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      Subject: MoF News Release 2002:023
      Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 15:15:05 -0700
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      SOUTHBANK – A conditional community forest pilot agreement with the
      Cheslatta Carrier Nation announced today by Forests Minister Michael de
      Jong will result in new jobs and economic opportunities in northwestern
      British Columbia.

      De Jong said the agreement addresses the economic and cultural interests
      of the First Nation, as well as provincial forest management goals. “Our
      government is committed to creating new opportunities for First Nations.
      This land has special meaning to the Cheslatta people, so they want to
      be involved in managing its forests. And it is on the edge of the
      mountain pine beetle epidemic, so it needs immediate attention to
      protect adjoining forest lands.”

      “The awarding of this community forest is most symbolic today as it
      signals the end of a gruelling 50-year-long journey,” said Chief Richard
      Peters. “The Cheslatta people have come full circle since they were
      chased out of their villages on Cheslatta Lake in 1952. Today we can go
      back home and resume our stewardship of the land we love.”

      De Jong said the government will expand First Nations involvement in the
      revitalization of B.C.’s forest sector through opportunities like the
      community forest pilot. “We recently changed the provincial Forest Act
      so we have more flexibility to award forest tenures to First Nations in
      specific situations. This will help increase economic opportunities for
      First Nations, as well as encouraging more partnerships like Cheslatta
      Forest Products.”

      The community forest pilot agreement, which covers about 25,000 hectares
      around Cheslatta Lake, will yield added benefits because the wood will
      be processed by Cheslatta Forest Products Ltd., which opened earlier
      this year. The $9.5-million sawmill and planer mill at Oosta Lake
      processes timber killed by the mountain pine beetle and fibre salvaged
      from Nechako Reservoir. It is owned equally by the Cheslatta Carrier
      Nation (Nootsenay Enterprises Ltd.), local residents (Oosta Resources
      Ltd.) and Carrier Forest Products Ltd.

      The community forest pilot agreement is expected to be finalized by the
      end of the summer so harvesting can begin in late fall or early winter.
      Negotiations between the ministry and Cheslatta Carrier Nation will
      determine specific area boundaries, harvest rates and forest management
      activities for a five-year community forest pilot, as well as inviting
      public and stakeholder input. At the end of the five-year pilot term,
      communities are eligible for long-term agreements of 25 to 99 years.


      This news release is online at
      [http://www.for.gov.bc.ca/pscripts/pab/newsrel/mofnewstitles.asp%5d. Media
      can download photos from this event after 9 a.m. Thursday through the
      ministry’s FTP site below:

      Reference #: 2002:023
      Date released: Jul 31, 2002
      Region: Province Wide
      Category: Jobs and Timber


      Karen Brandt
      Ministry of Forests
      250 387-8546


      The Ministry of Forests web site is http://www.for.gov.bc.ca

      All Ministry of Forests news releases, back to 1994, are available at:
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