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Group A--Bruce Odom's Benjamin

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  • Bruce
    Here is about all I know about my early family tree. Like Dot, it is cut off at five generations since the early years seem to be the most crucial for us. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2005
      Here is about all I know about my early family tree. Like Dot, it is
      cut off at five generations since the early years seem to be the most
      crucial for us. The DNA results have shown that Benjamin W. Odom and
      Jesse Odom (my ancestor)shown as sons of Michael W. Odom were not
      brothers. That information is not included in the information below
      because I can't bring myself to accept it.

      Bruce Odom

      Descendants of Benjamin Odom

      Generation No. 1

      1. "MAJOR" BENJAMIN1 ODOM was born 06 Dec 1758, and died 11 Dec 1822
      in Barnwell County, South Carolina. He married JULIA WALKER. She
      died 20 Aug 1820 in Barnwell County, South Carolina.

      Notes for "MAJOR" BENJAMIN ODOM:
      1/2/2003 This man is as far back as we can go in our family tree and
      be pretty certain that he is our ancestor. The evidence is found in
      the sale of his estate and in a court suit to dispose of his land.
      Here is a transcription of the estate sale document:

      [On the cover] An account of the [sale] of the Estate of the late
      Major Benjamin Odom deceased
      Recorded in Book C page 73

      Memorandum of the sale of the Estate of Benjamin O'Dom Senr decd,
      made by Benjn O'Dom Jr William Walker administrators the 24th day of
      March 1823

      Benjamin O'Dom 1 Bay Mare $80
      Julia O'Dom 1 Roan Horse 112
      John Mitchell 1 Bay Horse 60
      John H. Hare? 1 Cow & Yearling
      Owen O'Dom 1 Cow & yearling
      Levica O'Dom 1 Cow & Yearling 13.50
      Benjamin O'Dom 1 Cow & Yearling 15
      Mose Hatley 1 Cow & Calf 14
      " " 12.75
      " " 11.75
      Jonathan Jowery 1 Cow & Calf 12
      Darling Peeples 1 lot 4 Head ?? Cattle 18
      William Carroll 1 Cow & Yearling 12
      William Matheny 1 Three year Bulls 8
      Julia O'Dom 1 Negro Man (Jacob) 630
      Levica O'Dom 1 Yellow Boy (Jack) 512
      Sarah O'Dom 1 Small Blk Boy (Randy) 239
      " 1 Negro wench (Dorcy) 300
      Mr. D.? Peeples 1 Bed & Stead & Furniture 31.50
      " 2 Bed Gum 1 @ $1 1 @ 1.121/2
      William Blum 1 Bed Gum 1.25
      Mr. D. Peeples " 1.121/2
      M. W. O'Dom " 1.25
      " " 2.00
      Benjn O'Dom 1 Black Sheep 2.00
      M. W. O'Dom 1 lot plow Gear 1.75
      William Carrol 1 drawing knife & lathe .75
      William Matheny 1 lot plows 1.50
      Hugh Roney 1 axe & plow 1.121/2
      Isaac Watson 1 lot Hoes .931/4
      Benjn O'Dom 5 Cow Hides 5.00
      carried over 2126

      Amount Brot Forward
      William Walker 1 lot Blk Smith tools 18
      Ezekiel Perry 1 old Waggon 19.25
      Benjn O'Dom 1 loom $3.25 & 1 Table $2 5.25
      Levica O'Dom 2 Spinning Wheels 2.00
      Sarah O'Dom 1 Iron Pot
      Abraham O'Dom 10 Head Geese 6.25
      Julia O'Dom 1 lot Windsor chair 4.00
      M. W. O'Dom 1 " old chairs 1.50
      Sabert O'Dom 1 Table .561/4
      Mr. Israel Walker 1 trunk .683/4
      Sarah O'Dom 1 lot Hogs 11.00
      " 1 lot Bacon lb @ 63/4 ------
      M. W. O'Dom 1 old Gun
      Henry Peeples 54 2/3 Bushels Corn @ $1 54.00
      " 1000 lbs Fodder @ $1.01 10.00

      Signed Benjn ODom

      Wm Walker

      Benjamin O'Dom, [Jr.], Julia O'dom, Levica O'Dom, Sarah O'Dom, M. W.
      O'Dom, are known children of Benjamin O'dom, senr., deceased. His
      oldest daughter, Martha, was married to Mr. D. Peeples and another
      daughter Emelia was married to John Reed. Neither Emelia nor John
      Reed are listed in this document.

      Transcription of suit to partition property of Benjamin Odom made by
      James L. Holman in 1981:

      "South Carolina }
      Barnwell District } In Equity:

      "To the honorable the Judges of the Court of Equity of the said state
      Humbly complaining shew unto your Honor your Orator and Oratrixes,
      Benjamin Odom, Darling Peeples and Martha his wife, Sarah Odom, Muke
      A. Youn (g) and Ann his wife, Michael W. Odom, Levice Odom and Julia
      Odom of the District and State aforesaid that Benjamin Odom the elder
      the father of your Orators and Oratrixes late of the District and
      state aforesaid, that being seized in fee of and in all that
      plantation or tract of land containing about eight hundred and eight
      acres commonly called Kelley's Cowpens situate in the District
      aforesaid adjoining lands of Darling Peeples, Cornelius Tobin, and
      being so seized on or about the _____ day of _____ in the year of our
      Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty ____ departed this life
      intestate whereupon the same descend to and become distributable
      among your Orators and Oratrixes and Benjamin Reed the only child of
      Emelia Reed deceased a daughter of the said intestate in equal eight
      parts, that is to say to your Orators and Oratrixes, Benjamin Odom,
      Michael W. Odom, Sarah Odom, Levice Odom and Julia Odom one eighth
      part, and to Darling Peeples and Martha his wife in the right of the
      said Martha one eighth part, to Muke a. Youn(g) and Ann his wife in
      right of the said Ann one eighth part, and to the said Benjamin Reed
      one other eighth part in undivided shares as tenants in common and
      your Orators and Oratrixes further shew unto your Honor that they
      have hereunto enjoyed the said premises in common, but it being
      inconvenient and also contrary to their intent to continue so to do,
      your Orators and Oratrixes are desirous that partition of the said
      premises should be made between them. But now so it is may it please
      your Honor that the said Benjamin Reed is an infant, and incapable of
      assenting to a partition of the said premises. In tender
      consideration whereof and for as much as your Orators and Oratrixes
      cannot have adequate relief unto the premises except in this
      Honorable Court where matters of partition are properly cognizable,
      and where the rights of infants can be properly protected. To the end
      therefore that the said Benjamin Reed may true and perfect answer
      make to all and singular the premises; and that a writ of partition
      may issue out of this Honorable Court to be directed to proper
      commissioners for the purpose of making a just and equal partition
      between your Orators and Oratrixes and the said Benjamin Reed so that
      each respectively may have and enjoy his, her and their own part or
      share in severalty; and that your Orators and Oratrixes may have such
      further and other relief in the premises as the nature of their case
      may require. May it please your Honor to grant to your Orator and
      Oratrixes a writ of subpoena to be directed to the said Benjamin Reed
      commanding him on a certain day and under a certain plan therein to
      be limited personally to be and appear before your Honor in this
      Honorable Court, and then and there true and perfect answer make to
      all and singular the premises and facts to stand by and perform such
      order and decree that as to your Honor shall seem agreeable to equity
      and good conscience. And your Orators and Oratrixes will ever pray
      and so forth.

      "Angus Patterson

      Transcription of the purchase of Benjamin Odom's property at auction
      by John Reed, the widower of Emelia Odom and the father of Benjamin

      "The State of South Carolina Barnwell District
      In the Court of Equity

      "Whereas Benjamin Odom, Darling Peeples and Martha his wife, Sarah
      Odom, Muke A. Youn and Ann his wife, Michael W. Odom, Lovice Odom and
      Julia Odom filed their Bill of complaint in the honorable the Court
      of Equity for Barnwell District against Benjamin Reed on the twenty
      third day of March in the year of our Lord one-thousand eight-hundred
      and twenty four praying that a writ of partition might be issued to
      certain commissioners, to administer, lay off and divide a certain
      tract or parcel of land herein after mentioned and described
      belonging to the Estate of Benjamin Odom now deceased. And the cause
      being at issue before this Honorable Court came on to be heard at
      January Term when the said Court after full hearing thereof and
      mature deliberation in these premises did order, and adjudge and
      decree that the said tract or parcel of land containing eight hundred
      and eight acres should be sold by the commissioner of the said court
      at public auction on the terms and for the purposes mentioned in
      their Decretal order. In pursuance of the Decretal order of the
      Court, I Jennings O'Bannion Commissioner of the said Court, after
      legally advertising the same, did on the seventh day of March in the
      year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and twenty five issue to
      public sale the tract of land hereinafter intended more fully to be
      described; whereat John Reed became the purchaser of the said tract
      of land for the sum of two thousand and one dollars, having at that
      price the highest and last bid. . . ."

