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12Odom DNA Project Group A

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  • Bruce
    Dec 6, 2005
      OK, I will get this started as an experiment so we can see how well it
      works. I am the guy identified as Leonard Bruce Odom in the Odom DNA
      group. Three other men in the group are from the same line as mine:
      David Ross Odom, Robert Franklin Odom, and Farrell Odom. To be
      truthful, the DNA results show that Robert Franklin and Farrell are
      not from my line although the family history has always said that
      their ancestor Benjamin W. Odom and Ross and mine, Jesse Odom, were
      brothers. According to the RG interpretation of the DNA they were not
      brothers. We allegedly descend from one of the Benjamin Odom's in
      Barnwell County, SC, through his second son, Michael.