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New role tht we intend for - JAG and Provost living history

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  • Brevt. Capt. John R Tucker Sr.
    Ladies and Gentlemen and members of the E.R.A. As you know with the loss of our horse Manassas and the other things going on in our lives, our cavalry
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2011

      Ladies and Gentlemen and members of the E.R.A.

      As you know with the loss of our horse Manassas and the other things going on in our lives, our cavalry impression at this time is uncertain. Having one horse which is Linda's is simply not realistic. Plus we are the ONLY ONE mounted cavalry in the area. So what we are thinking is assuming another living history which STILL MAY include a horse but does not have to. Remember. Horses were a way of transportation. Officers and enlisted pending on their duties rode horses. One does not have to wear yellow to ride a horse so we still hope to incorperate a horse and leacture on that aspect also.

      My background is one of law enforcement both from the civilian side (St. Petersburg Police Dept.) to the federal side, (Dept of Defense Police) in addition I was a Security Forces and Military Police member and Firearm/Combat Arms instructor for both.

      I had not only to learn civilian laws but that of the military. UCMJ and MOC (Uniformed Code of Military Justice & Manual of Court-Marshalls) in addition having to become involved in many DOD Instructions and information as a union President.

      I think the answer has been there in front of me all along. One man mounted cavalry cannot stand along. Pardon that pun. I am thinking of becoming an impersonator of a Judge Advocate. I have done much research into the Judge Advocate Corps on both sides. Being an asst JA or JAG does not require that I assume any high rank. Most were regimental officers. Capt, Major so forth. They were also the Provost Marshall Commander of that unit. Not only did the JAG perform those jobs. (Punishment-arrests-court Marshalls) But they also served as recruiters and Aid-De Camp's and was considered staff officers. And then there was the paperwork. He handled various forms from leaves, to arrest warrants, to Oaths and passes to cross the battle lines. This is something we don't do but as the JAG, I can do and it of course ads more to the authenticity. I can still lecture as needed about cavalry units and military punishment. I could also perform "drumhead" court-Marshalls for anyone.

      Being a JAG also desiginates one to be the Proviost Marshall Officer. All provosts had an officer who also was appointed by a commander on regimental staff level. He need to be both JAG and PM to be able to preform the duties required under The Articles of War, the Rules and Regulations and so forth.

      With my physical disability(s), this would allow me to fit in with any unit, any re-enactment and serve the commanders at their will. This impersonation is not well represented but yet, they were with almost all units of regimental or large size.

      The uniform can be one of a Cavalry Officer being that their rate of pay was that of a cavalry officer, or they can be infantry.

      As for the horse. I see no problems. JAG's been just as any other officer and rode a horse. Designation (artillery-cavalry-etc) not necessary.

      I am looking for your input in this. Tell me what you think. It I believe is just another re-enactor untapped resource.


      Captain, John R Tucker

      Judge Advocate Corps. & Provost Marshall

      Staff, Army of Northern Virginia

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