      4/11/2005 Benjamin may be the Benjamin who served in Col. William
      Harden's regiment which was a part of Gen. Francis Marion's brigade.
      No proof yet if he is that Benjamin who is listed as the commanding
      officer of a Tory detachment that lost sixteen men at the Battle of
      Windy Hill in Dec. 1781. Here is a blurb about Col. Harden:

      "Now city engineer of Dawson, Terrell county, Mr. Harden represents
      the Harden family in a younger generation and his forefathers were
      among the most prominent citizens of south Georgia from the time of
      the Revolution down. Thomas Hutson Harden was born in Terrell county,
      was a son of Daniel McWhir Harden, a native of Bryan county, and a
      grandson of Thomas Hutson Harden, and a great-grandson of William
      Harden, the founder of this branch of the family in Georgia.

      William Harden was born in South Carolina. He served as captain of
      the Beauford Artillery from 1743 to 1785. In March, 1786, he was
      commander at Port Lyttleton. He was promoted colonel of militia under
      Gen. Stephen Bull, and in 1779 attacked the British at Wiggins Hill.
      He served as colonel under Gen. Francis Marion during the campaign of
      1780 and 1781, and was in a number of skirmishes with the British and
      captured Fort Balfour with one hundred prisoners." (Source:
      http://www.rootsweb.com/~galiber3/harden1.html which lists its source
      as: A History of Savannah and South Georgia, Volume II Illustrated,
      William Harden; The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York,
      1913, pp. 988-990

      8/16/2005 Today I received copies of pages from the Bible of Benjamin
      Odom, Jr. Included are these entries: "Julia Odom died on Sunday
      night the 20th August 1820"
      "Benjamin Odom, Sr. Decd the 11th Decr 1822 [Thursday written in
      margin]. Aged 64 years and five days"
      This establishes his DOB as the one we have always used and must have
      been the source.

      More About "MAJOR" BENJAMIN ODOM:
      Burial: Barnwell, South Carolina

      Notes for JULIA WALKER:
      1/1/2003 Julia Odom renounced her dower rights in a sale of land
      by "Benjamin Odom to Thomas Holman of Orangeburg" on Dec. 24, 1813.
      Witnessed by Benjamin Odom, Junr. and Jesse Holman. Source: Helen
      Odum Harrell's book, p. 276.

      More About JULIA WALKER:
      Burial: Barnwell, South Carolina

      Children of BENJAMIN ODOM and JULIA WALKER are:
      2. i. "ELEMA" EMELIA2 ODOM, b. Barnwell County, South
      Carolina; d. 27 Aug 1822, Barnwell, SC.
      3. ii. MARTHA ANN ODOM, b. 01 Nov 1779, Barnwell County, SC;
      d. 10 Sep 1843, Barnwell District, SC.
      4. iii. BENJAMIN ODOM, JR., b. 06 Aug 1781, Barnwell County,
      SC; d. 14 Nov 1847, Cuthbert, Ga..
      iv. NANCY ANN ODOM, b. 1792, Barnwell County, SC; m. MUKE
      ALAN YOUN; b. 06 Apr 1794; d. Jan 1863.

      Notes for NANCY ANN ODOM:
      10/8/2001 Nancy is the wife of Muke A. Yawn according to a document
      dated Nov. 15, 1828, accompanying the lawsuit filed by Sarah Odom and
      her husband John Matheny against Benjamin Odom, Jr, and William
      Walker, the administrators of their father, Benjamin Odom's, estate.
      Muke and Nancy settled their claim on the estate for $150. There are
      several other documents that list Muke's wife as Ann Odom.

      10/20/2001 Muke Yon appears in the 1850 census of Orangeburg
      District, SC, on page 366b. His wife is listed as Nancy. He is 55 and
      she is 58 years old. There are several different spellings of the
      surname--Yawn, Yaun, Youn, Yon--seen in different records.

      Notes for MUKE ALAN YOUN:
      Listed as a private in JUHAN'S BATTALION, SOUTH CAROLINA MILITIA in
      the War of 1812 Muster Rolls.

      5/15/2002 Several interactions listed with Michael W. Odom in SC
      between 1838 and 1845. See notes for Michael W. Odom.

      6/7/2002 Listed in the Orangeburg County, SC, 1840 census, p. 291.

      3/31/04 1812 - Ages of Thomas Youn's Children the 30th June 1805
      Muke Alan Youn was born April 6th 1794
      Rachel Youn Daughter of Thomas and Susanna
      Youn was born 14 September 1796
      Anne Youn was born (2?)7th day of October
      Azilla Youn was born 16th day of August
      Alice Youn was born September 17th day
      1801 (1802?)
      Abigail Youn was born 7 August 1803 and

      she dyed September 2nd day 1803
      Susanna Youn was born 8th day September
      Thomas Youn son of Thomas and Susannah
      Youn was born September 27th 1807
      Elizabeth Youn was born December the 30th
      Salley Youn daughter of Thomas and Susanna
      Youn was born 13 Febury 1812
      [Reverse] Additional name "Benjmin Hotto" "Muker Allen Youn" "Muke
      Yawn Family Papers, 3 0f 10,

      5. v. MICHAEL WELLINGTON ODOM, b. 1794, Barnwell County,
      South Carolina; d. 1842, Madison County, Mississippi.
      6. vi. LEVICA ODOM, b. 1797, Barnwell County, SC.
      vii. SARAH ODOM, b. 1800, Barnwell County, SC; m. JOHN
      MATHENY, 1826; b. 1796, Barnwell, SC; d. 1861.

      Notes for SARAH ODOM:
      1/8/2002 John and Sarah Odom Matheny separated in 1838
      after "thirteen or fourteen" years of marriage. Sarah was "childless"
      and did not get along with John's two children by a previous
      marriage. Source: Barnwell chancery court papers.

      1/3/2003 This is Sarah Odom Matheny's petition against her husband,
      John Matheny:
      "To the Honorable the Chancellors of the said state Humble
      complaining shews unto you honors your Oratrix Sarah Matheny and her
      next friend John Read [her brother-in-law, married sister Emelia
      Odom] that your Oratrix is the wife of john Matheny of the state and
      district aforesaid, that the said John Matheny has at various times
      mistreated and abused your Oratrix with words and blows and has
      utterly failed to treat your Oratrix with the kindness and respect
      which was due to her as his wife as aforesaid. Your Oratrix further
      sheweth unto your Honors that the said John Matheny so she has heard
      and believes threatened and intends to carry a portion of his
      property and to remove himself beyond the limits of this state and
      the jurisdiction of the court thereby leaving your Oratrix in a
      destitute and helpless condition.

      "Wherefore your Oratrix prays this Honorable court that a Writ of
      Subpoena do issue from this court requiring the said John Matheny to
      be and appear before this Honorable court true full and perfect
      answer to make to all and singular the premises.
      That your Honors would issue a Writ in the nature of a Writ of -------
      -- forbidding the said John Matheny from departing beyond the
      jurisdiction of this Court and preventing him from removing his
      property beyond the limits of the said state. And your Oratrix
      further prays this Honorable court to make a decree in her favor of
      Alimony and separate maintenance against the said John Matheny and to
      grant such other and further relief as to your Honors shall seem meet
      and as may be agreeable to Equity and good conscience."

