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    It is my pleasre to announce to all ERA members the following: Your Servant Brevet Captain John Tucker Chambersburg Civil War Seminars Oct. 8-11, 2009:
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      It is my pleasre to announce to all ERA members the following:
      Your Servant
      Brevet Captain John Tucker
      Chambersburg Civil War Seminars
      Oct. 8-11, 2009: "Riding with J.E.B. Stuart"
      Dear ERA family,
           Come to Pennsylvania, just a few miles from Gettysburg, to enjoy a weekend Civil War seminar in October with some of the top Civil War historians in the nation.
           "Riding with J.E.B. Stuart" will be offered by the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce from Oct. 8-11 at the Four Points Sheraton in Chambersburg. Tours and discussions will focus on the brave and resourceful cavalry commander and feature authors and historians Ed Bearss, Eric Wittenberg, Jeffry Wert and others.
           James Ewell Brown "J.E.B." Stuart – then a federal soldier -- was among those who crushed John Brown's raid of a federal arsenal in Harper's Ferry in 1859. Brown had planned the raid while staying in Chambersburg. Three years later, Stuart led his Confederate troops in a raid of Chambersburg in 1862 and masterfully eluded 100,000 Union troops during their return to Virginia.
           Some of the nation's top Civil War historians will discuss that raid and its impact. Historians Ted Alexander, Ed Bearss and John Thompson on Oct. 9 will lead a bus tour, "Stuart's Chambersburg Raid," which will follow the route that Stuart and his men took on the first wartime raid of Chambersburg, an event that shook the Union all the way to the Oval Office.
           "Stuart`s Chambersburg raid was an event of national significance," said Alexander, chief historian at Antietam National Battlefield and the coordinator of the seminar. "The national publicity generated by Stuart's Chambersburg raid was an embarrassment to the Lincoln Administration. It also was one of the final nails in the coffin of the military career of Union General George B. McClellan. He let a Confederate raiding party slip around his army, penetrating onto Pennsylvania soil, taking hostages, livestock and inflicting tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. A few weeks after the raid, Lincoln relived McClellan of command," Alexander said.
           The seminar, "Riding with J.E.B. Stuart," also will include Stuart's work as a frontier soldier, his reputation as a cavalry commander and his retreat from Gettysburg, which includes a bus tour on Oct. 10. The tour will be followed by a period-style dinner.
           The seminar concludes on Oct. 11 with a discussion of Stuart's death during the war, and a panel discussion about Stuart in the Gettysburg campaign.
           For more information about the seminar, contact Cindy Baker at (717) 264-7101 or see the Web site, http://www.chambersburgcivilwarseminars.org. Costs vary depending on the sessions attended. Price includes motor coach transportation for guided tours, seminar materials and some meals.
      Civil War seminar to honor historian Ed Bearss and Ted Alexander
          Since 1989, the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce and historian Ted Alexander have offered several Civil War seminars each year and donated more than $125,000 for battlefield preservation.
           To celebrate the milestone, the Chamber will honor Alexander and historian Ed Bearss, considered the dean of Civil War experts in the U.S., as part of the kickoff of the Chamber's October seminar focusing on J.E.B. Stuart, the Confederate commander who raided Chambersburg in 1862.
           A dessert reception will be held at Four Points Sheraton, 1123 Lincoln Way East, from 7 to 9 p.m. Oct. 8, and will include presentations to Alexander and Bearss. John Thompson, author of a book about Stuart's raid of Chambersburg, will be the featured speaker. Cost is $25.
                Chambersburg is about 25 miles west of Gettysburg and just a bit farther from Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Md.
      Seminars in 2010:
      May 7-9: "Meade and the Army of the Potomac at Gettysburg," with Ed Bearss, Andy Waskie and others
      July 21-24: "From Cedar Mountain to Antietam," featuring Ed Bearss, John Hennessy, Clark "Bud" Hall and others
      Sept. 24-26: "Lee," featuring Ed Bearss, Richard Sommers and others.
      Guys, if you have never met Mr. Bearss, you are in for a treat. Nationally reconized. Dont miss out on this chance.

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