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Women want PM to speak out against racist e-mail

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      Women want PM to speak out against racist e-mail

      The Canadian Press
      Wednesday, March 07, 2007

      YELLOWKNIFE -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper should denounce an e-mail
      denigrating aboriginal women that was distributed by federal government
      employees in the Northwest Territories, says the director of a northern
      women's centre.

      Arlene Hache of the Centre for Northern Families said the e-mail shows three
      young white women, all naked, with a photo of an intoxicated aboriginal
      woman, about 50 years old, with her shirt pulled up and breasts exposed.

      The subject line reads: Can you spot Miss NWT? Watch out for the last one,
      it will knock you off your feet!

      "We want the prime minister and the minister for the status of women to step
      forward and declare that e-mail for what it was, which was a racist attack
      on aboriginal women," Hache said.

      The e-mail was sent by Michael Hurst, director of the Yellowknife district
      office of Industry Canada.

      "It was a very hurtful e-mail and his explanation was that he meant to send
      it to hockey buddies," said Hache.

      "It really speaks to the fact that he really doesn't understand that what he
      sent wasn't a joke, that it was harmful and it was racist."

      Hache said she learned from department officials that the e-mail had been
      floating around the department for six months before it reached Hurst, who
      then forwarded it to 30 civil servants.

      "It was very clear that Michael Hurst wasn't the only employee involved in
      sending that very racist e-mail around."

      Neither Hurst nor anyone at Harper's office or Status of Women Minister
      Beverly Oda's office could be reached for comment.

      Annie Trepanier, spokeswoman for Industry Canada, said she couldn't disclose
      what disciplinary actions were taken due to privacy concerns, but added the
      actions were "appropriate."

      Trepanier said Hurst, accompanied by his wife, "personally delivered
      apologies to women's groups shortly after the incidents took place."

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