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Women's Beach Retreat with Ellen Shapiro

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    JOURNEY TO WHOLENESS: A WOMEN S BEACH RETREAT On St. George Island, FL February 26-28th, 2010 With Ellen Shapiro Would you like to spend three days at the
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      On St. George Island, FL

      February 26-28th, 2010

      With Ellen Shapiro

      Would you like to spend three days at the beach relaxing and renewing, mindfully and intentionally creating your own healing?


      Wouldyou like time to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the sea and the sky,in the company of kindred spirits?


      Do you want to take a respite from your busy life to nurture your body, mind, and spirit, in both quiet reflection and joyful play?


      We all want to love and be loved, live in health and wellness, learn to stay present as each moment unfolds, and trust in the flow of our personal life journey. We are such complex beings with so many parts of ourselves longing for expression.  This retreat will be an opportunity to take time to listen to the you that often gets lost in the daily life of obligations and responsibilities, so that you can align more fully with your authentic self.  We will practice deep, quiet inner listening and also move with joy and freedom into play, dance and creative expression.  There will be time and activities for self-reflection and also for deep sharing and connection with the community of women. During this experiential retreat, we will cultivate mindfulness and inner connection through the practices of gentle yoga, breathwork, and guided energy visualizations.  We will connect with each other and the power of the healing women's circle through sharing stories, conscious dialogue, singing,dancing and drumming, and guided group healing. Find your joy, nurture your inner flame of spirit, creativity, and passion for life, discover and awaken feelings of natural aliveness and vitality, and relax into the amazing power of connection with other women.

      Women of all ages, orientations, and experience levels are welcome!

      Cost is $350 if you register before 2/20, and $399 thereafter.

      Visit the website for complete registration info, or call or email Ellen:






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