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First Nations non-profit honoured as one of this year's Tides Top 10

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      Subject: (March 6, 2013) First Nations non-profit honoured as one of this year�s Tides Top 10

      First Nations non-profit honoured as one of this year�s Tides Top 10

      (March 6, 2013) Since 2003, Tides Canada annually recognizes ten of the
      nation�s most innovative and forward-thinking projects and organizations demonstrating outstanding leadership, vision and impact in addressing pressing environmental and social challenges.

      Qqs (Eyes) Projects Society, a Heiltsuk-driven non-profit in Bella Bella, was chosen for its work in youth and community engagement around cultural and environmental stewardship and education.

      �What we�re doing at Qqs isn�t new. It�s what our ancestors have passed down to us for countless generations,� said Jessie Housty, communications director. �We need to learn how to live in the landscape in a powerful, caring, sustainable way. Good things happen when you create opportunities for special people to interact with special places � particularly for our youth�.

      �Creating outcomes that work for both people and our planet is tough work�
      said Ross McMillan, President and CEO of Tides Canada, �but each and every one of the Tides Top 10 is doing just that � they are building the cutting-edge solutions that Canada needs now and for a resilient future.�

      Founding Director Larry Jorgenson says it�s an honour for Qqs to be in such inspiring company with other Top 10 initiatives. �This recognition belongs to the whole community. We�re thrilled that Tides Canada is just as moved as we are by the community�s power to create positive change.�

      Visit www.tidescanada.org/tidestop10 to learn more.

      About Qqs (Eyes) Projects Society
      Since 1999, Qqs has developed First Nations-driven projects and programs that promote cultural and natural stewardship values for the wellness of people and place. Qqs� range of programs includes scientific research and monitoring, cultural and linguistic revitalization, health, social justice, literacy, family healing, at-risk youth programming, and social innovation for the holistic wellness of our community.

      Contact: Jessie Housty, Communications Director
      (e) jessie@... (t) 250 957 8175

      About Tides Canada
      Tides Canada is the country�s largest public foundation dedicated to the environment and social justice � a network that connects an ecosystem of donors and doers who care about our future, our people and our environment.


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