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  • Jan Watson
    ... Thanks Richard This reminds me of a time I was a kid and I told a lie, No Miss, I really didn t look over at John s paper - after all, I hadn t really
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 1998
      > Topics in today's digest:
      > 1. Stay out of my stuff...
      > From: Richard Montalvo <montalr@...>
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      > Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 20:00:42 -0800
      > From: Richard Montalvo <montalr@...>
      > Subject: Stay out of my stuff...
      > One day Nasrudin, loaded with a box of tools, decided to take a ferry
      > across a deep stretch of water to a neighboring town. Halfway across,
      > Nasrudin started to busily drill a hole in the hull of the boat just
      > beneath his feet.
      > The other passengers, seeing Nasrudin drilling, yelled, "Hey! Stop
      > that! Cut that out!"
      > Nasrudin, somewhat upset at being interrupted, answered, "Mind your own
      > business. What is it to you anyway? I'm drilling under my feet, not
      > yours."
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      Thanks Richard

      This reminds me of a time I was a kid and I told a lie, "No Miss, I really didn't
      look over at John's paper - after all, I hadn't really meant to - then I had to
      erase my good answer because it was so much like his, and then I had to explain to
      my mom why I didn't get 100% and I lied again, then I felt guilty and rationalized
      and by the end of the evening, my 'boat sank' . I couldn't have felt worse if I
      was sitting at the bottom of a deep lake. There were all sorts of parts of me in
      conflict with other parts of me. Like Prufrock, we sleep 'til human voices wake us
      and we drown."

      The Sethians, on the other hand, would have a great debate about the nature
      of shared reality and the need for mutual interdependence in order to keep the
      necessary illusion of 'safety' and 'reality' alive. When one person threatens our
      little reality boat, we do get touchy!

      have a great night and thanks for the story again
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