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'Special' welcome for ministers at Yale treaty signing: Sto:lo

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      Subject: 'Special' welcome for ministers at Yale treaty signing: Sto:lo

      Chilliwack Progress

      'Special' welcome for ministers at Yale treaty signing: Sto:lo

      By Robert Freeman - Chilliwack Progress <mailto:rfreeman@...?subject=Chilliwack%20Progress%20-%20'Special'%20welcome%20for%20ministers%20at%20Yale%20treaty%20signing:%20Sto:lo>

      Published: February 04, 2010 3:00 PM
      Updated: February 04, 2010 3:28 PM

      The Sto:lo Tribal Council says a treaty with the Yale First Nation is going to be signed Friday.

      But a "special" welcome awaits federal Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl, and BC Aboriginal Relations Minister George Abbott at the signing ceremony, said Grand Chief Clarence Pennier, STC president.

      "When they arrive at Camp Squeah they will learn in no uncertain terms that they are in the homeland of the Sto:lo," he said. "We plan to roll out our own very special version of a welcoming mat."

      The eight bands in the tribal council oppose the Yale treaty, which they say infringes on their fishing rights in the Fraser Canyon.

      Yale Chief Robert Hope declined to comment Wednesday on the long-awaited treaty, saying he did not want to debate the tribal council in the media.

      An official at the federal Indian Affairs department also refused comment, saying a media advisory would be issued when there was something to announce.

      But STC officials told The Progress on Wednesday that Chief Hope had announced the Friday signing to chiefs at a fisheries meeting that day in Kamloops, and that an RCMP official had called an STC advisor to see how the tribal council would react to the signing Friday.

      "Groups of young people are organizing to be at the camp Friday morning at 9 a.m.," STC advisor Ernie Crey said. "A lot of us will be there to meet the two ministers."

      The STC considers the Yale treaty "illegal," if it does not take into account the fishing rights of Sto:lo families who have been fishing in the Fraser Canyon for generations.

      Pennier also said it would be "unacceptable" for Sto:lo families to be required to seek permission from Yale officials to cross treaty settlement lands in order to get to fishing sites in the canyon.

      "This has to be an issue for the RCMP," he said, "because they have to look after our side too, which includes fishing in spots we've always fished in."

      STC vice-president Tyrone McNeil said it's "unfair" for the federal government to "off-load" the issue as an "overlap" case to be resolved outside the treaty process.

      But the STC appears ready to take an aboriginal title case to the courts, and launch a day-to-day campaign to exercise the rights they believe they hold in the canyon.

      "Governments could have avoided a clash with us over our rights in the Fraser Canyon, but, instead, they chose to brush us aside," Pennier said.

      "I hope there will be many guests at the signing ceremony because they will leave understanding just how serious we are about our aboriginal title and rights," he said.

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