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Re: [N_O_A] N_O_A Odom DNA project Group A

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  • dwisewirth@aol.com
    The following is the information I have on the descendants of Archibald ODOM of Pulaski Co., GA. I ve gone into quite a bit of detail on the earlier people as
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      The following is the information I have on the descendants of Archibald ODOM of Pulaski Co., GA. I've gone into quite a bit of detail on the earlier people as this information may help tie into some of the other lines. Because I don't think anything after 1850 or so is pertinent to finding the links and this is long enough as it is, I chose to stop at 1850. Not everything I show is proven but a lot of it is.
      This is also the kind of detail I'd like to receive from the other Group A members -- preferably in a gedcom -- and I will either upload a gedcom file for the following or send it to other members upon request.
      Eliza ODOM who m. Frederick ANDREWS is my link to Archibald ODOM.
      Your cousin,
      Dot Wise Wirth


      Descendants of Archibald Odom


      Generation No. 1


      1.  R.S., MG ARCHIBALD1 ODOM1 was born 15 May 17592, and died 01 Apr 1845 in Pulaski Co, GA.  He married PENELOPE HARRIS 05 May 1778 in Hawkinsville, Pulaski Co, GA, daughter of UNKNOWN HARRIS.  She was born Abt. 1755, and died 05 Dec 1824 in Wilkinson Co., GA.


      Notes for R.S., MG ARCHIBALD ODOM:

      A number of years ago, Fountain Odom's "Uncle Melt" transcribed their family history as he had heard it from his elders.  He wrote that the Pulaski County Archibald and his brother Daniel came to Wilmington NC ca 1750, at the age of 10.  Later records reveal that this Archibald Odom, of Pulaski County , GA , was born ca 1758.  This is compatible with two census ages for him.  He died in 1845 at age 87.


      Bible record shows that on 5 May 1778, Archibald Odom was married to Penelope Harris.  Many years later, when his widow applied for a Rev War widow's pension, she tore pages from the family Bible and sent them to Washington as proof of family information.  The photocopies of the originals may be viewed online [through Heritage Quest subscription.]


      Excerpt from Uncle Melt's story:  First version

      "In 1750, at the age of 10, Archibald Odom landed in Wilmington , NC with his parents, two sisters, and his brother Daniel.  The two boys remained with their parents until about 1770 when they decided to head out and see other parts of the " New World ."  Uncle Melt says they set out on foot through North and South Carolina , crossed the Savannah River near Augusta and continued westward until they reached the Oconee river near Mt. Vernon, GA where they met the McBride family who had preceded them to America.  The family convinced the boys to stay with them for a while.  Daniel married one of the McBride daughters, and that was the end of his westward trek."


      Excerpt from Uncle Melt's story:  Second version

      "My great-grandfather Odom came from England to American about the year 1760 and settled in North Carolina .  Some years later two of his sons, Archibald and Aaron, came to Georgia and settled in Montgomery County on the Oconee River near Dublin .


      "Some few years later, Archibald, which was my great-grandfather, moved on westward and stopped at the Ocmulgee River five miles below Hawkinsville.    He lived and raised his family and about the year 1840, died,  as was handed  down to me by my father, he was more than a hundred years old when he died.    He raised only one son, Archibald Jr., and two daughters, their names I do not know.


      "His brother Aaron continued living his days in Montgomery County ."


       Subj:  Re: Archibald Odum & Penelope Harris

      Date:  12/24/2000 5:09:28 PM Central Standard Time

      From:  Soopercook


      I forgot to ask before.  What line do you decend from?  The furthest I go back is Archibald Odum and Penelope Harris, although I have seen numerous requests for information for prior ancestors on the internet.  I have been trying to research the Marion District in SC to verify the information that I currently have and to try to develop more background.  However, I am not finding much.  I followed up on a message from a Steve Odum that said he and Penelope Harris are buried in a cemetery (Sapp Cemetary near Hawkinsville , Ga ) and that he was also married to Elizabeth Jackson.  (1)  If that is true how did he end up inGeorgia if he was from Marion District, SC and (2)  I show that his son, Archibald Harris Odum was married to Elizabeth Jackson in 1826.  Do you have information that could shed light on this for me?


      I decend from Archibald Odum/Penelope Harris -- son, James Odum -- son, Achibald Odum/Martha Bullock -- Olive Odum/William Tyner -- Ferdinand Gibson Odum/Suzanne Prevatte -- Minnie Odum/Edwin J. Martin -- Ferdinand Martin/Mary Alice Holder -- Charles Albert Martin/Ruth Roberta Martin --  Carolyn (me).


