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Gathering Place News ALERT :First Nations Mobilizing To Take Action

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    Gathering Place First Nations Canadian News ALERT June 1, 2002
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      Gathering Place First Nations Canadian News ALERT
      June 1, 2002
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      First Nations Mobilizing To Take Action
      June 1, 2002
      BC’s Coastal First Nations Move To Consolidate Their Economic Interests

      First Nations from the coastal communities of British Columbia, reeling from the impact of job losses in the fishing and forestry sectors are mobilizing to take action. On Saturday, June 1, 2002 the Native Brotherhood and Native Sisterhood of B C, the province’s oldest aboriginal organizations will start an action planning and mobilization tour. Travelling on the aboriginal owned vessel, the PACIFIC WARWIND, NBBC executive members, technical advisors and some special guests from government, aboriginal organizations and the private sector will visit 17 First Nations villages on the coast of British Columbia. These villages will host people from up to another 12 communities.

      NBBC will be presenting results and information from consultations and surveys and will engage the communities in action plans for the future. Chris Cook, NBBC President says, " Our communities and leaders are overwhelmed with meeting the social needs of our people, they are over-extended trying to deal with processes like the Treaty process, capacity building and self government. The NBBC has been asked to return to its roots as a voice for coastal communities, an advocate for our rights and to help coordinate broad economic strategies to ensure our people benefit from the available resources. We will only move forward where there is clear direction and involvement from the communities. This tour is to enable us to hold those discussions with communities, and to establish plans and priorities for action"

      Seventy years ago, the NBBC founder, Alfred Adams of Masset, BC toured numerous communities by boat to form the Native Brotherhood. Members of the organization numbered in the thousands, and it fought for and won such things as Medicare for First Nations people, improved education, economic benefits and a key place for coastal First Nations people in the commercial fishery and processing sector.

      (Tour schedule attached)



      Cape Mudge

      June 1st

      12 noon

      Alert Bay

      June 2nd (pick up only)

      12 noon


      June 3rd

      12 noon


      June 4th

      Morning - TBC


      June 5th

      10am to 12 noon

      Port Simpson

      June 6th

      Afternoon - TBC

      Prince Rupert

      June 7th

      All Day


      June 8th


      Hartley Bay

      June 9th

      12 noon


      June 10th

      10am to 12 noon

      Bella Bella

      June 11th

      10am to 12 noon

      Bella Coola

      June 12th

      12 noon - TBC

      Port Hardy

      June 13th

      12 noon

      Alert Bay

      June 14th & 15th

      12 noon

      Campbell River




      June 16th

      12 noon

      For further information contact Bill at (604) 684-1951 or Shawn at (250) 748-3859
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      Lets Show Mr Nault who speaks for First Nations People .......
      We would ask every one who receives this to
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