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Announcing the Aleut created www.BeringSea.com website!

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  • Lessard, George
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      Subject: [Aleut-L] Announcing the Aleut created www.BeringSea.com website!

      Hello Everyone

      I would simply like to direct your attention to our new website,
      www.beringsea.com. This is an effort of the Aleut people of Saint Paul
      Island, Alaska.

      If you look to the news section on the upper left of the first page, you
      will see links to our Museum Effort and other sections. I encourage you to
      check out our site regularly, consider contributing content, linking to us,
      submitting links to us, and joining in on the discussion boards which should
      be functioning in the next few weeks.

      Evan Cutler, BS, MCP, MWS
      TDX, Inc. & TDX Foundation
      Internet Economic Diversification Project
      Grant Officer, NEH Planning Grant, TDX Foundation
      Saint Paul Island Museum Exhibit Planning ProjectWriter
      (907) 336-4607 home office; 278-2316 TDX Office Fax
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