      Here is John Matheny's response:
      "To the Honorable the Chancellor of the said State.
      The answer of John Matheny defendant to this bill of complaint of
      Sarah Matheny by her next friend John Reed. This defendant reserving
      to himself all right of exception to the said bill of complaint, for
      answer thereto, or to so much as he is advised, is material to
      answer, answering ----, that he admits as alleged in said bill of
      complaint, that the said Sarah Matheny is the wife of this defendant,
      to whom he has been married about thirteen or fourteen years, and
      this defendant positively affirms that during all that time he has
      endeavored to treat his said wife Sarah with all Kindness and
      affection and provided her comfort and maintenance as well his
      limited means would allow. This defendant is free to acknowledge that
      difficulties of a painful kind have arisen between himself and his
      said wife Sarah on account of his two children by a former marriage
      but in all these difficulties he has nothing to reproach himself with
      as a husband, on the contrary with an earnest desire to preserve
      peace at his fire side, he has borne much which grieved him as a
      father so much was he disposed to purchase peace with his said wife
      Sarah, that he was ultimately under the said necessity of turning
      away from his own door and protection ---- of his said children. This
      defendant solemnly avers that this harsh and grievous step was taken
      by him to quiet the murmurs and evident ill humour of his said wife
      Sarah toward defendants said children and this defendant cannot
      account for her dislike to them upon any other reasonable grounds
      than that the said Sarah being childless was apprehensive that the
      small property which invested in this defendant by his intermarriage
      with her would be given by him to his said two children, she in fact
      expressed her desire that a portion of the said property should be
      secured to her own friends and relations.

      "This defendant further answering saith that he admits having on one
      instance only, in July last, after a serious of undeserved
      provocation and abuse and charges against his fidelity as a husband
      with the lowest caste of our species, in an unfortunate moment of
      excitement and irritation, inflicted blows upon his said wife Sarah,
      and although he cannot, nor will attempt to justify such an act, he
      can only plead in extenuation, that his reason and Judgement were,
      for the moment, controlled by passion. This defendant regrets and
      deplores, and must always, deplore this unfortunate act, not so much
      because it exposes him to the action of this honorable Court, but
      because it was upon his wife, and he has endeavored by all possible
      concession to atone for this fault, and his said wife Sarah, on two
      occasions since this unfortunate difficulty has expressed her
      forgiveness and in pursuance of such expressed forgiveness, returned
      to this defendants residence, to all appearances fully satisfied and
      reconciled, whereafter remaining for some considerable time on each
      of those occasions in harmony and apparent good will, but for the
      third time left his domicile and as this defendant avers, on the two
      last occasions without the slightest cause from him; he had hoped and
      believed her reconciliation was sincere and mutual, and was himself
      disposed in all good faith to maintain such relations towards her
      and this defendant does verily believe that the estrangement which
      took place between himself and wife Sarah would have been long ago
      healed and permanent peace and union established between them but for
      the unnatural and injurious influence of Charles Matheny and his wife
      Lavincy, the one the brother of this defendant and the other the
      sister of the said Sarah. This defendant further answering saith,
      that under the most humiliating feeling he has endeavored to repair
      the wrongs which he committed; he has from time to time expressed to
      his said wife Sarah, his -------- and sorrow and repentance and
      proposed to her under the most solemn sanction again to return to his
      affection and home and the said Sarah on one occasion sent for this
      defendant and was so fully satisfied upon the interview which
      occurred between them that she fully and freely acknowledged herself
      reconciled and accompanied this defendant home. This defendant
      further says that he proposed to the said Sarah if she was determined
      to reject all his efforts for reconciliation and union and to live
      separate and apart from him, he would settle upon her, in any way she
      might direct one third of his whole estate. In fact this defendant,
      has exhausted every effort to heal the breach made between himself
      and his said wife Sarah, which he hopes to establish by her own
      admission and other testimony.

      "This defendant does admit that smarting under the pain and grief of
      his recent unhappy difficulties with his said wife Sarah he did avow
      it as his intention to sell off his property and leave this State,
      that design is now abandoned–all which matters and things this
      defendant is ready and willing to aver, maintain and approve as the
      Honorable Court may direct, and humbly prays to be hence dismissed
      with his writs and charges in this behalf most wrongfully sustained."

      Notes for JOHN MATHENY:
      Info on John Matheny from familysearch.com. All dates speculative.

      1/1/2003 According to "Barnwell County Marriages 1775-1879 Implied in
      Barnwell County, S. C. Probate and Equity Records," by Barbara R. and
      Shirley P. Langdon, p. 111, John Matheny's first wife was apparently
      Rachel Guess.

      7. viii. JULIA ODOM, b. 1803, Barnwell County, SC.

      Generation No. 2

      2. "ELEMA" EMELIA2 ODOM (BENJAMIN1) was born in Barnwell County,
      South Carolina, and died 27 Aug 1822 in Barnwell, SC. She married
      JOHN REED. He was born 1795.

      Notes for "ELEMA" EMELIA ODOM:
      8/16/2005 Today I received copies of documents from the Benjamin
      Odom, Jr., line. It includes copies of pages from his Bible. One of
      the entries is: "Milley Reed died the 27th august 1822." I believe
      this must be Emelia. However, it could have been an infant daughter
      of hers. Somewhere I think there is speculation I have seen that
      Emelia died in childbirth so I am changing the DOB of Benjamin Reed
      to the date of Milley's death even though the Bible does not have his
      birth recorded.

      Notes for JOHN REED:
      John Reed's first wife was Emelia Odom, sister of Julia Odom.

      Child of EMELIA ODOM and JOHN REED is:
      i. BENJAMIN3 REED, b. 27 Aug 1822.

      3. MARTHA ANN2 ODOM (BENJAMIN1) was born 01 Nov 1779 in Barnwell
      County, SC, and died 10 Sep 1843 in Barnwell District, SC. She
      married REV. DARLING PEEPLES1 27 Mar 1796, son of HENRY PEEPLES and
      SARAH LEE. He was born 24 Nov 1774 in Henry Plantation, Barnwell
      Dist., SC, and died 03 Jan 1850 in Barnwell District, SC.

      More About MARTHA ANN ODOM:
      Burial: Old River Carroll Cemetery, Blackville, SC

      Notes for REV. DARLING PEEPLES:
      1/14/2002 I found this today in an article describing the excavation
      of an old landing on the Darling Peeples plantation. It was published
      in the Newsletter of The Council of South Carolina Professional

      "Land and census records indicate that Darling Peeples was born in
      Barnwell District on November 4, 1774. In 1800 Darling Peeples made
      his first recorded land purchase within the vicinity of Spur Branch
      and over the next 51 years he would continue to acquire additional
      property. In all, he acquired approximately 3,000 acres, which was
      bordered by Spur Branch to the east and South Fork Edisto River to
      the north. In addition, he would serve in the South Carolina House of
      Representatives, as well as the South Carolina Senate. In 1816 he was
      appointed as commissioner to build a courthouse in the town of
      Barnwell. Around 1810, he became a Baptist minister.

      "Along with his other personal and professional dealings, it was
      sometime prior to 1818 that Darling Peeples invested in a gristmill
      along Spur Branch. Although undetermined at this time, it is
      suspected that the landing on Spur Branch and the associated causeway
      north and south from Spur Branch were constructed early in the
      nineteenth century. It would have been especially important to Rev.
      Peeples to have a convenient location on his plantation for shipping
      essential supplies in, as well as finished goods out."

      Their birth date disagrees with his tombstone.

      "Darling Peeples was born on November 4, 1774, in Barnwell
      District, the son of Henry and Sarah Lee Peeples. Between 1796 and
      1815 he received grants of 252 acres of land on the South Edisto
      River and 607 acres on Turkey Creek and the Great Salkehatchie River.
      An inventory of his estate showed he also owned 300 acres in the town
      of Barnwell, two lots and a 'hotel block of buildings' in Blackville,
      ninety-five slaves, and 100 shares of railroad stock.
      "Peeples became a Baptist minister circa 1810, and served as
      pastor of Rosemary, Healing Springs, Springtown, Bethesda, Long
      Branch, and Blackville churches in Barnwell District. He also served
      as moderator of the Savannah River Baptist Association for a number
      of years.
      "He represented Winton (later Barnwell) in the South Carolina
      House (1802-04) and Senate (1808-09). While in the Senate, he served
      on the committees on privileges and elections and the judiciary. He
      was clerk of court for Barnwell (1800-1802), commissioner of free
      schools (1811), commissioner to build a courthouse in Barnwell
      (1816), and a trustee for Furman Theological Institution (1835).
      "Peeples was married to Martha Ann Odom on March 29, 1796, and
      they had ten children: Henry Madison, Mary Parmelia (married James
      Wyatt Tarrant), Darling Pinckney, Elizabeth Amelia, Benjamin
      Franklin, Martha Ann Caroline (married Joseph George Washington
      Duncan), Agnes, John James, Julia Frances (married William Sims
      Reynolds), and Ann Louise (married William H. Duncan). Peeples died
      on January 3, 1850, and was buried in the family cemetery near
      Daniel Marchant Culler, Orangeburgh District: 1768-1868, History and
      Records, The Reprint Company, Publishers, Spartanburg, SC, 1995, pp.

