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  • Don Bain
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      [Click on image for full size] CAPTION: L to R: Chief David Milton of Kitsegukla, Chief John L. George of Burrard, Bruce George, MP from Wales, Raymond Jones of Kitsegukla, Clive Linklater, Sally Jones, Chief Ken and his wife Sheila Russell, Chief John Thomas of Omineca, Chief Dan Mitchell of Morice town. Chief Bill Roberts of Campbell River, Chief Murray Alexis from Okanagan; kneeling, Chief Roger Jimmie of Kluskus.


      http://ow.ly/cGSxj [short url]

      They had come from all over Canada, 13 from B.C. alone in an attempt to finally return the Canadian constitution. to Canada. The Canadian Constitution (B.N.A. Act) has been housed in Westminster, London since July 1, 1867, and the Canadian Government wants to bring it home. We, as the original inhabitants of this land feel that we should have a say in the return and rewriting of the Constitution. As it stands, onlythe French and English Canadians have this privilege.

      According to ' Chief Raymond Jones of Kitsegulka "it was quite appalling at how ignorant. the British politicians are in relation to Canada. So everytime we met with anybody from the British Parliament we emphasized that through the B.N.A. Act, they have the legal right to debate the change or revisions of the Canadian Constitution through a term called residual rights."

      By confronting the British Government with our request for self-realization we can perhaps bring the importance of our place in Canadian

      Government home with the Constitution.

      Raymond Jones talked about the trip to UBCIC NEWS:

      The British Press were kind of expecting us to be wearing Indian regalia. We kind of went there business-like. It was little consolation for the British Press but it was very helpful to us in the long run in getting our points across to the Parliamentarians, which is what we were all about over there, to create this awareness to them.

      The Chiefs gained much support from several top M.P.'s as Ex-P.M. James Callaghan and Bruce George,

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