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1531British Columbians to vote in treaty referendum

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    Dec 1, 2001
      British Columbians to vote in treaty referendum
      Last Updated: Sat Dec 1 08:17:26 2001

      VICTORIA - A committee of the British Columbia legislature is recommending people vote on the future of treaty negotiations with First Nations by answering 16 yes or no questions.

      Premier Gordon Campbell has committed to holding a province-wide referendum on the issue by this spring.

      The report suggests the referendum be put to voters in a mail-in ballot.

      The questions include whether aboriginal governments should be treated the same as local municipalities, and whether the concerns of non-natives should be reflected in the negotiation process.

      Most B.C. native leaders boycotted the consultations leading up the report, claiming the process is unfair.

      Written by CBC News Online staff

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