      The names of the children of Darling and Martha Ann Peeples that
      appear on the monument mentioned by Bettie Kroll Odom do not include
      Agnes or Martha Ann. However, I have printed the list of those buried
      in the Old River Carroll Cemetery located between Elko, SC and
      Blackville, SC. This is the family cemetery mentioned above. In it
      are listed:

      Rev. Darling Peeples 11-24-1774 1-3-1850 Son of Henry & Sarah Peeples
      Martha Peeples 11-1-1774 9-10-1843 wife of Rev. Darling Peeples
      Ann L. Duncan 11-12-1817 ...1836
      Eliza O. Peeples 12-21-1804 ...1812 [this is probably the Elizabeth
      Amelia mentioned above]
      John J. Peeples 1-10-1814 1-16-1814
      Mary Peeples died 1820
      Henry M. Peeples died 1824
      D. P. Peeples died 1829
      Joseph D. Duncan died 1832
      Martha A. C. Duncan consort of G. W. Duncan

      More About REV. DARLING PEEPLES:
      Burial: Old River Carroll Cemetery, Blackville, SC

      Children of MARTHA ODOM and DARLING PEEPLES are:
      8. i. HENRY M.3 PEEPLES, b. 03 Apr 1797; d. Jan 1824.
      9. ii. MARY PARMELIA PEEPLES, b. 22 Oct 1799; d. 27 May 1820.
      10. iii. DR. DARLING PINCKNEY PEEPLES, b. 27 Jan 1802; d. 13
      Apr 1829.
      iv. ELIZABETH AMELIA PEEPLES, b. 21 Dec 1804; d. 28 Jun

      Burial: Old River Carroll Cemetery, Blackville, SC

      v. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PEEPLES, b. Apr 1809; d. 14 Oct

      Burial: Old River Carroll Cemetery, Blackville, SC

      vi. JOHN J. PEEPLES, b. 10 Jan 1814; d. 16 Jan 1814.

      More About JOHN J. PEEPLES:
      Burial: Old River Carroll Cemetery, Blackville, SC

      vii. ANN L. PEEPLES, b. 12 Nov 1817; d. Oct 1836; m.

      More About ANN L. PEEPLES:
      Burial: Old River Carroll Cemetery, Blackville, SC

      4. BENJAMIN2 ODOM, JR. (BENJAMIN1) was born 06 Aug 1781 in Barnwell
      County, SC, and died 14 Nov 1847 in Cuthbert, Ga.. He married JANE
      MCCREARY 29 Jan 1809, daughter of ROBERT MCCREARY and MARY ?????.
      She was born 13 Oct 1783, and died 1871 in Macon, GA.

      Notes for JANE MCCREARY:
      8/16/2005 Today I received the document below. It was written by Jane
      Mcreary Odom about 1866.

      An Old Lady's History

      As it is the request of one of my friends that I should write a kind
      of history of myself and my people, I therefore at last have
      concluded to do so. In the first place I am now in the Eighty Third
      year of my age. I am all that remains on earth of my Father's family,
      whose name was Robert. I had six brothers and two sisters, we were
      born of European parents, who were both grown people before they left
      Ireland. My oldest brothers were public characters, both confessed
      religion to the Baptist order. My oldest Brother, John Mcreary, was
      for many years a member of the Legislator which sat in Columbia,
      South Carolina, he was a member from Chester District and sent as a
      member to Congress, when he died he left a small family, Two Sons and
      one Daughter. His sons were professional characters, one was a
      lawyer, the other a Physician, and after the death of their Father
      they located themselves in the State of Texas, and the last I heard
      of them each one was acting in his profession, dealing out law, and
      Medicine to the people of that country.

      As to my Brother Samuel Mcreary, he never married, therefore left no
      family, devoted his time to the one thing needful. He was ordained a
      preacher of the Gospel and much respected as such. He was for many
      years a Pastor of a Baptist church and much beloved by his
      congregation, and in that standing passed to his reward. I had four
      other Brothers, two of which were private members of the Baptist
      Church, the other two made no profession but were very moral men. My
      eldest sister was by profession a Methodist, and was thought by all
      her acquaintance to be a very pious, good woman. She never married,
      she lived to be about forty years of age, and so passed off, so I
      hope to a better world. My other sister was a Baptist.

      When I was about twenty years of age, I accepted the overtures of a
      respectful young man for Matrimony. He was universally spoken well of
      by all who know him. Indeed may I say that none named him only but to
      praise him. And what was remarkable about his character, that for
      many years he wasn't known to have tasted a drop of intoxicating
      liquor, and when in a day it was fashionable for all men to drink
      Spirits. he had very little property, but was in a way to make some.
      He would buy beef cattle and drive them to Charleston market, and by
      that means made money, enough to set up a small store of goods and
      groceries, which he continued to increase for many years, until he
      was ruined by standing security for a man by name of Miller for
      several Thousand Dollars. Now living for several years in that awful
      situation, I was separated from my husband by death, whose name was
      Benjamin Odom. He died in Randolph County on the fourteenth of
      november, 1847. We lived together thirty-eight years. I never had but
      Two children. They married young, and both have large Families. Now I
      have 13 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. I have passed
      through many troublesome oceans in my life, and now I realize that I
      am in the evening of my days. Now in conclusion let me mention though
      unworthy that I have been a member of the Baptist Church for nearly
      40 years. And I feel thankful to my blessed Savior for the hope that
      I enjoy that when I leave this Transitory World that I shall go to a
      mansion of Eternal rest where trouble never came.

      I was baptized by that gracious good man the Rev. Darling Peeples. He
      was also a Brother in law of mine, his wife was my Husbands Sister.

      Children of BENJAMIN ODOM and JANE MCCREARY are:
      11. i. MARTHA ANN3 ODOM, b. 07 Nov 1811, Barnwell County,
      SC; d. 17 Sep 1893, Randolph County, GA.
      12. ii. JAMES SAMUEL ODOM, b. 04 Feb 1814, Randolph County,
      GA; d. 26 Oct 1878, Americus, GA.

      5. MICHAEL WELLINGTON2 ODOM (BENJAMIN1) was born 1794 in Barnwell
      County, South Carolina, and died 1842 in Madison County,
      Mississippi. He married DORCUS WALKER. She was born 1795 in
      Barnwell County, South Carolina, and died 1840 in Madison County,

      Below are musings of mine along with some evidence I have turned up
      if efforts to pin down who Michael W. Odom was, where he lived, and
      where he died. The dates indicate when I found the evidence
      presented. As will be seen, the evidence disproves my belief that he
      did not go to Madison County, MS.

      10/21/2001 Michael Wellington Odom is supposed to be the ancestor of
      those of us descended from the four Odom brothers who settled in
      Union Parish, LA, in the 1840s. Sometimes I have doubts. I am
      particularly skeptical that he died in Madison County, MS, in 1842.
      He appears to be living with his sister, Levica Odom Matheny, in the
      1860 Barnwell, SC, census. He is 60 years old and his occupation is

      1/18/2002 There is a Michael Odom in the 1850 Barnwell census. He is
      52 years old and his occupation is mechanic. He is living with a 32
      year old man named Nulin? Roney who is a fisherman. These occupations
      of Michael's support the story of his work on a railroad and tend to
      cast doubts on the Mississippi sojourn.

