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[N_O_A] Y-DNA Research

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  • dwisewirth@aol.com
    I want to correct a statement I made in a prior e-mail. While Benny, as project manager, could normally enter the entire group s results in Ysearch, our NOA
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30 7:47 PM
      I want to correct a statement I made in a prior e-mail. While Benny, as project manager, could normally enter the entire group's results in Ysearch, our NOA project guidelines prevent him from doing so. My apologies to Benny for this mis-statement.
      Therefore, if you wish your results to be compared across the various worldwide Y-DNA testing companies, you will need to make that entry yourself. You need your results as provided by Relative Genetics. Then, go to http://www.ysearch.org/rg_add_start.asp.  Enter the results, then fill in any known information at the bottom of the form, especially your earliest known ODOM ancestor and your email address. Then you can search for matches!
      While we're getting our ODOMs on this side of the pond into families, maybe we can make a jump across the pond to our extended family members worldwide using Ysearch.
      For example, using my brother's results, I did a search across surnames and found a 37-marker match in Scotland. While the surnames don't match, this result is pretty conclusive and our theory is that our common ancestor preceeds the use of surnames and they have identified a town that has many people of both surnames.
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