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  • Ellen Shapiro
    Return to the Sanctuary of the Heart A Day-Long Silent Retreat Saturday December 9th, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Facilitated by Ellen Shapiro As we approach the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2006
      Return to the Sanctuary of the Heart

      A Day-Long Silent Retreat
      Saturday December 9th, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

      Facilitated by Ellen Shapiro

      As we approach the winter solstice, the days become shorter with less
      light and the darkness of night increases. We may feel called to go
      within and seek the silence of our soul, yet also be pulled into the
      busyness of the holiday season. Find balance by spending a day
      renewing yourself exploring the stillness of your being.

      Allow yourself to bask in the beauty of silence. Pause to breathe, to
      relax, and to turn your focus within. Simply by allowing yourself to
      be, by being present to your moment-to-moment experience, you will
      find your way back to your true essence of joy and love. This retreat
      will be a time of reconnecting our heart with our soul, of
      experiencing the inner peace and freedom that flows within our core
      when we open to ourselves with loving tenderness.Through the stillness
      we will be naturally guided toward deep authenticity and the abiding
      truth of our heart's radiance. Within this part of ourselves,through
      the grace of awareness and love, there is nothing to achieve,to
      attain, or to change. We shift from doing to the relief of pure being.

      Using elements of yoga, walking and seated meditation, journaling,
      conscious eating, creative expression, rest, and reflection, you will
      explore and embody your own personal journey. Relax, renew,
      replenish, and experience the powerful healing and fulfillment that
      comes from attuning and listening within while practicing intentional
      silence. The group atmosphere creates structure and support while
      also allowing complete freedom of personal expression.

      We will meet on Friday, Dec. 8 from 7:15- 8:45 p.m. to get acquainted
      and go over the practical details and structure of the day. You will
      learn simple, direct ways to practice seated meditation, walking
      meditation, and meditation in motion (yoga postures), and conscious
      eating. We will spend Saturday in silence and end the day with a
      short sharing and integration.

      No prior experience necessary. Please bring layered clothes, walking
      shoes, two pillows and a blanket, yoga mat (optional, a journal,
      inspirational readings, lunch, teacup, water, and a snack to share.

      Space is limited, so please register early. Cost is $80 to $100,
      sliding scale. The workshop will be held at Namaste Yoga Center, 922
      E. Lafayette St, Tall, FL, 32301.
      For more info or if you have questions, contact Ellen at
      ellsha@... or 222-0003.
      To register, please send this form and your check made payable to
      Ellen Shapiro to Namaste Yoga Center, 922 East Lafayette St., Suite A,
      Tallahassee,FL, 32301.

      NAME: _______________________________________________________________

      ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________

      PHONE NUMBERS/EMAIL: ________________________________________________


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