      5/15/02 More doubts. There are several entries for Michael W. Odom
      found on the Yawn-L Archives page posted by Gene Jeffries. Here they

      27 Jan 1836 - Rec'd payment by note from Michael Odom for razor
      strap, buttons, gingham, calico, etc. $8.00. (Reverse) By January
      next promise to pay Bryant for value rec'd June 17, 1836. Youn Family
      Papers 4 of 10, http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/read/YAWN/1998-

      23 Apr 1841 - Summons from Magistrate J. H. Axson to Constable
      Elemuel Gibson to have Odom and Yon to appear at the Magistrate's
      home on Beaver Creek on the 2nd Saturday in May. Gedeon Hutto
      complained that Michael W. Odom with Muke Yon were indebted to him
      for $7.75. The joint note was dated October 18, 1838. /s/ John H.
      Axson. (Reverse) G. Hutto vs M. W. Odom & Muke Yon. [Muke Yon was
      Michael W. Odom's brother-in-law. He married Michael's sister Nancy
      Ann.] Youn Family Papers 4 of 10,

      22 May 1841 - Muke Yon paid for pocket knife, coffee, sugar,
      etc. Bought from Odom & Matheney for W. J. Lasstrur on March 12,
      1840. [Reverse] Muke Yon $5.88. [24 Sep 1841 note same page] Youn
      Family Papers 4 of 10, http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/read/YAWN/1998-

      12 Apr 1843 - Muke A. Yon, Admr. paid $20.00 from the estate of
      Wm. Yon to Odom & Stephens for Eilliland Lou and Howell. /s/ Wm. H.
      Thomson, Pluff Atty. (Same page as 5 May 1843 note)
      [This may mean he didn't died in Madison County, MS, in 1842.] Youn
      Family Papers 5 of 10, http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/read/YAWN/1998-

      1845 - Paid $7.06 to M. W. Odom by Mr. M. A. Yon for six
      ploughs, etc. (Same page as 10 Nov 1845 note)
      [This clearly means he didn't die in Madison County, MS, in 1842.]
      Youn Family Papers 5 of 10,

      6/7/2002 M. W. Odom is among several people who lost an appeal to
      road commissioners of Orangeburg County, SC, on April 6. 1840.
      Results of decision not stated but apparently they had to supply
      labor. Some of those named with M. W. Odom are found in the 1840
      census of Orangeburg County as is Muke A. Yon. M. W. Odom is not in
      that census. Source: Daniel Marchant Culler, Orangeburgh District:
      1768-1868, History and Records, The Reprint Company, Publisher,
      Spartanburg, SC, 1995, p. 460.

      7/29/2002 My brother Bob and I were in the Madison County, MS,
      courthouse today. Here are the findings that made us so excited and
      which severely challenged my skepticism that Michael Odom went to
      Mississippi. It is practically impossible to deny that he went
      although his death there is still much in doubt, in my mind, and will
      be impossible to prove by any official records. Such records were not
      kept in MS until 1912.

      We found land transactions: John Odom bought 120 acres from Joseph B.
      and Frances Trotter on July 2, 1838. On Dec. 4, 1839, John Odom and
      wife Elizabeth sold this same land to Ludwell W. Smith. We didn't
      know that John Odom was ever in Madison County. Apparently he sold
      out and went to Union Parish where he and his family are listed in
      the 1840 census.

      Emanuel Odom bought 150 acres from Thomas and Mary Grafton on May 8,
      1840 for $1500. Emanuel and Sarah Grafton sold this same land and two
      elderly slaves to James M. Grafton on Feb. 25, 1843 for about half
      what he paid for the land. Although Emanuel is almost certainly not a
      brother, but that can't be entirely ruled out since dates on
      tombstones can be wrong, this is interesting.

      Luke W. Smith gave 280 acres to his mother, Ann Smith, for love and
      affection, on Jan. 25, 1885. Ann Smith, ne Odom, married Ludwell
      Smith. Our information that she died in 1870 is wrong. Luke also gave
      and/or sold land to his daughter Fannie P. Smith.

      William E. Council and Mrs. Annie Smith borrowed money on her
      property in 1877 to make a crop. If this is Ann Odom Smith she is
      supposed to be the sister of Serena Odom who married William E.

      So, we have all these people who we have suspected of being brothers
      and sisters actually in Madison County interacting with each other.
      There was also a William Odom and wife Jane who I need to research a
      little to determine if he is a possible son of Michael's.

      Speaking of Michael Odom, here is the blockbuster news from the trip!
      We went to the state archives in Jackson because I wanted to see what
      could be gleaned about the Michael Odom of Madison county that
      ancestry.com says was listed in the 1841 Mississippi state census.
      Here is what that census has:

      Michael Odom 4 males 3 females 1 voter
      Pinckney Odom 1 male 1 voter
      Ludwell Smith 2 males 1 female 1 voter

      They are listed on consecutive lines indicating they lived next to
      each other. We didn't know Pinckney was in Madison County, either.
      This is the first census I have found him listed in. I think it is
      reasonably safe to say that Bettie Kroll Odom's suspicions are born
      out--that this is the Michael Odom of Barnwell county who had about
      12 kids. We still don't know all their names but it looks like the
      whole clan went to Madison County, MS

      1/1/2003 According to Kathy Eubank, a resident of MS and descendant
      of Michael's daughter Mary Albany Odom (married Herman Cain Black in
      Madison County, MS) Mary's father was named Mike. She also knows of a
      brother of Mary's named Chesley Duncan Odom who lived in Simpson
      County, MS. He married Irene Beasley Lane Walker. According to the
      1870 Simpson County census he was a 47 year old farmer.

      3/18/2003 I made it to back to Canton, MS today. I found the court
      document concluding a sheriff's sale of some of Michael Odom's
      property that occurred in 1840. The sale was the result of a suit
      that he lost. The record of that suit, the people in the clerk's
      office said, was either lost, destroyed, or in a warehouse somewhere
      so I don't know what the original dispute was about. The strange
      thing about it is that there is no record that Michael Odom ever
      bought any property in Madison County. I have checked here in Texas
      about these things and there is a possibility that he had a mechanics
      lien on the property of someone he did work for then got sued and the
      property was sold to recover the judgement against him. The judgement
      against him was for more than $1300. There is no reference to
      anything like that in the document I found so it is just speculation.
      It could be really complicated and doesn't make sense to me.

      I wanted to check the tax rolls but there was a large blank space in
      their volumes from 1825-1848. However, I stopped by the state
      archives in Jackson and hit some pretty interesting pay dirt. Since I
      doubt that Michael died in 1842 in Madison County, what I found in
      Jackson strengthens my doubts immensely. Michael was in the 1840
      Federal census and the 1841 state census. He was also in the 1845
      state census with two females in his household! Not only that but: he
      was on the 1840, 1841, 1843, 1844, 1845, 1848, and 1849 Madison
      County tax rolls! The years missing may be because I ran the
      microfilm too fast, I was there late in the day and they started
      blinking the lights for quitting time. In addition his sons Jesse and
      Pinkney were on the 1842 tax rolls and Jesse was on the 1845 state
      census. Emanuel (a possible son) was the first on the tax roll in
      1839 and also 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, and 1844. On the 1841 roll
      Michael had 200 acres worth $600. That is the same amount of land
      that was sold to satisfy the judgement against him. That means he
      either had 400 acres or the 1841list was for property owned in 1840.
      In most of the other years I only found him on the personal property
      rolls with one clock worth $15. However in 1848 he had two slaves,
      the clock and no free whites 21-50 years old. In 1849 all the boxes
      for him were blank.

      Another son, John, was in Madison County but never made it on the tax
      rolls. However, he bought land in Madison County in 1838 and sold it
      to Ludwell Smith in 1839. He appears on the 1840 Union Parish, LA
      census, as does a 16? year old Mikel Odom. The other two sons
      recorded in Madison County, Jesse and Pinckney, also went to Union
      Parish as did a fourth son, Benjamin W. Odom. B. W. was probably
      included in Michael's household in the 1840 census but was probably
      in LA by the 1845 state census. I speculate that Mary Albany and
      Serena were the two females living with Michael in the 1845 census.

      I also doubt that Michael was a farmer. The 200 acres might
      contradict that but he could have had it through a lien or something.
      Michael Odom in the 1850 Barnwell, SC census is listed as a mechanic
      and Michael W. Odom in the 1860 Barnwell census is listed as a
      millwright. I guess he could have had a couple of slaves to help him.
      It would be interesting to find out about his acquisition of the

      I also copied marriage licenses for Ludwell Smith and Ann Odom,
      William E. Council and Serena Odom, Emanuel Odom and Sarah Grafton. I
      did not find a license for Herman Black and Mary Albany Odom.

      I'm not sure what this information about Michael Odom proves. There
      is a possibility Michael W. had a son named Michael (who could be the
      one in Union Parish in 1840) and he is the one in the records after
      1842. However, the fact that Michael W. Odom appears in the 1860
      Barnwell census in the household of his sister Levica Odom Matheny
      makes me think that what I found Tuesday is our Michael W. Odom.

      Children of MICHAEL ODOM and DORCUS WALKER are:
      13. i. JAMISON3 ODOM, b. 1809; d. 30 Jul 1843, Union
      Parish, LA.
      14. ii. ANN ODOM, b. 1810, Barnwell County, South Carolina.
      15. iii. JOHN ODOM, b. 09 Aug 1811, Barnwell, South Carolina;
      d. 09 Jun 1889, Nocona, Montague County, TX.
      16. iv. JESSE B. ODOM, SR., b. 04 Apr 1818, , South Carolina;
      d. 18 Aug 1891, Union Parish, Louisiana.
      17. v. PINCKNEY ODOM, b. 07 Apr 1820, Barnwell, South
      Carolina; d. 04 Dec 1894, Union Parish, Louisiana.
      vi. MICHAEL ODOM, b. 1821.

