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New Book Available: Inuit in Cyberspace

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      Subject: New Book Available: Inuit in Cyberspace

      New Book Available:
      Inuit in Cyberspace: Embedding Offline Identities Online
      By Neil Blair Christensen

      For more information and to order please see:


      I am delighted to be able to write to you now and inform you that Inuit in
      Cyberspace has recently been published. In this cyber-ethnography, I explore
      the processes by which a wide selection of personal, local, cultural and
      national identities are expressed and understood on the Internet. The
      different Inuit peoples of the circumpolar Arctic have always taken active
      part in the world, but their contemporary use of Internet(s) has affected
      even more their relative isolation - one that comes from living in a
      peripheral region of the world. Yet, Inuit and others are constructing web
      pages with social and physical references that sustain an imagined Arctic
      remoteness; a logic that seems to be a key aspect of Inuit identities and

      The book brings together in analysis and discussion the realities of
      contemporary Inuit, the myth of cyberspace, a selection of dynamic
      strategies for identification, as well as a discussion of online methods for
      research. It concludes that Inuit dynamically remain Inuit, in all their
      diversity, regardless of an imagined compression of time and space; their
      use of changing technologies, or participation in enlarged social networks.
      It carries a series of new perspectives for the researched and the

      Kind regards
      Neil Blair Christensen


      Christensen, Neil Blair: Inuit in Cyberspace: Embedding Offline
      Identities Online, 2003, 135 pages, ISBN 87-7289-723-6. Prices: $19, ¤
      20, £14, DKK 148


      Introduction: Shifting Boundaries

      Modern Tradition
      Escape Cyberspace
      Old frontiers in new space

      I Going Nowhere to get Everywhere

      Online survey
      E-mail interviews
      Content analysis of web pages
      Wanted: practical method

      II (Re)producing the Arctic in Cyberspace

      The myth of cyberspace
      Peripherality on the Net
      Three regions: Canadian Artic, Greenland, and Alaska
      Bridging a gap?

      III A Common Web of Difference and Similarity

      Recursive dynamics: social boundaries and cultural stuff
      Us and them: self-identify by identifying others
      Taloyoak in cyberspace
      Native language
      Intelligible boundaries

      IV Perceiving Cyberspace

      Engaging with the world
      Disengaging from abstract theory

      Continuity? Accept Change and Understand Context


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