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Re: Supported vrs +1 BUA

One and a half or two stands is about a battalion. Sometimes just one stand. So if you have an 8 stand brigade of 4 battalions. Split them up into 2 stand
Mike Leese
3:13 PM

Re: Talking of battlefield maps

Try cigarboxbattles.com for battle mats for specific battles. Jay Sent from my iPad
Jay Mercer
2:03 PM

La Soufle

Just reading about the last battle. The French Eastern frontier could make an interesting campaign, in particular if there's a decent campaign map available.
Mike Leese
10:45 AM

Nafziger-3 Volumes 1813 Campaign

I am looking to sell the above books. If any member would be interested please contact me direct on peter.chadwick@... Thanks Pete
7:52 AM

Re: Selling Books

Nope, carry on. Warmest regards, /// BILL /// Wilbur E Gray Colonel, US Army (Ret) AOE, PSS, HMGS WFG+ http://www.ageofeagles.com "The society that separates
Wilbur Gray
7:15 AM

Re: Talking of battlefield maps

Cigar Box Battles (or something like that) sells individual battle mats of several ACW battles (based in the US, but someone in the UK acts as their agent).
7:00 AM

Selling Books

Bill Have you any objections to me posting that I have some books I would like to sell? Interested parties to contact me direct. Thanks Pete
5:31 AM

Re: AOE Waterloo

Allan, there's no smoke without a cigar (box) Best Regards Mike L Sent from my iPhone 😊 ... Allan, there's no smoke without a cigar (box) Best Regards Mike
Mike Leese
4:00 AM

Re: AOE Waterloo

'Would that be the waves at the Reichenbach Falls, Holmes?‎ You have, after all, described me as the "Napoleon of crime" '. ;-) Sent from my BlackBerry 10
Allan Mountford
May 31

Talking of battlefield maps

Theres an opening for a terrain mat business ? Historically accurate battlefield maps in various ground scales printed on gaming cloths. Printed in colour
Drew Jarman
May 31

Re: AOE Waterloo

Knock it off with the negative waves, Moriarty :). Warmest regards, /// BILL /// Wilbur E Gray Colonel, US Army (Ret) AOE, PSS, HMGS WFG+
Wilbur Gray
May 31

Re: AOE Waterloo

It's a mat. Oversized roads. Contours in the wrong place. Not very good. Not often I'm so negative. Allan Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the EE
Allan Mountford
May 31

Re: AOE Waterloo

Hi Bill, Very nice, where should the plaudits be addressed to? Regards, Phil
Phil Callcott
May 31

AOE Waterloo

How an AOE game of this battle should look. Hope to have the entire album posted on the Website very soon. If the picture doesn't, go to
Wilbur Gray
May 31

Re: Supported vrs +1 BUA

Hi my take on this question is that we have to remember we are fighting with brigades and and each game turn is 30mins. It is therefore entirely reasonable
May 29
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