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Re: [N_O_A] NOA Sadness

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  • Dale Tucker
    Thanks, Grace phoned me this morning and left the message on my answering machine. I ll phone her tonight to talk to her. Last time I spoke to Priscilla was
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      Thanks,  Grace phoned me this morning and left the message on my answering machine.  I'll phone her tonight to talk to her.  Last time I spoke to Priscilla was also after Katrina and I new then things were not well, but as usual Priscilla was a happy person to speak with.  I know there will be a void with her being gone.  God Bless her and her family.  Paula
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      Subject: [N_O_A] NOA Sadness

      Members of NOA....
      This type of message is always hard to send.  With much sadness I am forwarding this message I received today from Kathy Odom, concerning the death of past president Priscilla Hollingshead.  The last time I spoke with Priscilla, she was as jolly as ever, just after the hurricane Katrina through their area, telling me of those she knew who were with her, and the damages around them. 
      I know most will remember her from the past reunions.....  especially the GREAT 25th NOA Anniversary in Alabama!  She particularly wanted to host that one.... and what a grand party she and her sisters and friends put on for all of us!  The decorations were so memorable at EACH meal!  Our Memorial Service on the lake side....    The BIG GROUP picture.....  all were the plans of Priscilla!  She joined NOA and immediately became a willing worker!  She will be missed by us all!
      Please pass on this news to others you might know and your family members, if they are not on this NOA email list.  Urge others to join, so that we might get out news to all in a timely manner!
      with sadness..........
      Dorothy Odom Bruce
      NOA President 2005-6
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      I just got a sad call from Grace Overstreet telling me the sad news of Priscilla Hollingshead's death. She died this morning. The funeral will be at Freeman Funeral Home, in Waynesboro, MS 39367. A wake will be held tomorrow on the 29th Oct from 5 to 9, and the funeral service will be at 3 PM on Sunday at the funeral home. Grace's phone number is 601-648-2125 for anyone who might want to call.
      Grace told me that she had tried to call several people, and I just happened to be the one that she reached. She asked that I email and get the word out. Please, help me get word to all of our NOA family who loved Priscilla as much as we all did. We shall all say a  prayer for the family in their sorrow of losing this family member and loved one.
      Love to all,
      Kathy Odom
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