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Pagan Expo with New Chant competition

Save the date - NYC Pagan Expo April 19th from 2-6 This is a fundraiser for the Pagan Environmental Coalition of NYC. To make this more fun and interesting we
Mar 21, 2015


Let's get this going! We can get together and start writing music. Don -- www.doncummings.net www.opentrench.blogspot.com
Don Cummings
Jun 3, 2014

Re: to Gary

Hi Patti, I still have interest in doing this. That being said, after trying to do this for about a year, it felt like the timing was wrong. Currently I'm
NYC Minoan
Sep 26, 2008

to Gary

Hi, Long time no see. Is this group dead in the water, or are you still interested?And finding a piano player, would you want to pay, or would that be
Sep 26, 2008

I want to join

Hi, I saw this and rejoiced I'd been wishing for this for a while and am very interested. I see you are planning various meetings that I am not in town for
Aug 2, 2007

Re: Monday meeting in NYC

Gary, There are spaces to be had for less money. I will investigate the situation. Also, there are other studios. Monday,Aug. 21 works for me because I am in
Patti Pippen
Jul 25, 2006

Monday meeting in NYC

If some of us get together in North Fork or the Hamptons on Aug 6th, I'm thinking that Monday Aug 21 would be good for those in NYC. The space I rented before
Jul 25, 2006

Re: Meeting place

Hi Patti, Sure, put it to out to your group and see what comes of it. Gary ... wrote: ...Oh, I do have another idea. My circle is having a Lughnasadh
Jul 25, 2006

Re: Meeting place

August 6th is fine for me . Where on the North Fork? (as it is actually about just as far out I can even take those who come here there (possibly) if we all do
Ross MacKae
Jul 24, 2006

Re: Meeting place

Gary, The motorcycle will work 2. Driving .. take LIE almost to the end. Take Manorville Exit (HWY 111 I think it is exit 69 or 70) South to the Sunrise Hwy 27
Ross MacKae
Jul 24, 2006

Re: Meeting place

Hi Gary and Ross, Singing is my passion. I was trained to do it. But traveling to the Hamptons might be difficult for me. i have had two injuries in the last 9
Patti Pippen
Jul 21, 2006

Re: Meeting place

I've never been to the Hamptons. How hard is it to get to by public transportation? As I ride a motorcycle, I can do this once a month. I think Sunday
Jul 21, 2006

Re: Meeting place

Gary, This may be more expensive than other options, but I am in East Hampton with a nice 7500 sq ft home on 2 acres with a piano. There is also a member of
Ross MacKae
Jul 21, 2006

Meeting place

Ok, by the responce, it seems as if only 2 or 3 of us are interested in the Winter Solstice ritual. That's fine with me, however, I can't justify spending $40
Jul 21, 2006

Re: scheduling a meeting

All the songs are from "A Winter Solstice Singing Ritual" - I suggested we do this to have a goal to work towards until we have a repertoire of songs - the
Gary Suto
Jul 3, 2006
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