      You'll notice in that ordering that Ferdinand Gibson Odum doesn't retain the name of Olive Odum's husband.  That is another question I have.  She was married to William Tyner when Ferdinand was 9 years old.  They had other children, all Tyners.  I am wondering if she had Ferdinand out of wedlock, thus the last name of Odum.  I don't know if anyone has any information on that but if you do or know how I could find out, I'd love to hear.


      Carolyn Kerr, Soopercook@...


      More About R.S., MG ARCHIBALD ODOM:

      Burial: Apr 1845, Near Hawkinsville, GA3

      Census: 1790, SC? Georgetown Dist, Prince Georges Parish4

      County Records: Jan 1816, Court of Ordinary, Pulaski Co GA5

      Immigration: 1750, Scotland to Wilmington , NC ?6

      Military service: 14 Apr 1777, Ft. Sullivan , SC , 2nd Regt.at age 16 per military record & widow's pension7

      Probate: 1849, Pulaski Co, GA8

      Property: 10 Aug 1810, Pulaski County9


      Notes for PENELOPE HARRIS:

      Death: Info from Texas Soc DAR Roster of Revolutionary Ancestors Vol III, I,Q Odom, rchibald...Penelope died before 1826, probably Wilkinson Co., GA  (see descendants of Unknown HARRIS, appended at end).


      1755 - Penelope1  HARRIS   b. c 1755 [m. Archibald1 ODOM (c 1740)]


      Children of ARCHIBALD ODOM and PENELOPE HARRIS are:

      2.                i.    JAMES MADISON2 ODOM, SR., b. 15 Feb 1779; d. Bef. 1830, (not w/ family on 1830 census, Pulaski Co, GA).

      3.               ii.    DR. ARCHIBALD HARRIS ODOM, MD, b. 17 Feb 1781; d. Bef. 1816.

                       iii.    ISAAC ODOM, b. 05 Feb 1784; d. Bef. 1845.


      Notes for ISAAC ODOM:

      According to Uncle Melt, moved to Alabama , married and raised

      many children.


      Another Isaac ODOM, older, son of Richard, appears on deeds, etc. in same

      places as Archibald ODOM.


                       iv.    SARAH ODOM, b. 17 Sep 1786; d. Bef. 1845; m. EDDIE HODGE, Pulaski Co, GA.


      Notes for EDDIE HODGE:

      per Uncle Melt - had sons and daughters, including Eddie Hodge, Jr. who

      lived in Clinch Co, GA in 1906.


                        v.    ODOM, b. Abt. 1788; d. Bef. 1845.


      Notes for ODOM:

      name unknown but mentioned in pension file


      Generation No. 2


      2.  JAMES MADISON2 ODOM, SR. (ARCHIBALD1) was born 15 Feb 1779, and died Bef. 1830 in (not w/ family on 1830 census, Pulaski Co, GA).  He married ELIZABETH ODEN 05 May 1804 in Edgefield, SC10.  She was born Abt. 1780 in Prob. SC , and died Aft. 1860 in Pulaski Co, GA.


      More About JAMES MADISON ODOM, SR.:

      Census: 1820, Pulaski Co, GA

      County Records: Jun 1810, Grand Juror Pulaski Co, GA11

      Probate: 1849, Pulaski Co, GA12

      Property: 1819, 202.5 acres Pulaski Co GA13


      1803 AUG 15 Elizabeth ODEN m. James Madison ODOM, Edgefield SC ??


      Per "Uncle Melt" - name was Elisebeth Oden of South Carolina


      Will of Archibald H. ODOM, m. to Sarah A., is dated 4 April 1860 (copy of old handwritten copy -- not original, apparently -- in file) and submitted for probate 7 MAY 1860. Leaves his wife 2 beds and bedsteads, one table, one trunk, and $1113 in cash "in lieu of dower." Leaves his mother, Elizabeth ODOM, his "blind horse and buggy" and the use of his land for farming during her lifetime, then to his children.


      See p. 288-289 Odom/Odum Research Notes. Estate packages found in the Probate Office at the courthouse in Edgefield SC, July 1984. Box 22

      #782 Jacob ODUM (29 MAR 1804) wife Martha, admin

      #775 Martha ODOM (6 JAN 1817) Robert WILLIS, admin. (ch. all have Biblical names, noElizabeth )

      #792 Abraham ODOM (29 JAN 1821) late of Barnwell, John P. ODOM, admin.

      #789 William ODUM (9 OCT 1822) Abner BLOCKER, Admin.

      #780 James ODOM (1828) mentions Moses ODOM


      Elsiebeth ODEN ODOM d. aft 1860


      Children of JAMES ODOM and ELIZABETH ODEN are:

                         i.    SOPHY MARAH GEEN3 ODOM, b. 14 Aug 1804, Pulaski Co, GA14.


