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    Greetings, I am sending this post because I was encouraged to contact this list by reenactor Dan Houde. Please see the attached Preliminary Event Invitation
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2007
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      I am sending this post because I was encouraged to contact this list by reenactor Dan Houde.
      Please see the attached Preliminary Event Invitation and Return Form.
      We would be most please if you could join us for this occasion.
      Those who respond as attending will receive further postings and updates on the event schedule and other information.
      Thank you for your anticipated support and we look forward to meeting you all.
      If your regiment cannot attend as a group we would love to have anyone who can make it attend. We are looking for all Civil War period interpretaions form soldiers to Sanitary Commission, to politicians etc. Also all the music we can get.
      The event is geared to be as small or as large as is required.
      This is NOT an opposing forces event.
      ONe more point. We are actively seeking someone to do a presentaion on the Zouaves. The Friday Night program is at the old firehouse, and I am hoping to have an interetsing program on the Zouaves for them. I think it would be appropriate.
      Your Humble Servt
      Richard Sherman
      Event Coordinator

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