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      Perspectives on
      Aboriginal Culture
      A Special Issue of BC Studies

      "Performing Musqueam Culture and History as British Columbia's 1966
      Centennial Celebrations", by Susan Roy

      Susan Roy examines the role of performance in constructing a public
      identity for First Nations in British Columbia, and the Musqueam in
      particular. The article focuses on the British Columbia government's
      "Route of the Totems" project of 1966. The Musqueam's theatrical
      performance at British Columbia's Centennial celebrations in 1966 was,
      in its simplest form, a reminder to non-Natives that First Nations
      peoples had lived here from "time immemorial."

      "Picturing Civilization: Missionary Narratives and the Margins of
      Mimicry", by Kim Greenwell

      This article explores what missionary narratives and their use of
      photographs and other visual images can tell us about the project of
      'civilizing the Indian.' Kim Greenwell argues that while photographs
      and the other illustrations served to naturalize the authority of the
      missionaries who deployed them, they also revealed much about the
      intersecting hierarchies of race, class, gender, and sexuality that
      shaped the 'civilizing' project.

      "Adawx, Spanaxnox and the Geopolitics of the Tsimshian", by Susan

      Susan Marsden argues that oral narratives, or adawx, reveal an
      unexpected view of the geopolitics of the Tsimshian and of the nature
      of indigenous title. These adawx are powerful records of the history
      and human geography of the Tsimshian people along the lower Skeena

      "The Storied World of Harry Robinson: Emerging Dialogues", by Blanca

      Through an interpretation of the stories of Harry Robinson, one of the
      region's leading Aboriginal storytellers, Blanca Schorcht illustrates
      that the differences between oral and written traditions reveal
      themselves in complex and intersecting ways. She emphasizes in
      particular the "dialogic" nature of Robinson's stories and those of
      Okanagan First Nations.

      "Towards an Art History of Northwest Coast First Nations: A Review
      Essay of Recent Literature", by Ira Jacknis

      Ira Jacknis places several recent books on Native arts within their
      historical context, dating back to Franz Boaz. In particular, he shows
      that each of the five books under review address some of the historical
      themes that have been featured in recent scholarly literature on the
      art of Northwest Coast First Nations. These topics include the history
      of collecting, formal development in painting and sculpture, tourist
      art and other arts sold to non-Natives,' and narratives of contemporary

      "Towards an Art History of Northwest Coast First Nations: Photoscapes",
      by Ira Jacknis

      Drawn from the books reviewed in his review essay and featuring several
      colour illustrations, Ira Jacknis has put together three photoscapes
      illustrating the development of Aboriginal art of the Northwest Coast.

      "Pushing the Boundaries of Tradition in Art: An Interview with Susan
      Point", by Jan Hare

      Susan has immersed herself in the study of traditional Coast Salish
      art, and emerged with a language of design both authentic yet vibrantly
      contemporary. As well as practicing traditional motifs, Susan also
      expresses her own personal style. Jan Hare met with Susan Point in her
      studio at Musqueam First Nations to discuss the development of her
      style, form and technique, her use of old and new mediums, and the
      balance between traditional and contemporary influences. Featuring
      several colour reproductions, this interview provides insight into the
      development of Susan Point's art.

      Established in 1969, BC Studies is dedicated to the exploration of
      British Columbia's cultural, economic, and political life, past and
      present. Each issue offers articles on a wide range of topics, in-depth
      reviews of current books, and a bibliography of recent publications.
      Carlyn Craig
      Managing Editor
      BC Studies: The British Columbian Quarterly
      University of British Columbia
      Buchanan E162 - 1866 Main Mall
      Vancouver, BC=A0 V6T 1Z1
      Tel: (604) 822-3727
      Cel: (604) 828-3727
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      e-mail: write_us@...
      URL: http://www.bcstudies.com

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