      Wednesday 8/20: 4am
      Saturday 8/23: 5pm
      Sunday 8/24: 6am
      Monday 8/25: 6am

      6) alterNative Voices

      This week on alterNative Voices, water headlines make-up our long list of stories. We will talk about the waterways and prophecies of several tribes, including how the Zuni Pueblo won back their sacred lake.

      alterNative Voices presents our Honor Award to local veterinarians who help cats and dogs on the reservations.

      Music fills the hour, including James Bilagody, Buddy Red Bow, Keith Secola, Lawrence Laughing, Joanne Shenandoah, Omaha White Tail and more.

      www.alterNativeVoices.org is always available with events calendars, resources and news.

      Listen online by going to www.airos.org (All Times ET)

      Wednesday 8/20: 10am, 4pm, 10pm
      Thursday 8/21: 4am
      Sunday 8/24: 7am
      Monday 8/25: 7am

      7) Earthsongs: Mary Youngblood (Part2)

      Next time on Earthsongs: Part two of host Gregg McVicar's visit last week to the home of Grammy Award-winning flautist, Mary Youngblood.

      Plus the Native Word of the Day. Details at www.earthsongs.net.

      Listen online by going to www.airos.org (All Times ET)

      Thursday 8/21: 10am, 4pm, 10pm
      Friday 8/22: 4am
      Saturday 8/23: 4pm
      Sunday 8/24: 5am
      Monday 8/25: 5am

      Listen to Indian Radio on the Internet 24 hours a day at airos.org

      To subscribe to AIROS' electronic program guide e-mail airos@... with
      the subject heading subscribe. To unsubscribe e-mail airos@unledu with the subject heading unsubscribe
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