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2nd Vermont To Loose Cannon

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  • Andy
    Anyone who feels this is wrong, please write to the Governor of Vermont. Thanks, Andy Danish USNLP, 2nd NYVI Co. G, 2nd VT Light Artillery.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2007
      Anyone who feels this is wrong, please write to the Governor of

      Andy Danish
      USNLP, 2nd NYVI Co. G,
      2nd VT Light Artillery.


      From: "James Dassatti" <lha@...>
      Reply-To: 2ndVermont@yahoogroups.com
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      Subject: [2ndVermont] Maybe Losing Cannon
      Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2007 17:29:08 -0500

      January 6, 2007

      Dear 2nd Battery Members:


      About 8 weeks ago while I was still very engrossed in working on my
      newly purchased house (trying to get the garage foundation fixed and
      get it buttoned up for the winter with a door) I was contacted by Mr.
      Ronald Crisman of the Vermont National Guard Museum demanding that I
      immediately turn over the location of the Napoleon 12pdr cannon so
      that the National Guard could come and pick it up. He informed me
      that the owner of the gun Richard Fifield had determined that it was
      time for the gun to go to the museum. I told him that our original
      agreement was that the gun would go there when the Battery dissolved.
      Mr. Crisman told me no, that the time had now arrived. He extended
      his regrets but demanded the gun. He wants to put it with their new
      Cedar Creek display even though the 2nd Battery was never at Cedar
      Creek. He further expressed no interest in the Battery or its history
      in the Civil War or as a reenacting unit for the last 50 plus years.
      He did say that we serve only a membership of twenty people while he
      and his museum represents the 750,000 people of the State of Vermont.

      I told him that Dick Fifield had given the care of the 2nd Battery
      and the cannon to me 30 years ago and that I felt the 2nd Battery had
      either the care or ownership rights to the cannon. I also stated that
      I felt that I had paper work that would support this claim, but since
      he had surprised me early in the morning (waking me from a sound
      sleep as I work late nights at my job) I told him that I needed time
      to reflect on the matter and look through my records. He insisted
      that this was not necessary and that Dick Fifield had provided him
      with proper provenance and they were coming to get the gun. I told
      him that it was at the Federal Arsenal at Waterveliet for repairs and
      that the gun was under 24 hour guard and wasn't going anywhere
      without my signature. He then seemed very upset.

      We parted in our conversation.

      We spoke on the phone twice more in the coming weeks during which
      time Mr. Crisman went to see Mr. Fifield to gather more information.
      During the last phone conversation on or about December 12th he
      stated to me that he was sending the Guard to get the cannon as Mr.
      Fifield said that it belonged to the State of Vermont. I said nothing
      about this, but after researching the paper work I too came to the
      same conclusion (which is what I have always thought). At this point
      I have decided not to contact a lawyer but rather to put the
      situation into the hands of the governor. Soon I hope to have this
      correspondence posted on our web site so you can all see it. I have
      sent some of this to a few close friends and historic sites that
      might raise a voice of concern on this matter for us.

      One major set back is our lack of membership currently from Vermont.
      If you decide to write to the Governor's office please identify
      yourself as having been pleased to portray a Vermonter. If you
      previously lived in Vermont you may want to mention that. But
      basically ask him to support allowing the 2nd Battery Vermont Light
      Artillery to keep the Napoleon 12 pdr active and in the field
      representing Vermont at historical events and activities. We cannot
      claim ownership to the gun regardless of all the time, money and
      effort we have put into it. But we do want to say that this is a
      piece of state owned property that was given into our trust, and it
      has not been a trust that we have taken lightly. We have improved the
      cannon by rebuilding it, bringing it together with its documentable
      history as a part of 2nd Battery. We have represented Vermont well
      with it both in and out of state. We bore all of the responsibility
      for 30 years and wish to continue to do so.

      The Governor's address is:

      The Honorable Governor James Douglas

      Vermont State House

      State Street

      Montpelier, Vermont 05602

      If you want to wait until we are able to post those letters I have
      sent so far that state our position in this matter, then feel free to
      do so. Pray for a "Just" outcome.


      James A. Dassatti

      Capt. Commanding

      2nd Battery Vermont

      Light Artillery

      802 464-5569

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