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106Re: [N_O_A] Annual NOA Meetings for NOA History

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  • Jimmy R Odom
    Mar 4, 2006
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      Paula,    The only program that the D.N.A. has that I am aware of has to follow the father, son testing. Dale can take the simple test that requires the cotton swabs that are placed in the mouth and rolled around in the cheek area . There are two swabs that are then placed into the envelope and sent to the adress of Relative Genetics located in Utah. The results that Dale would receive would be that of his father Cecil Tucker.The only link that show the lineage would be through Cecil's father ,grandfather, greatgrandfather,gr.gr. grandfather I hope that this explains how the  d.N. A. WORKS Kenneth Odom results did not match any established group  that has taken the test. The information provided by Sylivia did however linked Kenneth to the same line of Odoms as Youngblood's and there are about 5 more that will be on Dale's same Odoms line Frank Odom is on the same. I believe Dale should go ahead and take part in the program, since it will give him contact with the other Odom's that I mentioned.     Cousin J.R.Odom

      Dale Tucker <tuckerd1@...> wrote:
      Jimmy,  Best wishes from Paula Tucker.     I may be out of line in sending this message but I am wondering something.   Benny Youngblood did send a notice to Dale that the Men of the Odom Line were the ones taking the DNA Test.  Dale has said he is willing to pay to have his done, even though it is his Grandmother that is the Odom.  We are not sure just how the ancestry line really is.  I have told Dale that there always could be A possibility that there is a male line also.  Somehow Kenneth Odom is Cecil's cousin.  Dale's line lists that Pleasanton Odom's Grand daughter married the step son of Pleasant.  There is illegitimacy somewhere in their line.  Who knows, we may find out where there is another chapter to our line.   How did Kenneth's DNA line come out.  Was it successful in other directions of meeting other Odom's in the NOA membership? 
      Anyway, Dale is willing to go ahead and do the DNA - when he hears from someone.  Thanks,  Paula Tucker
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