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Re: Fw: Fwd: An Obituary printed in the London Times.....Absolutely Apologies All,   This message should not have been forwarded to this group just, a few friends. Good Gaming   Dave Churm On Thursday, 17 April 2014, 14:20,
Charles Churm
10:13 AM
Re: Fw: Fwd: An Obituary printed in the London Times.....Absolutely Just so Colonel Bill. Well done. "Nothing is impossible for a Man with a top hat with a Monkey with a monocle" - Professor Elemental M. C. Monkey-Dew's
Bob Minadeo
6:20 AM
Re: Fw: Fwd: An Obituary printed in the London Times.....Absolutely Gents, I'm going to shut down this thread in a preemptive strike. Its real close to politics, and politics, along with the had feelings they often cause, is
6:15 AM
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Re: Second Polotsk 1812 Trying to work on a scenario, but man not the greatest data available that's for sure. Should have one by end of week, but can't speak to it being 100%
Apr 16
Re: Second Polotsk 1812 Hope to see you there Mike Sent from my iPhone
Mike Leese
Apr 15
Re: Second Polotsk 1812 Yes Mike it is. Regards, Richard
Apr 15
Re: British Wars I forgot Maida. Thought it was in London or a tube station :-) Then there was Zealand And the raid on Denmark. Turkey I didn't know about. Just think, if Putin
Mike Leese
Apr 14
British Wars Mike Whilst not major wars, well Britain's contribution being in the main gold and ships don't forget that from 1800-1807 Britain's army also fought in the
Drew Jarman
Apr 14
Re: Board game ... Then following through with Austrian and then Russian expansion packs. In the UK pendraken have taken the opposite view and have cast British and Prussian
Mike Leese
Apr 14
Board game Command and colours by GMT Games. Just taking a look on the result of a comment at a show last year. Basic game is : wait for it French and British Mike Sent
Mike Leese
Apr 14
Re: 1809 Campaign Thanks Allan. I thought the files had disappeared when yahoo changed. I'll use my desktop, the screen is bigger. :-( Mike Sent from my iPhone ... Thanks Allan.
Mike Leese
Apr 13
Re: 1809 Campaign Mike The ‘Power is my Mistress’ folders on this site have scenarios for Raszyn, Sacile, Piave, Raab, Aspern-Essling and Wagram. Enjoy! Allan From:
Allan F Mountford
Apr 13
Re: 1809 Campaign Thanks MIchael, I have both rules. I'll just have to put some work in. Mike Sent from my iPhone
Mike Leese
Apr 13
Re: 1809 Campaign There are a few floating on the net. I have adapted some from Napoleon's Battles and Volley and Bayonet. Michael Brown mwsaber6@... To:
Apr 13
Re: Search tool David To get a positive drm a defender has to occupy it to gain the benefit. Drew Sent from my iPhone
Drew Jarman
Apr 13
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Re: Search tool David Field works give the defender + 1, 2 or 3 as normal. Scenario specific. Favourable ground, +1 to infantry uphill (& cav if uphill), defending a rocky
Drew Jarman
Apr 13
1809 Campaign Are there any scenario's? Mike Sent from my iPhone
Mike Leese
Apr 13
Re: Search tool my query is for hand to hand combat modifier Fieldworks and favourable ground page 52 charging across a ford or through a swamp -- my Blog
Grech David
Apr 13
Re: Search tool David From memory it reduces all movement proportionally AND disorders cavalry. But I stand to be corrected on this :/) Drew Sent from my iPhone
Drew Jarman
Apr 13
Search tool Can't seem to find means to search through old messages except go to message number. case in point charging through ford or marshy ground.It does'nt specify if
Apr 13
Re: Second Polotsk 1812 Is this at the Triples ? Regards Mike Sent from my iPad
Mike Leese
Apr 12
Re: Command stands AB have I model of a young lady in a bath tub. Possibly grounds for a Marshal Massena "Vignette". I could do with some of those Britain's Toys trees or any
Mike Leese
Apr 10
Re: Command stands Prior to Quatre Bras, Wellington's HQ was in Brussels, perhaps the Duchess of Richmond dancing, when the courier arrived. My modelling just isn't up to it.
Mike Leese
Apr 10
Re: Command stands I just painted the AB mounted Napoleon figure and mighty fine it looks too. I also have the Old Glory version on a vase with generals and also the Borodino sat
Clive Edmonds
Apr 10
Re: Command stands I have a load of Napoleons to paint up from the various vignettes range. I got a temp one as a result of a bulk purchase of loads of painted officers. I will
Drew Jarman
Apr 10
Re: Command stands Yes, I do. I just hafta remember where the photo is :( ? Warmest regards, /// BILL /// Wilbur E Gray Colonel, US Army (Ret) AOE, PSS, HMGS WFG+
Wilbur Gray
Apr 10
Re: Command stands Do you have any photographs to do it justice? Perhaps post them on your web site. Mike Sent from my iPhone
Mike Leese
Apr 10
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Re: Command stands I think this is a very useful discussion. I have had a problem with uber commander bonuses at the Grand Tactical gaming level for anything past the Middle Ages
Michael J Rieder
Apr 10
Re: Command stands Who would they get with the necessary political expertise ? Mike Sent from my iPhone ... Who would they get with the necessary political expertise ? Mike Sent
Mike Leese
Apr 10
Re: Command stands For Nappy I actually made two command stands. One was him on a horse accompanied by a mounted ADC and Guard Chasseur a Cheval, on a small stand to represent
Wilbur Gray
Apr 10
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