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NNTC Press Release: Nlaka'pamux Nation To File Legal Chall enge Over Approval of Cache Creek Landfill Annex

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      From: Susan Tanco
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      September 4, 2009

      Nlaka'pamux Nation To File Legal Challenge Over Approval of Cache Creek Landfill Annex

      Chief Robert Pasco, chair of the Nlaka'pamux Nation Tribal Council, announced today that a legal challenge on behalf of the Nlaka'pamux Nation ("Nation") will be filed in respect of the recent approval by the B.C. Ministry of Environment of an annex to the Cache Creek Landfill ("Annex").

      The Cache Creek Landfill is located southwest of the Village of Cache Creek, approximately 5 kilometres northwest of the Town of Ashcroft, and 330 kilometres northeast of Greater Vancouver, in an area critical to the interests of the Nation. The landfill receives up to 500,000 tonnes of municipal waste per year from Metro Vancouver, and is scheduled to reach capacity in 2010. The Annex would extend the life of the landfill into 2012.

      Chief Pasco stated that the members of the Nation are deeply disappointed by the government's abandonment of the formal consultation process put in place to address the replacement of the Cache Creek landfill:

      "Following extensive negotiation, the Province, along with Metro Vancouver, agreed back in 2005 to engage in a meaningful consultation process with First Nations to determine a suitable replacement for the Cache Creek landfill. That process was put in abeyance when Metro Vancouver announced in early 2008 that it was abandoning interior landfilling. Now, it is obvious to everyone that interior landfilling is back on the table, and First Nations are being completely shut out of the process. We will not sit idly by and allow that to happen.

      Chief Pasco added that the Nation is perplexed by the Province's determination to create conflict over Metro Vancouver's garbage:

      "The Nation has a long history of seeking real, long-term solutions to Metro Vancouver's waste problems. Yet the Province seems to only invite conflict with us. The Province wants to make the export of garbage to the United States illegal, saying that we should not be visiting our problems on our neighbours, yet seems determined to export those very same problems into the Nation's backyard. We intend to do whatever it takes to secure a fair and respectful outcome, including bringing the issue of Vancouver's garbage to the world's attention during the upcoming Olympic Winter Games."

      Until the Province and Metro Vancouver acknowledge and address the historic infringement of the Nation's rights and title by the existing landfill, and engage with the Nation in a meaningful and respectful way, Chief Pasco expects protracted conflict over Metro Vancouver's garbage into the foreseeable future.

      Contact for Further Information:
      Chief Robert Pasco
      (250) 371-0775

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