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VPD deputy chief clarifies his comments

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  • Don Bain
    VPD deputy chief clarifies his comments By Doug LePard, Vancouver Sun November 30, 2010
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      VPD deputy chief clarifies his comments
      By Doug LePard, Vancouver Sun
      November 30, 2010

      Re: Lead Pickton investigator breaks silence, Nov. 27
      I am writing to support Inspector Don Adam's defence of the extraordinary work of his Missing Women Task Force (Evenhanded) and to clarify comments attributed to me that give the appearance of conflict between my report on behalf of the VPD and the work of the team Inspector Adam led.

      As I said upon the release of the VPD report into the Missing Woman/Pickton investigation, "While [the Review] includes the involvement of the RCMP during those years, it does not deal with the joint investigation called Project Evenhanded that took over the Pickton investigation.

      " . . . The Team Commander of Project Evenhanded, Inspector Don Adam, was one of very few people anywhere in Canada who could have led that incredibly complex and large investigation to its successful conclusion.

      "Not only did he have the very onerous responsibility as leader, he stepped in to the interrogation chair to obtain key admissions from Pickton. That team's work was extraordinary."

      The story in The Vancouver Sun suggests that I was critical of the work of Project Evenhanded because I had written, "The investigation of Pickton before February 2002 was inadequate and a failure of major case management."

      That sentence was clearly directed toward the Coquitlam RCMP's failings after the summer of 1999, not Evenhanded, which wasn't formed until 2001 and didn't investigate Pickton until 2002.

      The VPD looks forward to clarification of these and related issues at the Public Inquiry, and to the release of the RCMP's official internal review to complement ours, so that police in B.C. and elsewhere can learn from previous errors to improve our collective practices, and so that such tragic circumstances are not repeated.

      Doug LePard

      Deputy chief constable,

      Vancouver Police Department

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