      Notes for MICHAEL ODOM:
      I have given Michael the 1821 birth date. He is listed in the 1840
      Union Parish Census as a Head of Household 15 and under 19 years of
      age. He is the only member of the household.

      1/2/2003 Other evidence of Michael Odom in Union Parish is found in
      the Police Jury (county government) records.

      July Term 1841
      "Be it ordained by the Police Jury that Lewis Lanier be and is hereby
      appointed oversee Arkansaw road from from Underwood old road crosses
      to hand Creek Briege and he have the following hands to wit. Benj. E.
      Davis, hands, Lewis Lanier's hands John Odom, Michael Odom, Michael,
      Dayly, David Briggs, James Briggs, V Rippo Larance Lewis Rippo son
      Jas M Turner Clk J Mixon President"

      18. vii. CHESLEY DUNCAN ODOM, b. 1824, SC; d. 1905, MS.
      viii. ELIAS ODOM, b. 1824, South Carolina; m. MARTHA
      E. ?????.

      Notes for ELIAS ODOM:
      1/2/2003 There is no evidence of this person in this family. In the
      1850 Simpson County, MS, census there is a 25 year old Colin Odom
      working for Willis and Irene Walker. Irene later married Chesley
      Duncan Odom. Could he be the brother instead of Elias? His age fits

      19. ix. BENJAMIN WELLINGTON ODOM, b. 14 Mar 1828, Barnwell,
      South Carolina; d. 30 Jul 1863, Union Parish, Louisiana.
      20. x. MARY ALBANY ODOM, b. 29 Dec 1832, Barnwell County,
      South Carolina; d. 20 Nov 1859, Madison County, Mississippi.
      xi. GEMIMA ODOM, b. 1833, , South Carolina.

      Notes for GEMIMA ODOM:
      1/1/2003 No proof yet that she is one of Michael's children.

      7/20/2005 There is ample evidence that if there was a Gemima Odom she
      did not marry Shepard Welsh as has been believed. Betty Kroll Odom
      said she mentioned that such a marriage was a possibility and it got
      accepted as a fact. The fact is that Shepard Welsh married Gemima

      This is from a 1998 item in the genforum Welsh Forum: Shepard Welsh,
      b. 17 Jul 1831, in Lancaster Co., So. Carolina, m. Gemina Waters, b.
      1833, S.C. 8 children, some born in S,C,, some in Ala., some in La.
      He was a prisoner of war at Vicksburg, Ms when the war ended. Died 21
      Jul 1901 Walker Co., Tx.

      I am leaving Gemima on the list of Michael's children just in case he
      really did have her. I seriously doubt it, though.

      21. xii. SERENA ODOM, b. 1835, Madison County, MS.

      6. LEVICA2 ODOM (BENJAMIN1) was born 1797 in Barnwell County, SC.
      She married CHARLES MATHENY 1832. He was born 1801, and died 1855.

      Notes for LEVICA ODOM:
      10/20/2001 I have satisfied myself that this is correct information
      about Levica's husband and family. She is listed in the 1850 Barnwell
      census as Charles' wife on page 352b (he is the last person on page
      352). She is listed in the 1860 census (Charles has died and she is
      63 years old) along with grown children Benjamin and Sarah. Also
      listed with her is Michael W. Odom, a 60 year old millwright. They
      are listed as being in the vicinity of the Williston post office.
      Could he be the Michael W. who is our ancestor? I tend to think he
      is. The information about the children of Levica and Charles comes
      from a downloaded family tree from Family Tree Maker (vol. 45 #976).

      1/10/2001 In the divorce suit, filed March 8, 1838 by Sarah, between
      Sarah Odom Matheny and John Matheny he claims that the "unnatural and
      injurious influence of Charles Matheny and his wife Lavincy, the one
      the brother of this defendant and the other the sister of the said
      Sarah" is part of the reason for their marital difficulties. This is
      documentary proof that Levica Odom married Charles Matheny. It also
      proves that Charles and John Matheny were brothers. There was also a
      John W. Matheny who married Sarah R. Odom, the daughter of George
      Odom. George Odom is possibly a son of the "other" Benjamin Odom
      whose wife was Thamer.

      Children of LEVICA ODOM and CHARLES MATHENY are:
      i. JULIA3 MATHENY, b. 1833.
      22. ii. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN MATHENY, b. Jul 1835; d. 09 Apr
      1906, Augusta, Richmond Co., GA.
      iii. SARAH ROSANNA MATHENY, b. 1836.

      7. JULIA2 ODOM (BENJAMIN1) was born 1803 in Barnwell County, SC.
      She married JOHN REED 1825. He was born 1795.

      Notes for JULIA ODOM:
      10/21/2001 This information about Julia and John Reed comes from the
      1850 Barnwell census, p. 379b. This is the same man who first married
      Julia's sister, Emelia Odom, who died soon after the birth of their
      son, Benjamin Reed.

      Notes for JOHN REED:
      John Reed's first wife was Emelia Odom, sister of Julia Odom.

      Children of JULIA ODOM and JOHN REED are:
      i. JAMES HENRY3 REED, b. 17 Feb 1826.
      ii. WILEY REED, b. 1828.
      iii. JULIA REED, b. 1830.
      iv. WADE REED, b. 1834.
      v. ELLEN REED, b. 1836.
      vi. CORNELIA REED, b. 1840.
      vii. SARAH REED, b. 1842.
      viii. MARTHA REED, b. 1844.

      Generation No. 3

      8. HENRY M.3 PEEPLES (MARTHA ANN2 ODOM, BENJAMIN1) was born 03 Apr
      1797, and died Jan 1824. He married SARAH ROBISON ODOM 1820,
      daughter of GEORGE ODOM and ANN ROBISON. She was born 1800 in
      Barnwell, and died in Barnwell.

      More About HENRY M. PEEPLES:
      Burial: Old River Carroll Cemetery, Blackville, SC

      Notes for SARAH ROBISON ODOM:
      1/9/2001 Children's names from equity court document filed by Sarah
      in 1828 requesting someone be appointed to represent the interests of
      her children by Henry M. Peeples in their father's estate after her
      marriage to John W. Matheny. That someone apparently was their
      grandfather, Darling Peeples, who signed as their next friend when
      the estate was finally settled in 1845, apparently when the children
      became 21 years old.

      Sarah Robinson Odom and her sister Lucy D. Odom, married sons of
      Darling and Martha Ann Odom Peeples (our Benjamin's daughter). Sarah
      married Henry M. Peeples and Lucy married Darling Pinckney Peeples,
      Jr. Both of these men died still young and their widows remarried.
      Sarah married John W. Matheny. (He is not to be confused with the
      John Matheny who married Sarah Odom, daughter of our Benjamin Odom
      and sister of Michael W. Odom.) Lucy remarried to William M. Jones.

      Children of HENRY PEEPLES and SARAH ODOM are:
      1818; d. 15 Oct 1858, Blackville, SC.

      Oct 1799, and died 27 May 1820. She married JAMES W. TARRANT.

      Burial: Old River Carroll Cemetery, Blackville, SC

      Child of MARY PEEPLES and JAMES TARRANT is:
      i. MARTHA A.4 TARRANT, b. 20 Feb 1820; d. 23 Mar 1857;

      Notes for MARTHA A. TARRANT:
      Death of Mrs. Martha A. Patterson, who died 23 March 1857Â… born 20
      Feb 1820, daughter of Dr. Tarrant a physician...her mother dying
      while she was yet an infant, she was taken by her grandparents, Rev.
      Darling Peeples and wife...in 1839 married Hon. James Patterson...
      (Marraige and Death Notices from Baptist Newpaper of South Carolina
      1835-1865, Southern Baptist, issue of April 28, 1857, found on
      Ancestry.com CD South Carolina: Records and Reference)

      born 27 Jan 1802, and died 13 Apr 1829. He married LUCY DUNBAR ODOM
      1822, daughter of GEORGE ODOM and ANN ROBISON.

