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  • Zoe Grace
    One night, Nasrudin knocked on the window of his friend Wali s house. What do you want, Nasrudin? asked Wali. I need your help, said Nasrudin and I also
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      One night, Nasrudin knocked on the window of his friend Wali's house.
      "What do you want, Nasrudin?" asked Wali.
      "I need your help," said Nasrudin "and I also need you discretion."
      Not sure what it could be about, Wali followed his friend until they
      arrived at a small, two roomed house at the end of the road. "I plan
      to burgle this house," said Nasrudin "I need your help to hold the
      ladder and help me with the 'swag'."
      Wali was puzzled "But isn't this your house?" he asked.
      "Shhhh!" said Nasrudin, "You'll wake me up!"
      Wali was still puzzled but he faithfully held the ladder while the
      Mulla climbed up it to the upper room and disappeared through the
      window to reappear a moment later with a bedroll and a chair and
      various other items which he passed down to Wali. "Now what do we do?"
      said Wali, completely baffled by the Mulla's behaviour.
      "Now we take the 'swag' to a 'fence' and sell it," Nasrudin said,
      pushing all his belongings into a big sack labeled 'SWAG'.
      The two would be criminals walked off down the road and arrived at
      another house where Nasrudin knocked and soon, his knock was answered
      by a shifty looking man who came out and looked through Nasrudin's
      sack and handed him some money which the Mulla gleefully put into his
      "Now what do we do?" asked Wali as they walked away.
      "We go to the furniture shop and buy some furniture for downstairs, of
      "But," said Wali, now totally confused "If you do that, you won't have
      any furniture for upstairs. What will you do then?"
      "That's simple," said Nasrudin, "I'll burgle the room downstairs and
      sell the furniture to buy a bed and so on."
      "But Mulla," Wali said, "this is crazy! How long has it been going on?"
      "Every night, for the past six weeks," said Nasrudin. "You see, I
      can't afford furniture for BOTH rooms, so I have to steal from one to
      furnish the other."
      "But that way you don't have both rooms furnished at the same time!"
      said Wali.
      "I don't need both rooms at the same time," said Nasrudin.
      Wali put his head in his hands. "Nasrudin," he said "I'll buy you some
      furniture. Then you can stop this nonsense."
      "Oh yes?" said Nasrudin, "Then what would I do with my evenings?

      Moral; everyone should have a hobby.
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