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Re: [N_O_A] Re: Abraham O'Dom / Odom - b Ireland d bef 1776

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    Emails to _N_O_A@yahoogroups.com_ (mailto:N_O_A@yahoogroups.com) have started bouncing. I noticed that the page on the net is called groups.yahoo.com so I m
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 20, 2005
      Emails to N_O_A@yahoogroups.com have started bouncing. I noticed that the page on the net is called groups.yahoo.com so I'm trying N_O_A@... as well. I wanted everyone to get a copy of the emails between me and Nash Odom so I'll keep trying if both of these bounce.
      In a message dated 12/19/2005 6:54:16 PM Central Standard Time, Nao41633 writes:
      Got your email about Archibald Odom. Not sure of your name from the email address.
      Dot Wise Wirth -- descendant of Archibald Odom of Pulaski, Co, GA through granddaughter Eliza who m. Frederick Andrews
      9524 W Pomona Drive
      Baton Rouge, LA 70815
      home 225-925-8878 cell 225-205-4235 fax 225-216-2571
      I am already a member of the National Odom Assembly and I have written a detailed article on Archibald Odom of Georgia that would be in their files. You might try to get this. I have written several other articles for the publication.
      Unfortunately, the NOA files (other than what has been printed in the newsletter) are not very organized. I did get a CD of all the old newsletters but haven't had the time to go through all of it yet (I'm not retired - I do websites, desktop publishing, and work part-time for Common Cause) and have promised to redo the NOA website when I have time.
      I have not had my DNA tested yet. I have hesitated because I already know my relationship to the Georgia Archibald. I am considering the posibility though.
      I hope you will. Nothing I have received from NOA, Charles or Fountain has ever mentioned your connecting line and to help us find other matches that can prove earlier connections.
      I tried to email the N_0_A@yahoogroups.com and it wouldn't go through. I received an answer that they could not send it. The address is exactly like that above. I spent about an hour giving information and then it wouldn't go through. Please forward the message I sent you and have someone in the group to email me and let me try to answer that way. 
      I'm sorry, I forgot you had to join the NOA yahoo group. I went to the site to see if I could invite you but I didn't find a way so I sent a request to the moderator. I'm going to copy this to the group as well.
      I have in my possession the family Bible of Archibald Odom who is my ancestor and a nephew of the Georgia Archibald Odom, your ancestor. My ancestor died in a deer drive in the 1830's after he moved to Robeson County. His son Archibald, lived near St. Pauls, N.C. and once owned half of the town's property. I have his and his wife's Bible.  Many of the papers I have came from the last Archibald's granddaughter who is now deceased. The family Bible has Martha Odom and her children's names listed and her brothers and sisters
      births. They were all descendants of Capt. Charles Bullock of the American Revolution.
      Many of the articles are receipts for taxes paid, division of the land in Marion County between my Archibald's children, inheritance papers, a deed of James Odom, our Archibald Odom's father who is believed to be a brother of the Georgia Archibald Odom. The copy of the 1817 letter from your Archibald to my Archibald about the settlement and sale of land and his request for his relative to come to Georgia because your Archibald was too old to travel the distance is interesting. It starts off with the words "Dear Cousin" but cousin in that time meant any number of kinships. It may not speak of cousin as we use it today at all.
      I'd love a copy of the 1817 letter and the James Odom deed.
      There have been too many Odoms who came into North Carolina and South Carolina at the same time and bought land on the same days and even witnessed each other's deeds. I think that your Archibald Odom and my James Odom had other brothers who were here at the same time. There are deeds in Robeson County, N.C. for Abraham Odom, Isaac Odom, Jacob Odom, Benjamin Odom, etc., all Biblical names. These Odoms came from Northeastern North Carolina  and before that from Southeastern Virginia. They moved into Southeastern North Carolina and Northeastern South Carolina right after these areas opened
      up for settlement in the 1750's.
      Using Y-DNA as a guide, Bruce Odom (descendant of Benjamin Odom 1759-1822 Barnwell Co SC) is definitely related to the Archibald Odom of Pulaski family. Unfortunately, I haven't received information on the earliest known ODOM ancestor from all the A-group members.
      But, we have established 11 subgroups of Odoms related to Archibald of Pulaski. Several paper-proven descentants of Archibald have been tested and match (Donald Dale Odom, Sr. of Millry, AL; Jimmy Ray Odom of Palestine, TX, Charles Augustus Odom of Clermont, FL and Thomas LaFontine Odom, Sr. of Charlotte, NC). This is called the A07 group and is the one to which I connect. Leonard Bruce is in the A05 group.
      If you have your Y-DNA tested as part of the project, you will receive a lot of information including a wonderful graph we got at NOA in Indiana showing how the A group is probably related.
      In addition to the "A" Group, there are unrelated "B", "C", and "D" groups and a few who match nobody else in the testing group.
      It is my opinion and only mine that all these Odoms are descended from a William Oden from Jamestown, Virginia, settlement in 1607. They came into North Carolina from the Suffork, Norfolk, Isle of Wight, etc. into North Carolina. There are quite a few of these early Odoms descendants in Northeastern  and the Middle counties
      with the same names as found in Robeson Counties.