      Burial: Old River Carroll Cemetery, Blackville, SC

      Children of DARLING PEEPLES and LUCY ODOM are:

      11. MARTHA ANN3 ODOM (BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 07 Nov 1811 in
      Barnwell County, SC, and died 17 Sep 1893 in Randolph County, GA.
      She married DAVID DANSLER HOLMAN 01 Mar 1827, son of JOHN HOLMAN and
      MAGDALENA KENNERLY. He was born 11 Sep 1807 in Barnwell County, SC,
      and died 08 May 1887 in Randolph County, GA.

      Information provided by George Clark Stuckey, Jr.

      Holman Genealogy
      Sat, 22 Sep 2001 17:48:58 -0700
      "George Stuckey" <GStuckey@...>

      I ran across your genealogy info on David Holman and Martha Odom.
      They are my Great, Great Grand parents. Below is some info I
      received from my Grand Mother Lonyse Holman Taylor.

      George Stuckey

      Children of MARTHA ODOM and DAVID HOLMAN are:
      i. JANE ELIZABETH4 HOLMAN, b. 10 Jul 1828; d. 25 Feb
      1910; m. RICHARD SPENCE.
      ii. CHRISTOPHER BENJAMIN HOLMAN, b. 12 Aug 1830; d. 15
      iii. MARTHA ANN HOLMAN, b. 06 Jan 1833; d. 08 Sep 1904; m.
      iv. SUSANNAH HOLMAN, b. 06 Oct 1834; d. 27 Jan 1907.
      v. MARY SOPHRONIA HOLMAN, b. 01 Jul 1838; d. 22 Jan
      1919; m. HENRY HARDIN.
      vi. JAMES WYATT HOLMAN, b. 04 Oct 1844; d. 12 Mar 1864.
      vii. DAVID DANSLER HOLMAN, JR., b. 21 Oct 1849; d. 22 Apr
      1927; m. ALETHIA VICTORIA HILLMAN; b. 27 Sep 1855; d. 06 May 1942.
      viii. JOHN ODOM HOLMAN, b. 04 Sep 1851, Randolph County,
      GA; d. 22 Aug 1917, Quincy, FL; m. ADA KENNON, 30 Sep 1878,
      Bruceville, AL.

      12. JAMES SAMUEL3 ODOM (BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 04 Feb 1814
      in Randolph County, GA, and died 26 Oct 1878 in Americus, GA. He
      married LYDIA WALTERS 14 Dec 1836, daughter of JESSE WALTERS and
      SARAH WATERS. She died 1876 in Americus, GA.

      Notes for JAMES SAMUEL ODOM:
      8/16/2005 Children listed in the 1850 Dooly County, GA, censu

      More About JAMES SAMUEL ODOM:
      Military service: Colonel in the Civil War.

      Children of JAMES ODOM and LYDIA WALTERS are:
      i. GEORGE WILLIAM4 ODOM, b. 03 Aug 1840, Macon, GA; d.
      17 Dec 1929, Colfax, TX; m. DOROTHY MINTER COX, 14 Dec 1859, Sumter
      County, GA; b. 1842; d. 03 May 1868, Albany, GA.
      iii. BENJAMIN B. ODOM, b. 27 Sep 1843, Spalding, GA.
      iv. BARON DECALB ODOM, b. 1846.
      v. JANE P. ODOM, b. 1848; m. ALONZO RUSHIN; b. 1835.
      vi. MARY ANN INDIANNA ODOM, b. 1850; d. 1876; m. WILLIAM
      ALBERT RUSHIN; b. 1847; d. 1876.

      8/16/2005 This lady's name is taken from a document I received today
      that was written be a relative. I also found this couple in the 1870
      Macon County, GA, census from which I also got the name of the
      youngest daughter.

      Burial: Spalding, GA

      and died 30 Jul 1843 in Union Parish, LA. He married LEVINIA A.
      NORMAN 12 Apr 1842 in Union Parish, LA, daughter of ARMSTEAD NORMAN
      and RUTH CURRY. She was born 24 Jan 1822 in Perry County, AL.

      Notes for JAMISON ODOM:
      12/20/2001 Jamison and Levinia sold land to Abner W. Long Mar 14,
      1843--81 acres for $300. Levinia was granted custody of Permelia Ann
      and Jamison's estate ($250) on Aug. 9, 1843. Succession Book A, pp
      296-300, Union Parish courthouse.

      1/18/2002 I am speculating on his year of birth. Michael Odom had one
      son up to ten years of age in the 1810 census. He had one daughter up
      to ten years of age in the 1820 census and four sons under ten years.
      The daughter had to be Ann based on the 1850 Madison County, MS,
      census and assuming it is our people who were there (which I doubt).
      Jamison was in Union Parish, LA, in 1841. John and "Mikel" were there
      in the 1840 Union Parish census. It makes sense that they were
      brothers but there is no proof.

      7/24/2002 In looking at the 1930 census for Union Parish it occurred
      to me that Jesse Odom named one of his sons John Jamerson and he
      named a son R. Jemison. Maybe this can be considered evidence that
      Jamison Odom was one of the brothers.

      9/29/02 Maybe even stronger speculative evidence that Jamison was one
      of the Odom brothers is that John and Jamison Odom each bought 80
      acres of land 3/4 of a mile from each other in 1841. It was in the
      Linville, Unon Parish, vicinity.

      1/1/2003 Evidence of the presence of Jamison Odom in Union Parish is
      found in records of the Police Jury (county government).

      July Term 1841
      "Be it ordained by the Police Jury That Samuel Farrar be and is here
      by appointed oveerseer of the Arkansas road from the south side of
      hand Creek bridge the place known as Green place or opposite and he
      has the following hands to wit. Charles Absence & hands John Moreau,
      John Truitt, C Truitt, Joseph Truitt, John c. Kelley, samuel Farrar,
      James Morgan, John Kelley John Hills hands, Joseph Terry, W.
      Underwoods hands Joel Underwood Jemison Odom, james m Powell, Lewis
      M Powell Richard Bass, George W. White, Wm Whites-
      Jas. M. Turner Clk - J. Mixon President"

      June Term 1842
      "No. 26 Be it ordained by the Police Jury of the Parish of Union La.
      that T. Reece Williams be and is hereby appointed oversee of the
      Arkansas Road from Hance Creek to I. Greens and have the following
      hands, W. Underwood & hands, T. Reed Williams & hands Thomas Marcum &
      hands James Marcum & hands Saml. Farrar John E. Kelly Joel Underwood
      hands Mrs White George White T. Traylor & hands Richard Bass & hands
      Jimeson Odom
      Adopted June 7th 1842 W. Underwood P. P. J."

      Notes for LEVINIA A. NORMAN:
      August 9, 2001
      "Succession of Armstead Norman, January 1846, died 6 Apr 1841.
      Mentions daughter, Lavina Norman, sons, Calvin Norman and Courtney
      [this may be Coatney in other places] Norman. The court ruled that
      the following slaves be sold at auction to satisfy debts: Filler and
      son, no ages shown, purchased by Sylvester Norman. Abner, Easter and
      Delila, no ages shown, purchased by Sarah Norman. Jake, no age shown,
      purchased by Frances Norman." Source: Dill, Harry F., and Simpson,
      William. Some Slaveholders and Their Slaves, Union Parish Louisiana
      1839-1865, Bowie, MD, Heritage Books, Inc., 1997.

      (8/11/2001) In the 1850 Union Parish census can be found recorded
      in "Dwelling houses numbered in order of visitation" these
      235 Mrs. L. Mills 28 AL [We think she married a
      Mills after Jamison died.]
      Charles 6 LA
      John 1 LA
      [Daughter Pamela Ann Odom, by Jamison Odom, is not listed. J. C.
      Mills, age 11 is in the Household of C. L. Norman in the 1860 Union
      Parish census. I wonder if this is the same boy?]

      236 C. L. Norman 32 AL
      C. Y. Norman 27 AL
      Annistead Norman 22 AL
      Charles Norman 19 AL

      Frances Norman is listed in the household of John and Sarah Edwards
      in the 1850 Union Parish census. She is 18 years old and was born in
      AL. "Jno" Edwards signed as a witness to the marriage of Levena and
      Jamison Odom,

      These must all be the children of Armstead Norman and Lavina's
      brothers and a sister. She apparently lives next door/in the next
      house to her brothers.

      I don't know where I got her birth date and place. Her father is
      recorded by the General Land Office as the purchaser of 80 acres in
      Perry County, AL, in 1831.

