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Canadian and Hong Kong Students Make Cultural Connections via Bro adband Technology

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  • Lessard, George
    [Note.. one of Canadian the schools was from Nunavik, Quebec ] ... From: IMCEANOTES-industry-industrie+40ic+2Egc+2Eca+40ICGC@ic.gc.ca
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2002
      [Note.. one of Canadian the schools was from Nunavik, Quebec ]

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      Sent: December 2, 2002 6:42 AM
      Subject: Canadian and Hong Kong Students Make Cultural Connections via
      Bro adband Technology

      Date: 2002-12-02

      OTTAWA and HONG KONG, December 2, 2002 -- Canada's Industry Minister Allan
      Rock today announced that for the first time students in Hong Kong connected
      virtually with Canadian students, using VirtualClassroom, an initiative that
      uses the most advanced research and education networks that both countries
      have to offer.

      "These virtual classrooms show how global private and public sector
      partnerships can enhance education and training of young people in Canada
      and around the world," said Minister Rock. "Together we are crossing
      cultures and borders, using leading edge information and communications
      technologies in creative and innovative ways to connect with one another and
      to share information."

      The VirtualClassroom intiative was made possible using technology provided
      by Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC), an Agency of Industry
      Canada; CANARIE Inc., network operator of Canada's optical research and
      innovation network, CA*net 4; satellite operator Telesat Canada; the
      Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong
      Special Administrative Region; and Hong Kong's Joint Universities Computer
      Centre (JUCC), a consortium of the government-funded tertiary institutions
      of Hong Kong.

      Today's inaugural demonstration used CA*net 4 and JUCC's HARNET (Hong Kong
      Academic and Research Network) to connect students for a live, interactive
      VirtualClassroom session. Students from Ulluriaq School in northern Quebec,
      Canada, were connected via Telesat's experimental multimedia school network
      over the Anik E2 satellite to the company's Ottawa hub, and then patched
      into CRC's Broadband Applications and Demonstration Laboratory, also in
      Ottawa. From there, the CA*net 4 infrastructure was used to link with JUCC's
      HARNET in Hong Kong. CRC's VirtualClassroom program allows students in one
      location to use advanced videoconferencing technology to interact in real
      time with students in other locations.

      The demonstration kicks off four days of VirtualClassroom sessions,
      featuring students from schools across Canada connecting to students at the
      Canada Pavilion at the ITU Telecom Asia Conference in Hong Kong.

      "This demonstration shows the power and promise of broadband technology,"
      said CRC President Gerry Turcotte. "It is bringing students from around the
      world together in a unique way so that they can learn from each other and
      each other's cultures."

      JUCC's Network Task Force Chairman, Lawrence Law, added, "As an
      international city, Hong Kong embraces the use of Internet technologies, and
      we are excited to have this program help our local students gain exposure to
      global cultures."

      "CANARIE is pleased that CA*net 4 is helping make this exchange between
      students possible," said CANARIE Inc.'s President, Andrew Bjerring. "Our
      e-learning program, combined with our advanced research and innovation
      network, is designed to transform learning for both students and teachers --
      it's wonderful to see such transformation in action."

      "Telesat is proud to participate in opportunities that showcase the
      effective use of information and communications technologies in learning,"
      said Telesat's President and CEO, Larry Boisvert.

      Schools participating in the VirtualClassroom sessions include:

      Hong Kong:
      Canadian International School
      St. Paul's Convent School
      La Salle College

      Ulluriaq School, Nunavik Quebec
      Earl of March Secondary School, Ontario
      J. Percy Page, Alberta
      Mirmachi School District, New Brunswick

      For more information, please contact :

      Selena Beattie
      Office of Allan Rock
      (613) 995-9001

      Susan Baldwin
      Senior Director, Operations
      CANARIE Inc.
      (613) 943-5399

      Orest Dykyj
      Communications and Media Officer
      Communications Research Centre Canada
      (613) 990-4575

      Patricia Kube
      Manager, Corporate Services
      (613) 748-0123, ext. 2800

      Anita Chan
      Administrative Assistant
      Joint Universities Computer Centre, Hong Kong
      (852) 2859-2491



      Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC)
      Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC), an Agency of Industry Canada,
      is the Canadian Government's primary laboratory for research and development
      (R&D) in advanced telecommunications. It is used to support public policy
      decision-making and to contribute to an innovative knowledge-based economy
      in Canada.

      CRC conducts R&D in terrestrial wireless systems, satellite communications,
      radio propagation, antenna design, broadcast and interactive multimedia
      technologies and broadband network technologies and applications.

      CRC's world-class facilities, such as its Broadband Applications and
      Demonstration Laboratory and Satellite Multimedia Applications Research and
      Trials Laboratory, conduct proof-of-concept applications demonstrations in
      areas such as tele-medicine, tele-justice and tele-learning, using hybrid
      satellite-wireless-broadband technologies.

      For more information, please visit www.crc.ca.

      CANARIE and CA*net 4
      World-recognized CANARIE Inc. is Canada's advanced Internet organization.
      CANARIE is a non-profit corporation dedicated to accelerating the
      development of Canada's Internet and the creation of innovative applications
      that exploit the power of that infrastructure to benefit Canadians. CANARIE
      plays the critical role of facilitator, bringing together experts from
      private industry, government and the research and education community to
      form project partnerships. By encouraging innovation, CANARIE is building
      Canada's capacity to participate in the global knowledge economy.

      With a $110 million grant from the Canadian Government, CANARIE designed,
      developed and operates CA*net 4, a Web services architecture for optical
      networks that is designed for computer-to-computer applications such as
      grids. It provides for advanced applications research in areas such as
      e-learning systems and repositories, e-research and computational-based
      science, e-health records and information systems, e-content and digital
      rights management systems, and e-manufacturing process control and
      manufacturing systems.

      For more information, visit www.canarie.ca.
      Telesat is a world leader in satellite operations and systems management.
      The company made history in 1972 with the launch of the first domestic
      commercial communications satellite in geostationary orbit. Today, Telesat
      competes with the world's leading satellite fleets in providing
      telecommunications and broadcast distribution services throughout the
      Americas. Telesat is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BCE Inc., one of the
      world's premier communications companies.

      Telesat is currently a partner in the SchoolNet trials, which enable
      students across Canada to collaborate with each other on a daily basis.

      For more information on Telesat, visit www.telesat.ca

      The Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau of the Government of the Hong
      Kong Special Administrative Region
      The Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau of the Government of the Hong
      Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China is
      responsible for the formulation of policies relating to information
      technology, innovation and technology, telecommunications,
      e-government, broadcasting and film services, external commercial relations,
      industry and business support, intellectual property protection and inward
      investment promotion. The Bureau also oversees the development of the
      Cyberport and the Science Park projects. It has two branches: the
      Information Technology and Broadcasting Branch, and the Commerce and
      Industry Branch.

      For more information, please visit www.info.gov.hk/citb.

      The Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC)
      The Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC) is a consortium of the
      Computer Centres of Hong Kong's eight government-funded tertiary
      institutions. JUCC co-ordinates joint institutional collaborations and
      innovative projects leading to the development and advancement of
      information technology facilities and services for its member institutions,
      as well as for the academic communities in Hong Kong and neighbouring

      The Hong Kong Academic and Research Network (HARNAT) is the wide-area
      network that links the campus networks of the eight tertiary institutions in
      Hong Kong. HARNET also provides high-speed connectivity to both global and
      local Internet. It is funded by the University Grants Committee and managed
      by JUCC.

      More information on HARNET can be found at www.jucc.edu.hk.

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