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47665Gut Bacteria and Fat Cells : 'Perfect Storm' of Inflammation Promotes Diabetes & other chronic disease

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  • Teresa Binstock
    Jun 15, 2014
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      Gut Bacteria and Fat Cells May Interact to Produce “Perfect Storm” of Inflammation That Promotes Diabetes and Other Chronic Disease


      Story at-a-glance
      • Health problems such as obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, periodontal disease, stroke, and heart disease are all rooted in inflammation, which must be properly addressed if you wish to be healed
      • Research suggests there’s a connection between certain types of bacteria and body fat that produces a heightened inflammatory response and drives the inflammatory process
      • Superantigens—toxic molecules produced by pathogenic bacteria such as staph—may play a role in the development of type 2 diabetes through their effect on fat cells
      • Your oral health can have a significant impact on your cardiovascular and heart health. In a recent study, improved gum health was shown to significantly slow down the progression of atherosclerosis
      • Periodontal disease is the result of the colonization of certain pathogenic bacteria in your mouth. This bacterial profile is influenced by the microflora in your gut