      Since my cousins have been relying on Uncle Melt's history of our family, "In 1750, at the age of 10, Archibald Odom landed in Wilmington, NC with his parents, two sisters, and his brother Daniel.  The two boys remained with their parents until about 1770 when they decided to head out and see other parts of the "New World."  Uncle Melt says they set out on foot through North and South Carolina, crossed the Savannah River near Augusta and continued westward until they reached the Oconee river near Mt. Vernon, GA where they met the Mc Bride family who had preceded them to America.  The family convinced the boys to stay with them for a while.  Daniel married one of the Mc Bride daughters, and that was the end of his westward trek." OR, alternatively "My great-grandfather Odom came from England to American about the year 1760 and settled in North Carolina.  Some years later two of his sons, Archibald and Aaron, came to Georgia and settled in Montgomery County on the Oconee River near Dublin." I can see why they don't subscribe to your theory. Our only hope at this point is to let DNA sort it all out. We just have to get some known descendents of William Oden from Jamestown, VA into the NOA Y-DNA project.
      I ordered your Archibald Odom's Revolutionary War Service Records from Washington, D.C. years ago and they sent me his Revolutionary services, his family Bible records, his master of the Masonic Lodge in Marion County, S.C. You might order these records if you don't already have them. The Bible record
      was sent to Washington when his widow was seeking a pension so your family would not have his family Bible. The original is in Washington with his pension records.
      I'll have to do this. I have transcripts of some of this but not the real documents from D.C.
      I have enough information in my possession now to publish three or four books, far too much to copy and mail to someone. I would personally have to deciper my records because I have used Nash Odom's system that is unknown to anyone else. 
      I understand and I hope you are working on putting them into a form that can be shared electronically if you're not going to publish those books! We keep discovering the same information over and over and we need to get it compiled into a form to share so we know when we find something REALLY new. I'm trying to get everything into Family Tree Maker or at least an electronic form so I don't have to keep going back to my paper files.
      Our family of Odoms are far fewer now than when I was a young man. My ancestor route starts with my father, Ernest Odom, his father William Bullock Odom, his father Archibald Odom, his father James Odom, and his father Archibald Odom. I feel that Helen Harrell who has done more research than anyone else on the Odoms feels pretty much the way I do.
      Helen and I have corresponded and gotten together at NOA. Her research book has been very useful in my research. She was astonished to find she's part of the "A01" group according to her nephew's DNA instead of one of the other groups that she thought was her line.
      I have been and still am a active retired Baptist minister, age 72 years. I picked up computer
      a few years ago and have had to learn computer the hard way and I am still learning. I have to depend upon my daughters and their spouses to help get me out of trouble with the computer. Most guys my age around here won't touch a computer.
      Come on. You're only ten years older than I am and I'm a computer whiz (or so I've been told). We even have my 89 year old mother-in-law doing email. If you haven't gotten some genealogy software, I can recommend Family Tree Maker and send you a copy of what I've compiled so far from our "A" group information.
      I have not made an attempt to publish my Odom history because there are so few of my Odom relatives that are interested. I couldn't sell a dozen copies to what kinfolks I have.
      That's a shame after all your work.
      I have provided them with a summary of their family in about fifteen pages and that satifies them. We have an annual Odom/Odum Reunion each year.
      Can I get a copy of that fifteen page summary?
      My cousin represents our family with the National Odom Assembly.
      Who is your cousin? Can I get a name and email address?
      I do plan to go to the assembly next year in South Carolina if the Lord wills my health will allow it.
      Wonderful, so am I. I'll look forward to meeting you.
      I am in the process of having my research in Robeson County history bound into volumes so I can put the originals in  the Heritage Room of the Robeson County Library in Lumberton where I live.  I am now a member of the Bladen County Historical Society, Robeson County Historical Society, and Richmond County Historical Society, the chairman of the Robeson County Museum, a member of the board of Historic Robeson, and I write historical articles for the Lumberton newspaper, The Robesonian. I will have about fifteen volumes bound of my research papers on Robeson County. I have had my research papers on Bladen County bound with a spiral binding and there are seven volumes for that county. I haven't published the histories of those counties and probably won't but my research will be and later given to the county libraries.
      Wonderful. Let me know when they get them so I can arrange a trip! Sounds like it'll have to be a long one!
      I'm sorry about the misfortune of your not getting the papers from New Orleans because of Katrina.
      Actually, the library I was referring to is/was? in Pascagoula, MS near where my g-g-grandfather married after the Wat Between the States; Katrina got more than New Orleans. I don't know that it isn't still there but so much of the Mississippi Gulf Coast was destroyed.
      That's why I am trying to get my research papers organized to go where they should go.
      I inherited my mother's papers and I'm trying to get them into electronic form so I can share them that way. I've already submitted some of them to the Claiborne Parish, LA rootsweb site and others. Since so much of them are related to Georgia history, I'm planning to organize those for the Odom Geneology Library in Moultrie, GA.
      Please let me hear exactly what you would like of my family papers. Most of them you wouldn't have need of having. Your new Odom friend, Nash Odom.
      I guess what I'm interested in for myself would be anything about Archibald Odom of Pulaski that I can't get from D.C. especially the letter in his own handwriting.
      For my compiled NOA Group "A" Family Tree Maker files, I'd like the fifteen page summary (or maybe just the pages referring to people and events prior to 1900) so I can enter them into my NOA "A" Group Family Tree Maker file.
      Nash, I have so enjoyed your emails. I hope we can get together in SC.
      Your new Odom cousin, Dot
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