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Dennewitz refight - narrative turns 1 to 4

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  • Richard Lawrence
    For those interested in a turn by turn narrative of the action. The Prussian infantry and cavalry that were supposed to be irregular were made regular. Turn 1
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2009
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      For those interested in a turn by turn narrative of the action. The Prussian infantry and cavalry that were supposed to be irregular were made regular.

      Turn 1

      The French won the initiative. The Italians advance into the wood, the Polish Cavalry moved to their right flank and towards Tauentzien's left flank infantry.
      Lorge's cavalry moved to the left of the Italians. Morand's Division continued across the bridge and began to advance slowly to the left toward Bulow. Franquemont's infantry continued up the road and the Wurttemburg cavalry crossed in front of the infantry to face Bulow. The reserve artillery advanced towards the bridge.

      Tauentzien's infantry advanced into the wood to engage the Italians whilst his cavalry fell back to protect the flanks.

      Bulow Corps - Oppen's cavalry and Krafft's infantry managed to advance whilst Hessen and Bulow hesitated (a die roll of 1).

      Turn 2

      The French won the initiative. The Italians engaged the Prussians in bayonet and sabre with mixed results. Lorge's cavalry advance cautiously. Whilst the polish cavalry set off at top speed towards Tauentzien's infantry guarding the flank. Morand's Division deployed facing North West towards Bulow's Corps whilst protecting the flank of the Italians. Franquemont's Wurttemburgers began to cross the bridge at Dennewitz in road column. The reserve artillery continued its advance and reached the bridge and the Wurttemburg cavalry moved towards Oppen's cavalry.

      The Saxons of Reynier's Corp began to enter in road/march columnss

      Tauentzien's infantry recovered and counter attacked the Italians, again with mixed results and his cavalry advanced to protect the flank.

      Bulow's Corps began to advance in echelon and Borstell's Division joined his right flank.

      Turn 3

      The French won the initiative. The Italians continued the fight in the woods against the Prussians but made little headway both sides losing men and the majority ceasing to be Fresh with one brigade on each side becoming worn. The Polish cavalry charged the Juterbogk brigade which managed to form square and made the cavalry withdraw. .Jacquinot's LC brigade made a half hearted charge at one of Tauentzien's cavalry making them withdraw. Merlin's brigade would not advance. Morand's Division were all now deployed facing Bulow's Corps

      The Wurttemburgers were still deploying or crossing the Bridge facing towards the wood. The Wurttemburg cavalry launched a charge at Oppen's Prussian Dragoon brigade and caught them off guard drove them back and hit them again, the Prussians losing 4 bases altogether. The reserve artillery crossed the road and unlimbered facing Bulow with the stream on their right.
      The first Saxon Division formed Masse and formed to their left. The second Saxon Division came on in road column protected by the deployed brigades.
      The Saxon cavalry arrived on table to the left of the road.
      Tauentzien's Prussian infantry reordered and attacked again with limited success. His cavalry reformed and held their position.

      Bulow's brigades continued their advance towards Lorge's LC, Morand's Division and the deploying Saxons. Oppen's Landwehr cavalry brigade charged the Wurttemburg cavalry, driving it back then routing it from the field.

      Turn 4
      The Prusians won the initiative. The slogging match between Tauentzien's infantry and the Italians had just about finished as most of the brigades were worn or spent. Lorge's light cavalry were not particularly enthusiastic and the Leib Hussars from Hessen's command refused to charge Jacquinot's brigade in the flank. The polish cavalry facing Juterbogk's brigade would not move or rally.

      Morand's Division advanced and one brigade occupied Nieder Gorsdorf.
      Bulow's Corps advanced cautiously south east.
      Reynier's Corps continued to advance towards Dennewitz with the intention of deploying to face Bulow's Corps.

      There are some photos recently added on this site. I hope to improve my photographic skills.

      Turn's 5 to 7 coming soon.


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