      August 13, 2001
      Today I looked in the marriage records of Union Parish in the Tyler
      library and there is no entry for any Mills and Levinia.
      I found this entry on the Union Parish website listing of probate
      Odom Pomelia Ann Tutorship A 286,300

      Marriage Notes for JAMISON ODOM and LEVINIA NORMAN:
      1/22/2003 Marriage date recorded on the Union Parish genweb archives
      site--transcription of Union Parish Marriages 1839-1844.

      Child of JAMISON ODOM and LEVINIA NORMAN is:
      i. PAMELA ANN4 ODOM, b. Dec 1842.

      14. ANN3 ODOM (MICHAEL WELLINGTON2, BENJAMIN1) was born 1810 in
      Barnwell County, South Carolina. She married LUDWELL SMITH 14 Oct
      1839 in Madison County, Mississippi. He was born 10 Dec 1798 in
      Virginia, and died 13 Sep 1856 in Madison County, Mississippi.

      Notes for ANN ODOM:
      12/20/2001 Birth in 1810 based on 1850 (p. 139) Mississippi census
      which says she was 40 years old.

      7/13/2002 Ann Smith is in the 1870 Madison County census, p. 36b, in
      the household of her son, Dr. Luke W. Smith. Her age is given as 55
      and SC as place of birth. This age would put her year of birth in
      1815. Also in the household is a woman named Martha Mosby who is
      probably the mother of Dr. Smith's wife, Sarah.

      1/1/2003 Ludwell W. Smith and Ann Odom took out a marriage license in
      Hinds County, MS, on Oct 14, 1839. The bondsman was Ramsey M. Cox.
      This is from a typewritten document my brother Bob found in Hinds

      12/21/2003 Ann Smith is in the 1860 Madison County (page number 33
      handwritten at top left) census listed as a planter. Children in her
      household are Charles 10, John 17, Luke 11, Catherine 8, William 6.
      Her age is 39. Her overseer is E. H. Lane 21. If this age is correct
      that would meand she was born in 1821. They sure had a lot of trouble
      figuring out how old she was!

      Notes for LUDWELL SMITH:
      7/10/2002 Date of death from newspaper notice. Source: Commonwealth,
      Sept. 27, 1856, p. 3 and American Citizen, Oct. 2, 1856. These were
      apparently published in Madison County, MS. Photocopies provided by
      Madison County Library.

      More About LUDWELL SMITH:
      Burial: Granbury Cem

      Children of ANN ODOM and LUDWELL SMITH are:
      i. LUKE W.4 SMITH, b. 1840, Madison County, Mississippi.
      ii. JOHN SMITH, b. 1843, Madison County, Mississippi.
      iii. LUDWELL SMITH, b. 1849, Madison County, Mississippi;
      d. 01 Apr 1873.

      Notes for LUDWELL SMITH:
      7/10/2002 Date of death from newspaper notice, date of birth
      calculated from that. "On Saturday, April 1, at the residence of his
      brother, Dr. L. W. Smith, in Madison County, Lud Smith, aged 27
      years. Deceased was attacked with congestion of the lungs, and
      lingered butbut 36 hours." Source: American Citizen, April 8, 1876.

      iv. CHARLES SMITH, b. 1850, Madison County, Mississippi.
      v. CATHERINE SMITH, b. 1852, Madison County,
      Mississippi; m. ELBERT LANE.
      vi. WILLIAM SMITH, b. 1854, Madison County, Mississippi.

      15. JOHN3 ODOM (MICHAEL WELLINGTON2, BENJAMIN1) was born 09 Aug 1811
      in Barnwell, South Carolina, and died 09 Jun 1889 in Nocona, Montague
      County, TX. He married (1) ELIZABETH HENDRICK 07 Sep 1837, daughter
      of DAVID HENDRICK and PHOEBE MARTIN. She was born 13 Jan 1809, and
      died 01 Oct 1880 in Fannin County, TX. He married (2) SARAH L. HEATH
      31 Jul 1881 in Union Parish, LA. She was born 1833.

      Notes for JOHN ODOM:
      First of the four Odom brothers who came to Louisiana.
      John Odom's second wife was Sarah L. Diffey, nee Heath.
      Original data on JOHN ODOM line received from Peggy Slay Murphy in

      12/19/2001 Union Parish Conveyance Records, Book Z, pp. 103-106, J
      (ames) M(onroe) Odom and Mrs. Elizabeth J. Simmons of Montague
      County, TX, the only heirs of John Odom, deceased, appointed Wilson
      P. Odom, their brother and an heir, power of attorney to dispose of
      John Odom's land. He sold it to J. Sandy Farrar--77 acres for $160.
      Dec. 11, 1890.

      12/20/2001 John Odom was bankrupt as of Oct. 1, 1868, Conveyance
      Record M 229, Union Parish courthouse. In addition to giving James
      Monroe, his son, and Elizabeth Jane, his daughter, 200 acres each, he
      had sold 240 acres to James W. (?M.) Odom for $360 on Mar. 15, 1867,
      Conveyance Record L 464. John Odom and Elizabeth went to Texas,
      apparently with their daughter Elizabeth and her husband John
      Simmons. They are listed in the Simmons household in the 1880 Fannin
      County census. Shortly thereafter Elizabeth died. John went back to
      Union Parish and married Mrs. Sarah Heath Diffey. They went to Texas
      to Montague County to be with the Simmons' and died there.

      1/18/2002 The recent receipt of a photo of John's tombstone and the
      photo of Emanuel's tombstone that I took makes it impossible for them
      to be brothers. They were born within two months of each other. I
      have detached Emanuel from the family.

      7/29/2002 In Madison County, MS, John Odom bought 120 acres from
      Joseph B. and Frances Trotter on July 2, 1838. On Dec. 4, 1839, John
      Odom and wife Elizabeth sold this same land to Ludwell W. Smith. We
      didn't know that John Odom was ever in Madison County. Apparently he
      sold out and went to Union Parish were he and his family are listed
      in the 1840 census.

      1/1/2003 Evidence of John Odom's presence in Union Parish in the
      minutes of the parish Policy Jury (county government).

      "Be it ordained by the Polece Jury of the Parish of Union that W
      Underwood, J. Odum Lewis Lanier D P A Cook B harrison, T Noswerthy, M
      Noswerthy, Be & they are herby appointed Commissioners to mark ou a
      Road Commencing or Leaving the present Road on the hill North West of
      Rock Creek and run in north Westardly direction the nearest & best
      Ground to Widow Griffins & thence to Interesect the marked way laid
      out by the Commissioners to the Arkansas line, Adoped, yeas M. Wood,
      D P A. Cook, P. Feazle, Nays J Mixon" [Undated but between dates
      Sept. 7, 1840 and June 7, 1841.]

      "Be it ordained by the police Jury that Avery Breed, B E Davis, John
      Odom, Walter Morgan, J M Powel Evans Jones, J C McNeal J. Green &
      Samuel J Larkin be and they are here by appointed commisioners to lay
      out a road from the mouth Bayou Barthelemew on the washitaw river to
      the Arkansaw line on the east side of the Dividing ridge beween the
      Washitaw and bayou deluter on a Direction of Champana in Arkansaw
      7th June 1841 J. Mixon Presd"

      July Term 1841
      "Be it ordained by the Police Jury that Lewis Lanier be and is hereby
      appointed oversee Arkansaw road from from Underwood old road crosses
      to hand Creek Briege and he have the following hands to wit. Benj. E.
      Davis, hands, Lewis Lanier's hands John Odom, Michael Odom, Michael,
      Dayly, David Briggs, James Briggs, V Rippo Larance Lewis Rippo son
      Jas M Turner Clk J Mixon President"

      1/22/2003 Here is an excerpt from the History of Zion Hill Baptist
      Church compiled by Nell Odom and submitted to the Union Parish genweb
      archives by Mary Davis Odom:
      "In November, 1849, John Odom and John McFarland were ordained and set
      apart to the office of Deacon. Rev. Tubbs and Will Wade acted as
      presbytery. L. W. Ramsey served as spokesman for the church.
      In November, 1849, Rev. George Everett was called to pastor the
      following Rev. Tubb."

      "In September, 1866, R. Agerton, John Odom, Jesse Odom, and S. T.
      were named as a committee to build a new church building. A large
      story lumber building was built the same year. The first floor was
      for church worship and the second floor was used as a Masonic Lodge
      This building was built on the present church site."

      More About JOHN ODOM:
      Burial: Simmons Cemetery, Nocona, TX

      From Odom Book:
      --Bettie Kroll Od<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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