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Re: Access to the Ancestry.com Odom DNA

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  • belsbacr
    Nothing to add here. Just my concerns over this and anything ancestry.com get involved in. Anything ancestry.com get involved in starts to cost money, and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 22, 2008
      Nothing to add here. Just my concerns over this and anything
      ancestry.com get involved in.

      Anything ancestry.com get involved in starts to cost money, and often
      too much money for things that can be found in the Public Domain.
      For instance if you come across a book on their site that is locked
      simply order it at your public library or in an Inter Libarary Loan -
      it will come and for free.

      They'll no doubt have something in the pipleine that churns in yet
      more cash.

      --- In N_O_A@yahoogroups.com, Bruce Odom <bodomly@...> wrote:
      > Apparently there are some problems for people who want to see the
      > ancestry.com site that has replaced the Relative Genetics DNA site.
      > have a paid subscription to ancestry.com so I don't know exactly
      > it works for non-subscribers. However, here is some information
      > came from the ancestry.com FAQ page about the transition:
      > What will I have access to at Ancestry.com if I participate in
      > my information and DNA results transitioned to Ancestry.com?
      > DNA participants who choose to have their information and DNA
      > results transferred to Ancestry.com will become Ancestry.com
      > registrants. This will give them access to build, share and
      > collaborate with others on their family tree. Registrants also
      > access to the Ancestry Community as well as free record databases
      > Ancestry.com. For full access to the power of Ancesty.com's
      > genealogical services, including more than 5 billion historical
      > records, registrants will need to sign up for an Ancestry.com paid
      > membership.
      > Will I have to sign up or pay for anything on Ancestry.com in order
      > continue to view my results and DNA matches?
      > No. Access to Ancestry.com's DNA database will be free and
      > available to registered users of Ancestry.com. Prior to
      > information to Ancestry.com, Relative Genetics customers will
      > an email informing them of their new Ancestry.com username and
      > password. This will give customers access not only to their DNA
      > results but also the wealth of free resources and tools currently
      > available on Ancestry.com. Ancestry.com registrants will have the
      > ability to set their privacy settings in relation to their DNA
      > results. If you already have an Ancestry.com account, you will be
      > to merge your DNA data into your existing account.
      > I used another computer today and went to www.ancestry.com
      > At the top of the page is a line of tabs and DNA is at about the
      > middle. I clicked that and got a sign in page. That is where you
      > use the information in the email if you found it. It also says you
      > create a username and password and get free access. I guess that
      > will have to try to find that email that told you what your
      > and password would be. I will try to talk to someone and ancestry
      > tomorrow and get some more information about this. In the meantime
      > hope this will help some of you login to the new site. I hope that
      > everybody will set their privacy settings so that their name will
      > appear when a search is made for DNA matches. When you do that you
      > will find a lot of close matches by the name of "Anonymous" which
      > probably members of the Odom DNA project. It would be nice to know
      > that for sure so that you won't be wondering who that close match
      > might be.
      > If you didn't OK the transfer from the RG site to ancestry your
      > information will not be on the ancestry.com Odom DNA site. I don't
      > know if the transfer can still be made but will ask. If you get
      > in please check and update your email address on the site.
      > If you have had a problem tell me what it is and I will try to get
      > resolution. Send a message to me directly.
      > Bruce Odom (bodomly@...)
      > DNA site administrator
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