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Benjamin Odom b.1786 Ga/SC

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  • Brenda Lewis
    I have been promising Jimmy Odom for months I would get into this frey when I had my ducks all lined up so here goes. I have been sorting files,cleaning out
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2006
      I have been promising Jimmy Odom for months I would get into this frey when I had my ducks all lined up so here goes. I have been sorting files,cleaning out files, and trying to get some order to this mess I had. I could not find anything when I needed it. I think I have some order now.
      Jimmy needs to think that Jacob Odom is the father of Malachi and Benjamin. Now we know we are matching 100% but we could still possibly be first cousins between the two. One thing I am almost sure about is Isaac is the father of Benjamin. I have been in contact with three different legs of our family that have given me this information. Chris from Petal was doing a family tree for a school project when he found me on the net. That was a reward for me also. His grandmother was a haven of information. She told Chris that it had been told to her that Isaac was the father of  Benjamin. I also found Robert Ranson Odom who was originally from Hattiesburg, Ms and now is living in New Mexico. He is the great grand son of Samuel Sheppard Odom, son of Joseph Odom son of Benjamin. His Aunt Ells who was a sister to Samuel Sheppard told Robert that it was in the family Bible  that Isaac was the father of Benjamin. She said Samuel Sheppard was where Senthia stayed until she died. She was the wife of Joseph. There was a house fire that took the bible and all was lost. So as of now we are at a stand still with what information we have. I have discovered that Seybert Odom of Barnwell SC had an illegitimate son named Isaac who he left in his will. That may explain some of the reason there is not a lot of information on Isaac.  He may have been hid out across the border in Ga. from where Seybert lived. I have obtained quit a bit of information from Helen Harrel Odom's book of notes. Here is two of the excerpts that I have taken from there. So does anyone else have anything they might add to this?
      21 Oct. 1767 = Isaac Odom to James Bennett - release
              "…. Whereas his Majesty King George by his letters Pattent under the great seal of
      this Province dated the 19th day of November 1760 vested his Excellency the Honourable
      William Bull, Esqr., Lieutenant Governor of the same, did give and grant unto Isaac Odom a trak of land containing 200 acres situated upon a Branch of Savannah River called Briar  Branch, near the mouth of this said Branch, bounded on all sides by vacant land, and the above said Isaac Odom has bargained, sold sum of three hundred pounds of South Carolina….. Doth fully and absolutely requit, unlean,…… said two hundred acres."
      Wits: John Collins                                         Isaac Odom
                Sabart Odom                                        Hester ( X ) Odom
      Sons of Isaac and Esther ( Hester ) Odom include Michael Odom, Daniel Odom, Seybert
      Odom, and George Odom, The first three are known to have been soldiers in the Revoluntionary War.
      Isaac Odom had died by 1784. The account of the Estate Sale dated 12 November 1784 and the Estate Settlement by Daniel Odom , dated 3 Aug. 1789, follow:
       Account of the Sale of the Estate of Isaac Odom, Decd. Sold the 12th November 1784:
      2 Negroes Adam and Brister, to Nathl. Walker        65.00.
      5 head of horses                      to Danl Odom             7.00.
      18 head of cattle                           do                         18.00.
      8 head of sheep                            do                           5.15
      1 spinning wheel                          do                             .04.8
      1 feather bed and sheet           to Rachl. Odom           5.50.
      1 bed stead                              to Danl. Odom              .40.8
      3 potts                                          do                            1.00
      2 frying panns                           do                              .12.
      5 old hoes, 1 axe                        do                              .10.
      1 old plan. Hoe                          do                              .40.8
      1 pr sheep shears                       do                              .50.
      1 smoothing iron                        do                              .40.
      1 pr iron wedges                        do                              .50.
      1 hammer, 1 jugg                      do                               .80.
      a Lott of old Pewter                 do                               .14.
      7 chairs                                     do                              1.20
      2 pr of wool cards                    do                               .20
      1 old saddle                              do                              1.60
      a lott of old books                    do                              1.40
      1 barrl., 1 chest                        do                                 .20.
      5 geese                                     do                                 .14.
      a chance of hogs, & 1 sow       do                                .17
      2 branding irons & 2 bottles    do                                .20.
                                                                                L= 111.70.6
      Certified by us that the above articles was Sold at Publick Vendue on the 12th November
      James Fair, JP
      Joseph Turner
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