      Notes for SOPHY MARAH GEEN ODOM:

      Spelling of name and birthdate from family Bible, as copied and included in family history by "Uncle

      Melt" (James Melton ODOM).


      Could Marah be Martha? 1833 -- David and Martha (ODUM) HOLMAN emigrated to Randolph Co., GA. David HOLMAN b. 1807 Barnwell Dist. SC m. 1827 Martha ODUM. Emigrated to Randolph Co. 1833; moved to Cuthbert 1836.


      1833 - Ft. Gaines was on the Chattahoochee River , navigable from Columbus , Ga. , to the Gulf of Mexico (the Chatahoochee River and the Flint River join below Fort Gaines forming the Appalachicola River ). This waterway formed a natural economic center of trade for early settlers. -- Could it be reached by inland water from Hawkinsville, Pulaski Co., where Archibald ODOM's father-in-law had a pole barge business on the Ocmulgee river?


                        ii.    DOUGLA WILKINS ODOM15, b. 24 Aug 1806, Pulaski Co, GA15; m. ELIZABETH DEES, 28 Apr 1832, Pulaski Co, GA.


      Notes for DOUGLA WILKINS ODOM:

      Spelling "Dougla" and birthdate from family Bible, as recorded by "Uncle

      Melt" (James Melton ODOM).


      2) Douglas Wilkins ODOM          b 24 Aug 1805/1806  Pulaski , GA

             m Elizabeth DEES  28 Apr 1832  Pulaski , GA


      4.              iii.    ELIZA ODOM, b. 20 Nov 1808, Pulaski Co, GA; d. 06 Oct 1882, Blakely, GA.

      5.              iv.    JR JAMES MADISON ODOM, JR., b. 10 May 1811, Pulaski Co, GA; d. 05 Feb 1893, Appling Co, GA.

                        v.    SUSANNAH "SUSAN" ODOM, b. 13 Oct 181315; d. Aft. 1880; m. JOSEPH CRAWFORD "J.C." DONALDSON, 09 Apr 1837, Pulaski Co, GA; b. Abt. 1800.


      Notes for SUSANNAH "SUSAN" ODOM:

      Spelling of name and birthdate from family Bible, as recorded by "Uncle

      Melt" (James Melton ODOM).


      Subj:              ODOMs

      Date:              98-08-17 13:44:16 EDT

      From:             lmprince@... (lmprince)

      I have some info on the ODOMs you are also researching.  Archibald ODOM, Rev, Sr  is the farthest I have back, except for an obituary in a Georgia paper in 1791 for an Archibald ODOM.  This is not our A.ODOM, but was very old when he died, and might be the father or grandfather.  Okay, on to the



      This is what I know:


      Archibald ODOM Rev. Sr.

      b abt 1758 in NC    d 1 Apr 1845 in Pulaski Co, GA

      1st  m 5 May 1778 in Probably Marion Co, SC to

      Penelope HARRIS

      b abt 1755


      their children:

      1) James ODOM

      b 15 Feb 1779   Prob Marion , SC       d Bef 1830 in  GA

      m  5 May 1804  in Richmond Co, GA to

      Elizabeth ODEN or ODEM

      b 1790 in SC   d aft 1860  , Pulaski , GA

      2) Dr. Archibald Harris ODOM Jr

      b  17 Feb 1781   Prob  Marion , SC    d bef 1 Jan 1815  Pulaski , GA

      m Mary (Polly) CLINTCH  5 Jul 1807  in   Prob  Wilkinson Co, GA

      3)  Isaac ODOM

      b  5 Feb 1784  in Prob Marion Co,SC

      4) Sarah ODOM

      b  17 Sep 1786  Prob  Marion , SC

      m  8 Jan 1837 to Edmund W C ODOM

      5)  Unknown ODOM  (male)

      b  abt 1788  prob Marion , SC


      Subj: RE: Archibald Odum 

      Date: 7/1/2004 3:45:41 PM Central Standard Time

      From: margo4it@...

      Many thanks for the info.  I am dying to go.  Yes, I am interested in James Madison as Elizabeth is sister of my ancestor Susie Odom who married Joseph C. Donaldson.  Donaldson and Archibald Odom both owned a rather large number of slaves compared to others in the area.  I am curious if they were slave traders or just big farmers.  I was in Hawkinsville last weekend at the court house and found recorded oaths by both Donaldson and Odom saying they would not sell liquor to negros.  This appears to mean they were in the tavern business. 




      Archibald Sr.  married 2nd Elizabeth Jackson  21 Feb 1826


      He served in the Revolutionary War as a soldier from NC.

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