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    And just WHEN do you plan on getting a job? Nasrudin s wife moaned after getting tired of one of his more lengthy periods of unemployment. I do not need a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2005
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      "And just WHEN do you plan on getting a job?" Nasrudin's wife moaned after
      getting tired of one of his more lengthy periods of unemployment.
      "I do not need a job woman, I am always in the service of the Most High!"
      retorted Nasrudin
      "Well then shouldn't you be getting some form of payment for your so-called
      services???" she replied sarcastically, "these bills are not going to pay
      Thinking about it, Nasrudin went into his backyard and, kneeling before the
      open sky, began to pray: "Most Merciful Allah, I am constantly in your
      service, and as such, I deserve some sort of financial recompense... indeed
      with some sort of back-pay for all those years for which I was did not
      receive a single dime! Could You please find it in Your infinite mercy to
      send me some form of payment so I can pay my bills AND get my wife off my
      Overhearing this conversation, Nasrudin's neighbor, a moneylender, decided
      to play a prank on him; accordingly he grabbed a bag of gold coins and
      threw it over the fence so that it landed right in front of
      Nasrudin. Amazed at this turn of events, Nasrudin rushed inside his house
      to show his wife, and they both immediately began to call on shopkeepers to
      pay their debts and order all manner of goods. Noticing the immediate
      deliveries to the house, Nasrudin's neighbor became worried about his money
      and came running to demand it back.
      "What in God's name are you talking about man?" Nasrudin demanded, "I
      prayed to God for the money and He provided!"
      Since Nasrudin adamantly refused to accept the man's version of events, the
      neighbor insisted that the only solution was to take the case to court to
      be tried before a judge.
      "But I cannot go to court," replied Nasrudin, "surely I cannot appear
      before a judge looking like this! why I have nothing appropriate to wear!"
      The neighbor quickly offered to lend Nasrudin his best robe and turban.
      "But..." began Nasrudin, "how will I go? I cannot go there riding my
      donkey while wearing these fine clothes!"
      Again, the neighbor offered Nasrudin his best horse to ride.
      When they stood before the judge, the moneylender quickly explained his
      case in great detail, going to great lengths to clarify to the court that
      the money that Nasrudin was spending was all his and how the whole thing
      was simply a misunderstanding, meanwhile Nasrudin calmly sat there,
      completely silent.
      "Do you have anything to say in your defence?" the judge finally asked
      "What can I say Your Honor, except that my neighbor is completely insane!
      the poor man seems to believe that EVERYTHING I own belongs to him, my
      clothes, my horse, let alone my gold."
      "But... but... they ARE MINE!" roared the neighbor, unable to contain himself.
      "Case dismissed!" ruled the judge.
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