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PRESS RELEASE: 2003 Commemorative Event-Oglala SD

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      Subject: 2003 Commemorative Event-Oglala SD

      JAN 31, 2003

      Information Contact:
      Oglala Commemoration Committee
      web: http://www.geocities.com/oglala_commemoration
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      OGLALA SD - The 4th Commemorative Event is scheduled for June 26, 2003 (Thurs) at the in Oglala SD on the Pine Ridge Indian
      Reservation. (Known as the Oglala Lakota Nation.)

      The Lakota Student Alliance and Kansas City AIM Support Group jointly sponsor the annual event to honor and remember the lives lost
      during the 1970s Civil War on the Reservation and to also raise awareness toward the unjust imprisonment of AIM member Leonard
      Peltier whose incarceration resulted from a Shootout incident between AIM members and Federal police agents at Oglala 28 years ago.
      It is also an event which promotes reconciliation and healing for the 1970s events with emphasis on alternatives or restorative

      Activities begin with a Spiritual Ceremony conducted at the Gravesites of Joe Stuntz, Anna Mae Aquash, and Jun Little; A memorial
      walk ends at the Jumping Bull Property; a Community Dinner and a Concert commences at the Loneman School in Oglala. This years event
      celebrates the wonderful accomplishments of Lakota Youth and also honors the past heroes of contemporary such as Buddy Lamont, Pedro
      Bisonnette, Anna Mae Aquash, Joe Stuntz, Jun Little, Nilak Butler and Standing Deer.

      Musical Guests include Anishnabe Artist Wayquay; Lakota Rockers Steel River Band; Folk Singer Jim Page; Oglala Hiphopper Storm;
      Southern Cheyenne Singer JD Nash, Spyderzback of Pine Ridge and more performers as they arrive.

      Speakers at this event will include distinguished characters who played a vital role in the justice movement for Leonard Peltier:
      Bruce Ellison, Peltier Attorney for 26 years from Rapid City will discuss Globalization as well as and update us about Leonards
      case; Vernon Bellecourt , AIM Spokesman from Minneapolis MN will discuss Racism in Sports and Media; Tom Cook, Mohawk Founding
      Editor of former Akwesasne Notes and Founding member of Slim Buttes Land Association will speak about many uses of Hemp As An
      Alternative Energy; and members of the Lacreek Civil Rights Association will discuss the many wonderful accomplishments they made
      this past year.

      Other speakers include Russell Blacksmith of the Lakota Student Alliance who was recently inducted into the National Congress of
      American Indians Youth Board; And Tom Poor Bear updating us on the Progress of Camp Justice. More Speakers will be added to the
      roster as we near the fourth Annual event. We invite all concerned people to come join us this very historic day to celebrate and


      Until Freedom Is Won!
      The New Leonard Peltier Justice Campaign

      Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
      PO Box 583
      Lawrence, KS 66044

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