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Re: Ramadan Rulings

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  • bondzai
    is it ok to pray when I smoke? then, how about smoke when I pray?
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 12, 2011
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      is it ok to pray when I smoke?
      then, how about smoke when I pray?

      --- In Nasrudin@yahoogroups.com, Muhannad Salhi <muhannadsalhi@...> wrote:
      > One hot afternoon, during the month of Ramadan, a young man came up to
      > Nasrudin to ask his advice.
      > "Tell me Mulla, if while performing my ablutions before prayer I
      > accidentally swallow some water, would you say I broke my fast?"
      > "No, no, I would say if your intention is pure, you should be okay," replied
      > Nasrudin.
      > "Well, then Mulla," the man began, "what if I accidentally... accidentally,
      > swallowed some juice?"
      > "Juice??!!" asked Nasrudin, a little surprised, "accidentally swallowed some
      > juice?? well... then... I would have to say if it was an accident, then God
      > is most forgiving and if your intention is pure..."
      > "Okay then," the man interrupted, "what if I was running to perform my
      > ablutions so I don't miss the noon prayers you know, and I accidentally
      > tripped, and accidentally, I... accidentally, swallowed some juice, a few
      > skewers of kabab, a piece or two of chicken, a loaf of bread, some rice, a
      > bit of salad, and accidentally... accidentally... a few pieces of baklawa,
      > would you say that I had broken my fast??"
      > "Noooooooooooooooooooo," replied Nasrudin resolutely, "I would say that you
      > had just finished having your lunch!"
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