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Abraham Odom Jr.

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  • Brenda Lewis
    I am also sending a copy of this to the NOA group. This is a letter on a follow up of Seybert and Isaac Odom from Georgia and Barnwell, South Carolina Jimmy,
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      I am also sending a copy of this to the NOA group.
      This is a letter on a follow up of Seybert and Isaac Odom from Georgia and Barnwell, South Carolina
      Jimmy, this is all the notes I have on Abraham Jr.  Below that is notes I have on Isaac Odom who was the father of Seybert Odom. That is why I think Seybert is father of our Isaac. He named his son after his father. The last being part of a will of Seybert Odom.
      Seybert died in 1824 so Isaac had already before this will was written. I think he probably was dead when Benjamin went to Miss. with Malachi. Benjamin  was 17 at the time if the birth year is correct. By the state census records the birth year would be correct. So I think Isaac died real young. That left Benjamin an Orphan. It is said that Isaac was married to Indian Sally. They may or may not have been married.
      I have a copy of a paper sent to me by Helen. It says that at the University of South Carolina there are some papers on the Odom and Turner Families. Seybert is listed in these papers. "land records, wills, and bonds resettlement of Seybert Odom and John Turner estates: correspondence with relatives in Georgia, Miss. and Texas; and genealogical information.
      I sure wish we could get a hold of the record????
      It says the author is Odom Family and the titile is Papers of the Odom and Turner famillies. Description 117 items
      Control No:  ocm31523380
      I do not know if we could get a copy mailed to us or a inter Library loan. I have never used this source. Maybe you could ask Helen is she knows how to do this. We might could get them to make copies and mail them to us. Helen said she was waiting to hear from someone of this but I never heard any more. I will be glad to call the library and find out if they will send us copies if no one knows of another way. Let me know.
      Notes for Abraham Odom Jr.
      From: Floyd H. Lawson, November 1998
      Abraham Odom is shown as being at the battle of Cowpens, South Carolina,on 17,Jan. 1781,His Daughter, Elizabeth Lovica Odom, M. John Manasco, Sr.
      Their son, James Knox Polk Manasco, married the dau. of William Manley Rutledge, and his wife, Nancy Ball Lawson-Martha Ann Rutledge. There is a story about James Knox Polk "Uncle Polk" Manasco and his brothers-in-law, James Daniel and William Rutledge avenging the death of William Manley Rutledge. The latter was killed by Joe Smallwood, 1866 in a conflict when William Manley had gone to a store along with his wife, Nancy Ball Lawson Rutledge. Joe was drunk and was trying to coerce William Manley to imbibe with him;William Manley Rutledge refused. Joe struck William Manley between the shoulders with "brass knucks" and William Manley apparently mounted his horse along with his wife and William Manley fell from his horse a short distance from the place of the fracas. So,his two sons and son-in-law avenged his death by going to his home and shooting him-dead. Neither of them knew whose bullet hit him. Abram Odom was in SC as early as 20-Jun 1780, as that was the date on which his daughter, Elizabeth Lovica Odom, was born in that state. Source: The Manasco Genealogy, Courtesy Floyd Arnold Guthrie, 1193
      McDade Road, Carbon Hill, Al. 35549
      Abram Odom had another daughter, Jane, who married Peter Ingle in Ga. circa.
      1805. Peter Ingle is the g.granfather of the compiler, Floyd H. Lawson.
      In the Journal of North Carolina Genealogical Society, Vol.IX, #3,P. 136, Jacob Odom received from Captain Nathan Harrell's Company, 100 acres in Hertford, (final payment), Aug. 1783. (See William Turner notes) 89 Abram Odom received 100 acres in Bladen Co.,NC, "in the Dreams of Shooleel being the place where Truman Fry lives, beginning at pine....John Odom received 2200 acres on 22 Oct. 1753, Bladen Co., "on Hog Swamp,the place he now lives. This just may be the Abram Odom whose daughter married Peter Ingle, and whose other daughter married John Manasco, of Walker Co.88.
      18 Jul 1767-250 acres deeded to Abraham Odom Jr., Saint Matthews Parish, SC.
      Signed by Abraham Odom, Sr. for Abram Odom Jr., from Jasper Library, Courtesy of 171 John R. Manasco, Cordova, Ala.
      George Odom, Thomas Odom,& Abram Odom left wills in Barnwell Co.,SC. Abram Odom Jr. is believed to be the same Abram who was listed in the Will of Abram Odom Sr. 172
      Source: Alma Tingle Hoylman, Box 26 Tingle Road, Double Springs, Al. 35543
      She is also the source of much information on the Rutledge line, and pictures of the Rutledge family and descendants. F.H. Lawson, 1020 Larkwood drive, NE, Cullman, Alabama 35055-2133.
      Abram Odom was listed in the History of Ellis County, Texas, and the Tenn. Genealogical Society magazine,"Ansearchen News", Jul-Sep 1968 Edition, page 124, "Jacob O. Ingle", along with Paul (Paulser) Ingle, as being at the Battle of Cowpens, 17 Jan 1781. J.J. Boyd says that Abram Odom was in the 5th South Carolina Regiment during the Revolutionary War. 154
      Anson County NC- Abstracts of Conveyances
      (Deed books have been recopied and do not always correspond to the old index)
      DB C:428= 15 Jan. 1759 - Isaac Odom to John Overstreet for 20 pounds, 100 acres on
      Shoeheel Creek, excepting on half of any gold and silver mines.
      Wit: Henry Overstreet , Archd Mc Kissack
      1779= October: Petition to divide Anson County at the Peedee River, signbed by
      Richard Odum and Sion Odum.
      1783= Petition to relocate sit of courthouse signed by Richard Odom and Isack Odom.
      WB 2:118 = 4 Sept. 1797 - Will of Richard Odom, of Anson Co
      "Being weak in body, etc.." names
      wife Honour's children:
      William Odom
      Nancy Odom
      James Odom
      Elizabeth Franklin for life 50 acres where on I now live and my dwelling house
      Sons: David Odom
                Richard Odom
                Children of son Isaac Odom
                Jacob Odom
      Daus: Lucy Fair
                Charity Rutherford
      Executors: Stephen Hyde and James Marshall, friends
      Wits: Robert Lee
                John Scott
                Mc Daniel Davidson                              Proved Jan Court 1798
      28 May 1798 = Power of Attorney: Richard Farr Jr. and his wife Lucy Farr, both of Elbert Co., Georgia, to William Johnson of Anson Co NC to collect for us what is due from Estate of Richard Odom Senr., late deceased of Anson County, N.C. said Lucy Farr  being one of the daughters of Richard Odom
      Wit: Peter Stubbs , of Elbert Co. Ga.
      ( This Richard Odom Senr. Probably was a grandson of the Richard Odom whose will was proved 1728 in Chowan County. The two men died 70 years apart, the first Richard
      naming an adult son Richard as executor in 1727.)
      Sons of Isaac and Esther ( Hester ) Odom include Michael Odom, Daniel Odom, Seybert
      Odom, and George Odom, The first three are known to have been soldiers in the Revoluntionary War.
      Estate of Seybert Odom: "divided among three heirs, all owing for the heirs of Isaac Odom who was a son of Seybert Odom, giving to each heir $1352.60. If Isaac's children do not come in for a share, then $2029 each for the two remaining heirs.
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