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Valentine Yoga for Everybody

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  • yoga_ellen_shapiro
    Valentine Yoga and Massage for Couples, Friends, and Everybody with Ellen and GretchenDate: 2/13/11Time: 11 a.m. to 2p.m.Place: Namaste Yoga, 1369 E Lafayette
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      Valentine Yoga and Massage for Couples, Friends,

      and Everybody

      with Ellen and Gretchen

      Date:  2/13/11

      Time: 11 a.m. to 2p.m.

      Place: Namaste Yoga, 1369 E Lafayette St, Tallahassee, FL

      Do you long to feel more connection with others, or with your
      partner, and you're not sure how to make it happen?

      In this experiential program you will connect with your
      partner, a friend you bring, your parent or son or daughter,
      your sister or brother, or a friend you make in class through
      conscious breath and movement.  You will enjoy simple shared
      breathing techniques and easy yoga movements that
      powerfully open your heart and get your energies flowing.
      With detailed yet simple instructions, you will give and
      receive a Thai Yoga Massage (fully clothed) and bask in the
      sensations of openness and ease in your body.

      If you've ever done any partner or doubles yoga, you know
      how it wonderfully opens and connects you, to yourself, to the
      other person, and to the universal power of BIG LOVE.  If it's
      new to you, get ready for an amazing experience of giving and
      receiving energy and feeling fully alive!

      All welcome; no prior yoga or massage experience necessary. 
      Couples welcome, singles welcome, friends welcome, all
      orientations welcome. If you come solo, we will pair up in
      class.  This will be a safe environment to relax and enjoy the
      pleasures of simple touch and physical movement in.  Thai
      massage is done fully clothed, with simple movements rather
      than pressure or kneading muscles.  Everyone can do it.
      There is no nudity and this is not an erotic encounter.

      To register and for more info, contact Ellen Shapiro at
       or (850) 222-0003 or Gretchen Hein at
       or (850) 391-9833.

      Cost is $35 per person.

      Pre-registration is recommended; space is limited.


      Ellen Shapiro, PhD, is a Clinical Psychologist, Certified Sex
      Therapist (AASECT), and Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher.  
      She has been practicing yoga regularly since 1990 and
      teaching yoga in our community and beyond since 2000.
      She is a psychotherapist in private practice, and a sex
      coach and therapist. She has been teaching partner yoga
      for many years and delights in its power to open, connect,
      engage, and heal us on multiple levels.  Ellen brings
      warmth, humor, and a deep atmosphere of acceptance
      and safety to her teaching style. More info at


      Gretchen Hein is a Certified Yoga Teacher and an
      educator who has been teaching yoga for over since 2001
      and is experienced in many styles.  She brings her ability
      to give exceptionally clear instructions, her engaging
      presence, and her sensitivity to her students to her yoga
      teaching style.

      Ellen and Gretchen have been teaching and learning yoga
      together for over ten years and as a team they bring deep
      respect for the power of yoga to transform and uplift us. 
      They guide their workshops with playfulness, a contagious
      sense of exploration and curiosity, and a shared
      attunement that allows them to flow with the needs of the
      group to ensure the best experiences for their students.

      Visit our website

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