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102Re: [N_O_A] Annual NOA Meetings for NOA History

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  • Dorothy Odom Bruce
    Mar 1, 2006
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      The listing on the current NOA web site, that I have put up years ago, and update each year, is the correct listing of reunions.
      If you will just go the the main NOA site.....  then click on "about NOA"....  which is the "administrative area" of the web page, and you will find that it lists all the reunions, where they were held, and who were the officers each year.   Are these years not there????
       There are several areas of the "about NOA"..... as you will see when you go there.... a completely different MENU....(the PINK ONE)
      listing Officers, State Representatives, Ballad, (With words and music),  Bylaws, etc.  Pictures from past reunions.  Remember, those earlier reunions were before the days of digital cameras, and they won't have pictures.  We have those in our paper scrapbooks.  I guess to see what was done at each reunion, you may have to read about them in the NOA News, CD.....   as some of those presidents/officers are no longer with us.
      And to get a TRUE history of the NOA, for each year, you, or someone will have to go through each of the newsletters, to read the minutes and articles to reflect a more true history, than what I have seen printed before.  In the past, a couple have been done, but I have also seen errors in those.  The only place that I KNOW that our MINUTES from each year still exist are on the CD, and in the NOA NEWS.... the newsletter of the NOA.  (REmember at one time, the incident of the house fire.... and all the NOA records were lost?????))))
      There was at one time, in our Bylaws, that our newsletter would be NAMED "NOA NEWS"..... but I guess someplace along the way, someone has changed that.  I do not know if that is still in our Bylaws.
      The MAIN NOA menu has to do with the just past reunion, where PICTURES are usually put up, when I was web master, and where I put information about the CURRENT, UPCOMING reunion.... things to see and do, for adults and children, before or after the reunion weekend.
      Dorothy Odom Bruce
      NOA President 2005-6
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      Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 1:37 PM
      Subject: [N_O_A] Annual NOA Meetings for NOA History

      Help! As a relative newby in NOA, I am unable to list the locations
      for all the NOA meetings. I think what I have below is correct (based
      on what is on the website and my memory since the event in New
      Orleans in 1995 - my first meeting). Some have writeups and/or photos
      on the current website; some have nothing.

      If you chaired, attended, or was elected president at one of our
      annual meetings, send me a short blurb of what you remember -- and a
      photo if you have one.

      Yes, I have the CD with the many years of our newsletters but I'm
      trying to get the updated website on line asap.



      Eufaula, Alabama (1980)
      Eufaula, Alabama (1981)
      Fontana Village, North Carolina (1982)
      Austin, Texas (1983)
      Augusta, Georgia (1984)
      Lexington, Kentucky (1985)
      Columbia, South Carolina (1986)
      Tulsa, Oklahoma (1987)
      Jackson, Mississippi (1988)
      Mobile, Alabama (1989)
      ___________ (1990)
      Salt Lake City, Utah (1991)
      _____________ (1992)
      ________________ (1993)
      ______________  (1994)
      New Orleans, Louisiana (1995)
      Talahassee, Florida (1996)
      Kentucky (1997)
      Charleston, South Carlina (1998)
      Tampa, Florida (1999)
      San Antonio, Texas (2000)
      Springdale, Arkansas (2001)
      Eufaula, Alabama (2002)
      Bartletsville, Oklahoma (2003)
      Raleigh, North Carolina (2004)
      Richmond, Indiana (2005)
      Hartsfield, South Carolina (2006)
      Georgia (2007)

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