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8376Six Nations: Warrior Societies on "Yellow Alert" (fwd)

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  • Ishgooda
    Apr 1, 2006

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      Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 11:31:20 -0500
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      Subject: Six Nations: Warrior Societies on "Yellow Alert"

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      From: Chief Terrance Nelson
      To: Orakwa International Indigenous Ent.
      Sent: Friday, March 31, 2006 10:50 AM
      Subject: RE: MNN Six Nations: "I did it my colonial way" croons Canada

      This is issued today to all media and across First Nations in Canada

      Please use your communications system to send this out further

      We stand with you and I have alerted others to comment publicly

      Box 75, Ginew, Manitoba, Canada ROA 2RO

      From (Mush-ko-dah-be-shik-eese) Terrance Nelson, Okiijida Society Spokesman and Representative from Canada; National (US) Board of Directors: American Indian Movement

      Yellow Alert for Warrior Societies

      March 31, 2006

      The Okiijida Society is issuing a yellow alert for all Warrior Societies regarding the escalating situation between Mohawks at Six Nations and the Ontario Provincial Police. In 1990, most First Nations were in shock over the Oka crisis. Since 1990, warrior societies have meet regularly to plan out a strategy if a similar situation occurred. A yellow alert is a stand by alert issued by warrior societies to their membership on a particular situation. It is also a warning to Canada that the situation is being monitored.

      Mohawks at Six Nations issued the following, "At noon, Wednesday, March 29th, four Ontario Provincial Police OPP cruisers were spotted at the nearby Unity Road School, three Jimmys, about 14 to 15 undercover cops, two cruisers side by side above the site and on the other side at Canadian Tire the cruisers face the site directly .We welcome our brothers, sisters, friends and allies with open arms to stand in solidarity with us against this illegal invasion of Six nations Land (Highway 6, Caledonia Ontario)."

      In 1990, Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation was the first non Mohawks to blockade to show their support. The warrior societies across Canada agreed to the following on situations like this. 1. To stay in our home territory and monitor the situation. 2. That if bloodshed occurred we would take action in our territories that would include blockades but more importantly, we agreed that in the event of the Canadian army killing indigenous people, we would bring the Canadian economy to a halt. We have made it perfectly clear to Canada that the Treaties gave recognition to the whites to peaceful co-existence, deliberate bloodshed by Canada is an end to that treaty right.

      As the Mohawks stated "The whole issue is jurisdiction and title and we're allies, not subjects,". Canada must stop using guns to resolve its legal disputes with the Indigenous People. They know they stole it, they have to give it back." It will remain to be seen if the Conservatives who were in power in 1990 have learned anything from the Oka crisis.

      For Further information contact

      Chief Terrance Nelson


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      From: Orakwa International Indigenous Ent. [mailto:orakwa@...]
      Sent: Thursday, March 30, 2006 11:19 AM
      To: ActionCanadaNetwork
      Subject: MNN Six Nations: "I did it my colonial way" croons Canada


      MNN. March 30, 2006. It is obvious that Ottawa is trying to push pyradmidal pegs into round holes. The colonial settlers refuse to accept the fact that there are no Indian treaties giving them the right to control Turtle Island. They were supposed to stay in the Two Row Wampum agreement and manage their own ship on the river where Indigenous canoes had traveled freely since time immemorial.

      The settlers came from a culture where private ownership reigned. They belonged to a hierarchical society with a hereditary monarchy. In their social system those at the top of the heap had a better chance of survival. Those at the bottom lived in abject poverty and misery, often literally held in place with iron chains.

      The social model of the Indigenous people of Turtle Island was completely different. We know that all people are equal. Our model for social order is circular. There is no boss and there are no high places from which to fall. The only chains we know are those linking our arms together in friendship. The word "chief" is not our word. We have "royaner", which means "he knows the path". Our women are "Oyaner" which means "they know the path". The colonists always assumed that our society was like theirs. They keep asking us, "Take me to your leader" like the lost Martians of their imaginations. We don't have leaders in our society. Everybody leads.

      No position in our culture is hereditary. Everyone gains office through processes of extensive consultation with the People. When in office, no one has authority over the people. The clan mothers and the chiefs' job is to facilitate the consultation process according to our constitution, the Kaianereh'ko:wa. They speak only on the decisions made by the People.

      Canadian society is frighteningly authoritarian and getting more so. It is run by people who make secret agreements without consulting the people. They have secret weapons caches. They do not hesitate to use them against people with opinions different from theirs, especially if they are Indigenous.

      Between 3000 and 4000 heavily armed troops surrounded Kanehsatake, Kahnawake and Akwesasne in 1990. At Gustafsen Lake (British Columbia) 77,000 rounds of ammunition were fired at a Sun Dance attended by only 26 Indigenous people, of whom the majority were women and very young children. At Ipperwash they killed Dudley George. Recently at Kanehsatake a truck full of high-powered armaments was brought in by secret government forces who had a list of 55 people "to be taken out on sight". Now police and military are circling us at 5 of our Mohawk territories, including Six Nations.

      Now the Canadian government sends in a unilaterally appointed mediator, Michael Coyle, to talk at us. His main focus is on how to "gently" handcuff the women. "I want to rape you, but I am not violent, eh!" Is this what his master's thesis was on? Canadian people should be asking some serious questions about the kind of government they are supporting.

      Jim Potts, the "Indian expert" organized the Aboriginal "mercenaries" hired by the Canadian/Ontario governments to attack the Six Nations people on March 22nd. First he "We're not coming in". Then he said, "No one is going to get hurt". They hired mercenaries to do their dirty work. They set up ambulances and cleared hospital wards to receive the wounded. They emptied jail cells and transferred prisoners from Brantford to Hamilton so they could make room for the captives of their attack. Does this sound like they were planning a peaceful operation?

      Ottawa pretends to have a change of heart. Coyle arrives without a gun on his hip. He's just a front man. Our territories and perimeters are crawling with undercover cops. As if we can't recognize strangers in our own neighborhood! This is an attempt to apply force. Flying army helicopters over our homes, scaring our kids and elders, is very menacing. Do Canadian communities have to put up with the menace of low flying army helicopters? No way.

      Mr. Henning of Henco Industries of the United States, is the squatter trying to illegally build on our land. He put a paid ad in the newspaper saying, "This land is our land, this land is our land, this land was made for (not you) just me". Since when does a declaration in a newspaper establish clear title? Mr. Henning is relying on the misrepresentation that Ontario can give him title to our land. Is Ontario trying to help the Americans colonize Canada? So, with his new court order, the OPP are acting as the private army of this private American corporation!

      The bottom line is that if Canada sincerely wants to negotiate a peaceful solution, they should call off their dogs and cowboys. Send in their real representatives for nation-to-nation consultations and negotiations. There could then be an orderly settlement based on an orderly investigation of the facts and an orderly identification of the laws that apply. Then the laws can be applied based on the facts. The reason Canada doesn't want to do this is because it knows full well when the process is complete, the facts will clearly show they have illegally invaded our land. They are the illegal occupiers of our land just like at Ipperwash.

      Kahentinetha Horn, MNN Mohawk Nation News, Kahentiinetha2@...

      Coming soon www.mnn.mohawknationnews.com

      Six Nations contacts: Jacqueline_house@... ; Janie Jamieson 905-517-7006; Dick Hill 519-865-7722 thebasketcase@... ; Hazel Hill 519-717-4292 or 519-445-1351