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47654How to farm a better fish

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  • Teresa Binstock
    Jun 15, 2014
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      How to farm a better fish

      By Joel K. Bourne, Jr.
      National Geographic Magazine 15 June 2014

      Industrial-scale fish farms are popping up everywhere these days. Aquaculture has expanded about 14-fold since 1980. In 2012 its global output, from silvery salmon to homely sea cucumbers only a Chinese cook could love, reached more than 70 million tons—exceeding beef production clearly for the first time. But there are good reasons to be wary.

      Population growth, income growth, and seafood’s heart-healthy reputation are expected to drive up demand by 35 percent or more in just the next 20 years. With the global catch of wild fish stagnant, experts say virtually all of that new seafood will have to be farmed.