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Kirtan (chanting) at Unity Eastside this Friday, 6/11 7-9 pm

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  • yoga_ellen_shapiro
    Kirtan is an ancient yogic practice, very different from the postures and breathing we practice. In kirtan we sing. We sing mantras, not long complicated
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      Kirtan is an ancient yogic practice, very different from the postures and breathing we practice.  In kirtan we sing.  We sing mantras, not long complicated ones; repeating the same mantra over and over until it takes on a life of its own.  Kirtan is a devotional practice.  meditative, openingthe heart in a way very different from the other yogic practices.  The ancient sages have said that chanting is the fast track to peace and foretold that it would be the most important practice for our troubled times.  This kirtan movement has been growing for several decades in the western world.  There are many kirtan leaders, Jai Uttal, Krishna Das and Deva Premal are some of the more well known, but there are many.  Check them out online.
      There are several kirtan groups in Tallahassee.  On the 2nd Friday of each month one group meets at Unity Eastside, 8551 Buck Lake Road near ChairesCrossroads.  We will meet this Friday, June 11th, starting at 7:00 pm and ending at 9:00. You need no previous experience, you need not have a beautiful voice.  This kirtan is led by Gretchen Hein on harmonium, guitar and kartals,Jeffji on guitar and Adam Gaffney providing rhythms on the drums.  
      Please email Gretchen, tallahasseeyoga@... if you have any questions or want to know about other upcoming chanting events. 

      Hope to see you at a chanting event sometime soon,
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